CyberBerkut Uncovers Blackwater Plot To Poison Donbass – Part II

Dear Readers:

Continuing with this posting from the CyberBerkut website dated August 15, 2018.  Before continuing, I ask readers to keep in mind that old chestnut about the 3 components of a crime:  Means, Motive, and Opportunity.  Had CyberBerkut not thwarted this conspiracy (they say), Americans would soon be seeing the latest garish headlines on CNN:  How Donbass Separatists and Russians deliberately (because they’re evil) and/or accidentally (because they’re incompetent) poured nuclear waste into the Ukrainian waterways.  The nuclear waste bit wouldn’t be a fake — that would have actually happened.  Just the wrong perp would have been blamed in the ensuing hysteria and international witch hunts.

Recall that CyberBerkut posted the names and ranks of 14 American military trainers who, it claims, were involved, along with Blackwater contractors and the Ukrainian military, in a plot to contaminate the water supply of the Donbass region, using radioactive waste.  Erik Prince, Blackwater honcho, personally travelled to the Ukraine to inspect the troops and grant benediction to the plot; as an American citizen, he was granted special permission to visit the Ukrainian military base in Berdichev.

According to CyberBerkut, the Americans/Ukrainians were planning to blame the ensuing mass ecological disaster on Russia and probably have Russia condemned in the U.N., or something stupid like that.  Similar to the U.S. State Department’s half-baked (and unsuccessful) scheme to frame Syrian President Assad for supposedly using chemical weapons against his own people.

According to CyberBerkut, Ukrainian Special-Ops brought a container of radioactive waste from the Vakulenchuk village in Zhitomir Oblast.  If you google Vakulenchuk, you will find this piece (from 2013) about NATO’s wonderful assistance in cleaning up nuclear waste.  Quoting from that piece:

NATO’s “Rad Waste” program in Ukraine: Access and Opportunity

A Cold War legacy
Two hundred kilometres west of Kyiv lies Vakulenchuk, an urban settlement of some 2,000 people. A thick forest near the town once provided cover for military warehouses during the Second World War, after which the Soviet leadership began using the site to store nuclear weapons. Sometime in the 1960s it became a burial ground for radioactive waste.
When the Soviet Union collapsed, Ukraine inherited a number of radioactive waste sites, such as the one at Vakulenchuk, that threaten the security of the local population and environment with radioactive contamination.
At these sites, sources of ionising radiation were buried in containers made of wood or metal mixed with concrete, with little or no documentation as to what was in them. In Vakulenchuk, the containers were then buried in a concrete well with a wall 20 centimetres thick and covered by a concrete lid.
Two sites have already been cleaned up by Ukraine with the help of the United States. Six remain – five of which fall under the jurisdiction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the sixth, at Vakulenchuk, under the Border Guard Service.

Returning to our current story, CyberBerkut claims that a container of radioactive waste was brought from Vakulenchuk to the diversionary military base, a short journey of only 15-18 kilometers.  On the CyberBerkut site you can read the order permitting the transporting of this material.  It’s in Ukrainian, which I am not so great in, but here is my best effort at translation.  But first, to elucidate who these people are:  The State Inspection of the Nuclear Regulation of the Ukraine (GIYaRU) is the agency responsible for cleaning up these sites of buried radioactive waste.  It is headed by a man named Grigory Ivanovich Plachkov.  This is a legitimate agency, and Plachkov is a legitimate person, whose herculean job it is to clean up these horrific messes.  The other man involved in this transaction is Igor Vasilievich Lunev, the commander of the Special Ops unit A0987, who is (apparently) working with Blackwater on this other nasty job.  So, here is the order permitting GIYaRU to hand over this dangerous barrel of nuclear waste to Igor Lunev:

Grigory Ivanovich Plachkov: The Patsy

The State Inspection of Nuclear Regulation of the Ukraine, in the person of Grigory Ivanovich Plachkov; the heads of the State Inspection of Nuclear Regulation of the Ukraine; and Lieutenant-General of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine, Igor Vasilievich Lunev; the Commander of the A0987 Military Unit, signed this order from April 2, 2018, authorizing the Special Forces of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine, to move one (1) container with used-up radioactive waste from the buried site at Vakulenchuk.  [Signatures of Plachkov and Lunev].

CyberBerkut points to the fact that this piece of paper is not really a proper authorization for such a delicate matter.  In reality, this whole matter was resolved with a phone call.  Still, Plachkov had to somehow cover his ass with a piece of paper, in case the whole thing went south.  It is dubious that Grigory Ivanovich was even aware what the intent was, for the container’s use.  Trying to be charitable here.

A fox in deserted Chernobyl

Again, according to CyberBerkut, the plan was to contaminate the drinking water of hundreds of thousands of civilians, by pouring nuclear waste into the channel “Seversky Donetsk – Donbass”.  In addition to poisoning Separatist civilians, which would be just an added bonus, the main goal was to unleash still another one of these tiresome international scandals, complete with the horrified squeals of the Westie press, the crocodile tears of the humanitarian brigade, the fake outrage of the political leaders, and all the Holier-Than-Thou finger pointing at Russia.  Westie media no doubt still remembers the Glory Days of Chernobyl, which was actually a real thing; and would love to re-live that Schadenfreudian orgy.  Except this time, it would all be a deliberate crime instead of an accident.

CyberBerkut wrote their headlines for them in advance:  Donetsk and Lugansk are rogue Separatist states which cannot protect their people from nuclear disaster.  Russia is to blame for this horrific mess.  These maverick entities are responsible for contaminating the whole region with radiation; for violating international laws.  They are criminally liable for the ecological disaster and should be held to account, yada yada yada.  Oh, and give us back Crimea while you’re busy atoning for all your sins…

For the Ecological angle of the Informational War, Westies had already secured the services of a Swiss NGO with the benign name of “Center for Humanitarian Dialogue”.

[to be continued]

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