CyberBerkut Uncovers Blackwater Plot To Poison Donbass – Part I

Dear Readers:

Today I have this piece from the Russian press, by reporter Olga Nikitina.  Olga reports on a scary plot to use radioactive waste to poison the water-supply of the Donbass region.

Allegedly, the plan was this:  Ukrainian special forces, trained by the American (aptly-named) Blackwater honcho Erik Prince, would dump radioactive waste into the water supply of the civilian population of Donbass.  The mass poisoning would then be blamed on “pro-Russians”, and the American State Department already had their tweets in place blaming this heinous terrorist act on the Russians:

It was a great plan too, and it would have worked, except for those pesky hackers known as CyberBerkut, who work tirelessly to expose the misdeeds of the Ukrainian junta.  Recall that CyberBerkut are frequently able to hack into poorly-maintained Ukrainian computer systems and extract damning information which they then leak on their website.  One fervently hopes that by exposing the plot in advance, the evil-doers will decide not to go forward with their plan.  In which case hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children of the Donbass region can go on drinking non-radioactive water, hopefully.

CyberBerkut slogan: “We will never forget. We will never forgive.”

On the CyberBerkut website which is here, you can see the leaked documents. The introduction reads thusly:

КиберБеркут получил информацию о подготовке Силами специальных операций Вооруженных Сил Украины террористического акта на Донбассе с применением радиоактивных материалов. Украинские диверсанты планируют заразить радиоактивными отходами воду в канале «Северский Донец – Донбасс», откуда идет забор воды в Южно-Донбасский водовод, и обвинить во всем руководство непризнанной Донецкой республики.

Проведение этой спецоперации поручено диверсионной группе ССО, которая с 2017 года проходит подготовку на базе 142 учебно-тренировочного центра (в/ч А2772) в Бердичеве, Житомирская область. Согласно перечню иностранных военных специалистов, находящихся в Украине, обучение этой группы проводят 14 американских инструкторов.


CyberBerkut has received information about the preparation, on the part of the Ukrainian armed forces, of a terrorist act on the territory of the Donbass, employing radioactive materials.  Ukrainian diversionaries plan to poison, using radioactive waste, the water in the canal “Seversky Donetsk – Donbass”, from whence water flows into the South Donbass water system.  The diversionaries plan to blame this act on the authorities of the unrecognized Donetsk Republic.

The carrying out of this operation has been entrusted to a special diversionary group of the (Ukrainian) armed forces which, since 2017 has been in training at the base of the 142nd Training Center (A2772) in the town of Berdichev, of the Zhitomir Oblast.  According to the list of foreign military specialists [screenshot attached], this group is being trained by 14 American instructors.

The CyberBerkut site then goes on to list the 14 names:

  1. SPC K’Andre Mitchell
  2. SSG Keithan Rogers
  3. CW2 James Lewis
  4. SSG Stone Davis
  5. MAJ Peter Gomez
  6. SFC Codey Martin
  7. SFC Jesse Young
  8. SFC Adam Davis
  9. SGT Matthew Nelson
  10. SPC Christopher Johnson
  11. SSG Mark Destafney
  12. SPC David Gonzalez
  13. SSG Ryan Nilan
  14. SSG James Spencer

CyberBerkut then goes on to claim, that the hackers have reason to believe, that the curator of this special operation is Erik Prince, people are familiar with him, as the founder of the American mercenary organization Blackwater.

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky called Erik Prince “the scariest man I ever met.”

CyberBerkut noted that Prince flew into the Ukraine in April of this year, and visited the 142nd in Berdichev.  CyberBerkut makes an assumption that this was a visit of inspection.  As evidence of this, they adduce a hacked letter (written in Ukrainian) signed by Lieutenant-General Igor Lunev.  In the letter, Lunev asks permission to allow Erik Prince to visit this Ukrainian military base.  Something that would require special permission, since Prince is an American citizen.

Next:  CyberBerkut goes on to explain how the Ukrainian government was willing to sacrifice the health of their own people, as well as that of the Separatists.  Since the water supply is all interconnected – duh!

[to be continued]

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