Zakharova: USA Is No Superman

Dear Readers:

Russia’s feisty spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, zinged the U.S. in a speech before a pro-Russian youth group.

As reported by Mikhail Tereshchenko from the TASS News Agency, Maria appeared in the Baltic coastal city of Svetlogorsk (Kaliningrad Oblast) before an international educational youth forum called BaltArtek.  The forum (August 9 through the 16th), which also serves as Summer Camp for lucky youth, gathered over 300 young Russian people living in 70 countries of the world.  The purpose is to build a positive image of Russia and provide a cohesive network for Russians cut off from the mainland.  The forum was founded several years ago upon the initiative of President Putin who, this year, who sent the following greeting to the youthful participants:

BaltArtek youth camp

“Many talented and enterprising young people have gathered here today on hospitable soil of the Kaliningrad Region – Russian citizens and our compatriots from different countries that are striving to make a contribution to promoting the ideas of the Russian world and expansion of the Russian-language information space. Importantly, you are here because you care about the future of Russia and have a sincere desire to promote the popularity of the Russian language and the wealth of our historical and cultural heritage. This serious and diverse work is of great importance for developing international humanitarian and personal contacts and for enhancing Russia’s prestige in the world.

I am confident that the forum’s busy schedule will allow you to spend these days on the Baltic coast usefully and to map out prospects for personal and professional growth, and to exchange your experience and practices with other participants. Naturally, you will certainly make new acquaintances and friends.”

BaltArtek is a joint project of the Russian Foreign Ministry; Rossostrudnichestvo (a sinister Russia-funded organization promoting solidary and humanitarian projects for Russians living abroad); the government of the Kaliningrad Oblast, the “Future Team” Fund; and the Baltic Federal University named after the German philosopher Immanuel Kant.

I Need A Hero!

Sounding, and even looking, a bit like Bonnie Tyler, Zakharova, in her speech before the youth, lamented that the world, in its hour of trouble, does not have a Superman to save it.

According to Maria, many nations would have gladly accepted America’s claim to “exceptionalism” if only “Washington could have actually brought stability to this world, could have raised the level of security, reconciled nations, stamped out conflicts and averted new ones.  Who would have been against this?  This would be a huge political, financial and moral responsibility.  To be such a Superman, who flies in, helps people, and then flies away.”

[Hm… “flies away” being the key phrase here, I reckon.]

Maria went on to state:  “But for some reason the USA was not able to manage such a role.  On the contrary, we have even more conflicts, and they have become much larger in size.  Although many people had placed their hopes on the U.S.”

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5 Responses to Zakharova: USA Is No Superman

  1. nicolaavery says:

    Why is Rossotrudnichestvo sinister?


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