New Balkan War? – Part III

Dear Readers:

Today continuing this piece by military reporter Evgeny Krutikov.

This most recent crisis came about because the deadline had run out for the two sides in the conflict (Serbia vs Kosovo) to hammer out an agreement regarding territory claims.  The most promising compromise involved a slight re-drawing of the borders of Kosovo and some land swaps along the fringes.  This compromise was slaved over by a team of international diplomats and had been floated at the highest levels of international diplomacy, namely the meeting in Helsinki between Presidents Trump and Putin.  Why is Russia involved in this?  It’s a long story, but here is the Readers Digest version:

Ever since the days of the Ottoman Empire and Turkish occupation of the Balkans region, the Russian Empire stood as the defender of Orthodox Christians against the Muslim Ottomans.  For centuries, in every Balkan nation, the Ottomans embedded themselves and converted communities to Islam; such communities identified with the Turks and believed themselves to be Turks, whether or not they actually were Turks (ethnically, speaking).  This created the patchwork of Christian and Ottoman communities which eventually sparked World War I.  [All of the preceding being a gross simplification of a complex history.  And yet it is fair to say that, in a way, Albania and the Kosovo Albanians are the inheritors of the Ottoman Empire; and that modern NATO has taken up the ancient Ottoman vendetta against Russia.]

Because, ever since Tsarist times (and when the Balkan conflict was basically Turkey vs Russia) the Russian state has been regarded as the Big-Daddy protector of Eastern Orthodox nations such as Serbia.  Not to mention that it is in modern Russia’s interests not to allow further NATO expansion in Eastern Europe.  With every square kilometer of land taken by Kosovo Albanians, that is just one more square kilometer that belongs to NATO.  And with NATO already up against Russia’s borders and hammering hard, Russia finds herself in quite a pickle these days, with a major war just one trigger-finger away.

The flag of Kosovo

A more pertinent question:  Why is America, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, the new version of the Ottoman Empire; and why is it involved in the dealings of a tiny piece of real estate such as Kosovo, not to mention the fates of a few thousand residents here and there as administrative borders are drawn between different communities?  The answer is simple:  The United States of America is involved in literally everything that goes on in the world, no matter how remote.  Not only do Americans like to stick their big beaks everywhere, but the American Military-Industrial Complex appears to be thirsting for war.  Super Profits are not enough:  They need Super-Duper Profits.  And the resulting Armageddon may well begin in Kosovo, which is why I keep posting maps to helpfully show my readers the time and place where their lives may end.  And oddly enough, the shape of Kosovo is very much like a tiny stunted twisted Texas, but with a amputated stub of a pan-handle.  Check it out for yourself, if you don’t believe me!

Anyhow, Krutikov maintains that the Serbs were willing to swallow their pride and accept the land-swap compromise; but that the Albanians balked, as they believe they are entitled to everything.  Albanians are the poster child for the meme, “All your bases are belong to me.”  According to Krutikov, the Albanian notion of “give and take” is:  “You give and I take.”

Hashim Thaçi heads the Kosovo Mafia Government

So, back in Kosovo, a country which is basically run by a Mafia clan (one of whose most profitable gigs is illegal organ-smuggling), but enjoys a sham European-style government with all the trimmings, President Hashim Thaçi, Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, and Speaker of the Parliament Kadri Veseli, issued a statement rejecting the compromise.  Kosovo, they said, is prepared to “correct the borders”, but not to exchange any territories.  Their idea of “correcting borders” being to bite off a few more pieces of Serbia here and there.  This Holy Trinity then demanded that Serbia cede several important communities along the Ibar River which have Albanian settlements.

Readers, I did this quickie google on the respective demographics of the two sides:  Serbian population (excluding Kosovo) is almost 9 million, which is not bad, except that Serbs are said to be in demographic crisis, and expected to die out, as a people, by the year 3000.  Serbian citizens are predominantly ethnic Serb and Orthodox religion, but remember what I said above, about the patchwork of Christian/Muslim communities.

Whereas Kosovo boasts just under 2 million souls, of whom (after all the ethnic cleansing) around 92% Albanian.  Which puts it at an advantage to certain other NATO enclaves such as Estonia and Latvia, whose populations are down to the point where these countries are basically one-horse towns — ; but, as is often the case, it’s not really about the quantity of people, but more about their quality; and even more to the point, it’s about “Who’s your daddy?”

Anyhow, by this point (towards the end of July), after the Kosovo crime bosses had rejected the deal, and the inexperienced Serbian government was in a panic —  “What to do?  What to do? Lordy Lord!”  — the Serbian Orthodox Church entered the fray in its full-bearded glory.  A Church leader named Father Theodosi put out the call to reject any compromise.  Sounding the Trumpet of Righteousness, Theodosi called for a new crusade to liberate all of Kosovo from the Ottoman Albanian yoke.

[to be continued]

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