New Balkan War? – Part II

Dear Readers:

Continuing to work through this piece by military reporter Evgeny Krutikov.

As we learned yesterday, there is a deathly conflict between two nations:  Serbia vs Albania.  Currently ethnic Albanians run the former Yugoslav district, and now disputed territory, of Kosovo as a NATO protectorate, with its capital in Priština, embedded in the heart of the Balkans.  Previously, in order to avert war, the two sides had agreed on a deadline for ethnic Serbian communities (embedded within Kosovo) to be granted certain autonomies and self-governance so that they don’t have to submit to the Albanian-Muslim government of Kosovo.  The deadline ran out, there were rumors of a new war between the two camps.  And this war, if it happens — may the gods prevent it — could be THE BIG ONE that starts WWIII between America and Russia.

Already fraught nerves and tensions wound up to the boiling point when NATO tanks (supposedly in a “training exercise”) rolled northward through Kosovo all the way up to a major Serb-controlled hydroelectric plant called Gazivode.  While American helicopters were hovering over Lake Gazivode, a Polish battalion moved into the village of Valač in the Zvečan Municipality and took over (without any resistance) a transformer-electricity complex that is directly tied to Gazivode.  Thus revealing the main target of the military exercise.  This hydro-electrical system provides electricity to the city of Mitrovica and the Albanian communities to the south of the Ibar River.  Krutikov believes that this joint American-Polish action cannot, in all good conscience, be called a training exercise.  It was a raw military provocation, in his view.  And the timing was also carefully selected:  It occurred on the anniversary when neighboring Croatia celebrates its destruction and ethnic cleansing of Serbian Krajina.  Clearly the point was to rub salt in the Serbian wounds and plan more dismemberments of this South Slavic people so utterly loathed by NATO.

The former Republic of Krajina

While Polish soldiers were occupying a Serbian electricity junction, their fellow-Catholics in the former Krajina capital of Knin, were showing off the might of the Croatian army with a big military parade.  Serbs were particularly upset by the presence, in this parade, of Montenegran military observers.  Montenegro being the newest NATO member on Serbia’s doorstep.  This betrayal being the most unkindest cut of all, since fellow-Orthodox Christian Montenegrans are virtually indistinguishable from Serbs.

And thus Serbia found itself very pressed and hammered upon during these fretful days.

Meanwhile, the Big Boys had been meeting in Helsinki:  Trump and Putin.  It is rumored that they were trying to hammer out a compromise deal on Kosovo.  Remember the big picture here:  Kosovo is a protectorate of the United States, and has been, ever since Bill and Lady McClinton’s “Wag the Dog” war there back in the 1990’s.  Whereas Serbia is a protectorate of Russia.  (Not really, but sort of … long story…)

It is rumored that Trump/Putin had discussed possibly swapping territories, with some Serb-dominant communities of northern Kosovo (Mitrovica, Zubin Potok, Zvečan) being granted autonomy and eventually folded back into Serbia.  (As a delightful thought experiment, try to imagine President Trump learning to pronounce some of these Slavic place names!)  In return for these nuggets, Belgrade would be asked to recognize Kosovo, if only partially, and also toss in some communities to the south of the Ibar.  It is said that Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić had resigned himself, and was prepared to agree to such a bitter compromise.

But then the deal fell through because, as Krutikov notes, it did not take into account the “Albanian mentality”.  According to Krutikov, the Albanians are simply merciless, they believe that they are the victors here, and it is their God-given right to skin alive and torment the “Serbian tiger” unto infinity.  No “exchange of territory”, no compromise is acceptable to them, they want it ALL.  They don’t work for NATO, they expect NATO to work for THEM.  Just like the tail wagging the dog!

[to be continued]

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