New Balkan War? – Part I

Dear Readers:

Today I have this piece by military reporter Evgeny Krutikov.  The headline reads:

Serbia is one step away from a new war for Kosovo

War, if it breaks out between Serbs and Albanians, will quickly turn into an international conflict, Krutikov predicts.  NATO forces are already on the move, whereas many Serbs thirst for revenge.  Let us work through this story:

Previously the Serbs had given the Kosovo Albanians a deadline of 1930 days in which to form (or allow to form) autonomous self-governing Serbian communes in the northern part of the (Kosovo) district.  This was the one single point that both sides had agreed to, in the negotiations between Belgrade and Priština.  Unfortunately, it soon became clear that the Albanians had no intention of fulfilling this agreement.

Now the deadline has run out, and everybody seems to be preparing for war.  The hot point is in the north of Kosovo.  One of the Belgrade newspapers reported that Moscow had allegedly shown spy data to Belgrade, according to which the Albanians are planning to attack ethnic Serbian enclaves and repeat their successes of 2004.  Moreover, it is alleged that the Albanians plan to seize several other enslaves in the south of Kosovo, which they would like to have for their own.  The Albanians are, of course, supported by NATO.  The latter having a “peacekeeping” force in Kosovo called NATO KFOR which goes by the name “Golden Saber”.

After this info came out in the Serbian press, the Serbian (Christian) communities rang the bells in all the churches, signaling for the local (ethnic) militias to gather and prepare for battle.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić

Meanwhile, in Belgrade, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić convened an emergency meeting of the Security Committee.  After which he addressed the Serbian people, including the Serbian communities in Kosovo.  The President called for calm and asked people not to fall for provocations.  At the same time he stressed that the safety of all Serbs was his main priority.  According to Vučić,  everybody wants peace, but there are some bad people who are attempting to provoke a conflict, on the instructions of foreign intelligence agencies.  The President’s address was followed by that of Marko Đurić, a Serbian government official who is responsible for the regions of Kosovo and Metohija.  In his speech Đurić cited more details about what was known so far.  He claimed that Serbian counter-intelligence had uncovered a “foreign agent influence” acting upon certain traitorous politicians and clergymen.  [yalensis:  which is quite ripe, coming from a man who once belonged to Otpor, the color-revolution gang that overthrew Slobodan Milošević back in 2000!]

Marko Đurić: Was a color-revolutionary before he became a patriot

Đurić:  “Certain people in Serbia have created an atmosphere in which they have betrayed their own country and are planning the most horrible crimes against their own people, according to the scenario of coordinated conflicts.”

After such thunderous words, Serbians were expecting a wave of arrests, but then nothing happened.

At the same time, it is factual that NATO forces have been activated in northern Kosovo, under the pretext of a giant training exercise.  The exercise “rehearses” a scenario in which American and Polish battalions deploy into critically important Serbian regions.  In the course of the exercise, a column of American armor started heading north from Mitrovica (a district of Kosovo), causing much anxiety among already-nervous Serbs.

Route taken by NATO tanks to Gazivode

This is the route taken by the American tanks:  Along the highway Mitrovica – Zubin Potok — Rozhaya.  The column was delayed at Zubin Potok, but in the end got through to its goal:  The hydroelectric station in the region of Gazivode.  This hydroelectric station, located on a lake also named Gazivode, supplies electricity to half of Kosovo and the southern regions of Serbia.  This is definitely the most strategic object in the Serbian zone of influence.  In any Balkan war, NATO would attempt to capture and possibly destroy this object, in order to cut off water to the Serbs.  In reaction to the NATO advance, Serbian units deployed to the area and set up anti-tank “hedgehogs” — don’t know how to translate into English, but you know what I’m talking about, those things that look like giant jacks that are put up to stop tanks.  Anyhow the Serbian units lay in wait for the NATO tanks.  And soon enough American helicopters were hovering over the lake.  The Serbs below pointed their machine guns upward and flipped the bird to the American pilots.  For a period of roughly 2 hours the world seemed to be poised on the brink of a new world war.

[to be continued]

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