Three Quick Follow-Ups

Dear Readers:

Today I decided to do something that I have not done before on my blog, but seems like a logical idea:  Namely, recap some quick follow-ups of stories I had previously “covered” in more detail.  I am categorizing these quickies as “Breaking News”, so here goes:

Usik: “I don’t need no stinking medal.”

Follow-up to the Usik boxing story:   Today I am reading that Alexander Usik, after defeating his opponent in the Moscow ring, then returning home to rest with his family in Simferopol, Crimea; was subsequently showered with imprecations and accusations from Ukrainian Nationalists.  Who call him a “coward” and “traitor”, because he didn’t use his big opportunity to make a political speech.  Hey, I don’t know about “traitor”, but in my book, any man who steps into a ring to get his face and kidneys punched, is no coward.  Nonethess, there had been some talk (on the part of Ukrainian Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman) of giving Usik the “Hero of Ukraine” medal.  But Usik himself put a stop to such chatter yesterday (August 1) by announcing that he has no need for such a medal.  Russian fans worry that Usik, as a Ukrainian citizen, may be subject to repressions, even though he has been very careful to steer away from political themes and maintain a purely professional stance, both in and out of the ring.  One Russian Parliamentarian, Dmitry Svishchev (who is also the President of the Russian Curling Association) has suggested that Usik might be granted Russian naturalization/citizenship, should he apply.  No doubt his application (if he did) would be successful, as he is a Crimea resident, and Crimea is now part of Russian territory.

Hungarian kids in Transcarpathia

Follow-up to the Ukraine-Hungary CatfightToday I am reading that the Ukrainian side has its panties all up in a bunch over Hungary’s latest hostile move.  Namely, the Hungarians just came up with a new gambit in their slow-motion annexation of the Transcarpathia:  The descendants of Attila have created a cabinet-level position in the Hungarian government; which ministry is responsible for the economic development of Ukrainian Transcarpathia!  This minister’s first task is to build kindergardens so that sweet Hungarian bairns can study their own language in school.  Understandable why the Ukraine is up in arms:  Transcarpathia legally belongs to them!  It is their wish that the hundreds of thousands of ethnic Huns should be allowed to rot in peace and remain mute, without Big Daddy riding in to rescue them from those awful Ukrops.  The Ukrainian Foreign Minister was so incensed that he addressed a note of protest to his Hungarian counterpart, whining that “Your new ministry has been assigned responsibilities for a sovereign territory of the Ukraine!”  To which the correct Hungarian response should be something like:  “If you can’t take care of these people, then we will.”

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra: the most valuable Church asset in the Ukraine

Follow-up to the Ukrainian Autocephaly storyToday I am reading that Kiev Patriarch Filaret warned the Moscow Patriarchate to get their dirty damned ape paws off of Ukrainian Church property.  The most valuable piece of real estate being, of course, the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.  Alluding to the secular authorities, Filaret warned the Muscovites:  “The [Ukrainian] government has transferred this property to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.  However, once the Ukrainian Church has been recognized [as Autocephalic], then All Your Base Are Belong To Me all of these properties will be under our control:  Both the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and the Holy Uspenskaya-Pochaevskaya Lavra, as well.  Filaret went on to add, spitefully, that the Moscow Patriarch doesn’t own any property in the Ukraine.  The Ukrainian Church has been very busy building parishes at its own expense, he huffs.

The piece then goes on to add, as valuable historical background, that Kiev-Pechersk is one of the first Christian monasteries ever built in Kievan Rus.  It was built in 1051 by Yaroslav the Wise.  (Not with his own hands, I dare say.)

The second most valuable piece of Church property in the Ukraine is the Holy Uspenskaya-Pochaevskaya Lavra, in Ternopol.  According to legend, this monastery was founded in 1240 by monks who fled westward as the Tatar-Mongols invaded Kiev.

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