Gerashchenko’s Ex Spills The Beans – Part III

Dear Readers:

Today finishing my full translation (not summary, I decided it was worth a full translation) of this interview given by Viktoria Gretskaya-Mirgorodskaya, ex-wife of Anton Gerashchenko.

Where we left off, Vicky handed the world some very solid advice, namely, NEVER GIVE A HAND GRENADE TO A MONKEY!  Words to live by, folks.

And when you get to the end of this translation, you will see why I started to regret that I had not, from the beginning, entitled this series “Gerashchenko’s Ex Licks The Plate With Him“.  But maybe just as well, because that could have been misconstrued, and the ex-wife, all in all, seems like a classy dame…



[Bosak]:  Tell us, what was Gerashchenko doing between 2010 and 2014?

[Vicky]:   He was trying to start a business, along with his partners, something connected to fixed assets.  But, honestly, you can never make a businessman out of him.  He prefers being a closer.

Does Gerashchenko provide assistance to your child?

Since August 2014 I have a new family.  We don’t need his help.  Officially he pays child support, because if he didn’t, then the law would prevent him even from travelling abroad.  But I think you understand perfectly that these payments (are calculated) based on his (official) salary, and not on his actual earnings.  He calls our child on the phone twice a year — on (the child’s) birthday, and on the New Year.  And every time, the child begs him for permission to change his last name, but he always refuses.  He will send, for example, some kind of gift, and the child sends it back.  That’s all.  That’s how it is.

Was your divorce amicable, or were there conflicts in court?

That information… is the theme for a different interview.

Viktoria in deposition

What is Gerashchenko’s inner circle like?

He has a pool of friends who have been with him for many years.  People of a wide variety of stripes, his business partners.  Just take a look at who his assistants are.  A third of his assistants are actually people from his inner circle.

Did Avakov ever come to visit you and Gerashchenko, when you were together?

No, never.

Can you give us your assessment of Gerashchenko as a politician?

What politician?  He is the classic Press-Secretary of the Minister of Internal Affairs.  Where is the politics here?  The fact that this person just keeps announcing events that have happened, in any way he wishes?  This is not political activity.  He is a good PR man for himself, but I simply don’t see him as a politician.  His action — phoning Zhirinovsky —  where is the political heroism here?  Trolling Zhirinovsky?  But would he have the guts to confront him in person, at a closer distance where a blow could be struck?

Did Gerashchenko ever violate the law?  Were there any complaints to the police?

He frequently violated the law, but that’s a separate conversation.  Thanks to his attempts to start a business, I spent 10 years going in for questioning at the [Anti-Organized Crime section] as well as the (regular) police, and also the SBU.  I got very hardened to this.  Do some research, there is some information about how he tangentially participated in a crime according to Article 111 of the Criminal Code [“High Treason”], even (back then) when this Article was not as popular (as it is today).

How often did Gerashchenko visit Russia?

He went there in 2004, and also, I believe, at the end of 2012, but I couldn’t say that he went there a lot, that’s not the case.

A younger Gerashchenko didn’t hate Putin.

Did he ever talk to you about Putin?

This is a complicated question because, up until the moment of, what happened in Crimea and Donbass, he actually had an even-handed attitude towards Putin.  But after what happened, he acquired a negative attitude towards Putin.

Was he always so anti-Russian?

No.  He is a populist who floats with the current, who goes with the tendencies that are useful to his political career.  That’s all.  He was never a nationalist.  On the topic of Crimea he would always say, Why do we need it? — alluding to the fact that the tourist season is short there, that people vote for the wrong candidate during elections, hey, let’s just rent it back to them, and that sort of thing.  This man does not have any kind of standards, any backbone, any principles.  His conscience works for him as it suits him.  The fact that he is trying to become a patriot — that’s just a part of his image.

Were you afraid to testify in court against Gerashchenko?

No.  I recounted everything the way it happened.  I told them everything that I know, and that I recalled.  Many things are impossible for me to forget.  I was actually on a business trip, and I was not prepared for this testimony.

Did anybody say anything to you after your depositions in court, like saying you had done the wrong thing, or anything like that?

No.  People wrote all kinds of stupid things in Facebook, but there was nothing like that.  Gerashchenko won’t say anything to me in public, if he wants to do something about it, then he would do it underhandedly.

In February of 2014 he phoned me and said, “Don’t worry, Kernes doesn’t wage war against women.”

In the light of current events I can respond to that as follows:  Kernes does not wage war against women, because he is a real man, he has a psychological foundation and principles that he lives by.  But Anton, on the other hand — that’s a real question, because his psychology is more feminine than male.  Such people are inclined to do things underhandedly, from behind the corner, the stab in the back.  For that reason, I declared right away, that if anything should happen to my family or myself, then it would be on Gerashchenko’s orders.

You, no doubt, saw the curious video with Gerashchenko, where he is dining and then just openly licks the plate?  Did he always like to do that?


A mass of people asked me about that, when the video appeared with him and the plate.  He is a disgusting eater, I was never able to get used to that.  I will say this:  Many times I remarked on this to him:  If you aspire to be a public person, then you must always be prepared, that people are watching and photographing you.  In other words, you must always be tidy, you need to know how to eat nicely, how to use a knife and fork.  He would just reply that he knows best.

How would you characterize Gerashchenko?  What kind of person is he?

He is a very base and cowardly person.  His mania is to acquire power at any price, and using any means necessary.  To be a great man, to be flattered — simply adores that.  Later he started acquiring money, and he is prepared to do quite a lot for money; but even more for power.  He adores flattery and any praise directed at him.

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