Gerashchenko’s Ex Spills The Beans – Part I

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Today I have this piece from PolitNavigator.  Which, admittedly, can be a bit of a tabloid, therefore I have tagged this under “Celebrity Gossip”.  The writer is Anastasia Samoilova, and the headline reads:

The Odious Gerashchenko Has Turned Out To Be A Monkey With a Grenade

Hopefully readers are familiar with the Odiosity in question, namely Anton Gerashchenko (alt-spelling Herashchenko), advisor to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs.  Gerashchenko is a member of the dark repressive forces of the Kiev junta.  Specifically, he’s the guy who came up with the idea of the “Hit-List” site, “Mirotvorec”, which led directly to the assassinations of several dissidents, including journalist and historian Oles Buzina.

Besides bearing an eerie resemblance to the Mike Myers character, Fat Bastard, Gerashchenko is also well known for enjoying high-level feuds.  He is not the kind of guy who seems to be able to get along with anyone, with the possible exception of his mentor, Arsen Avakov.  (Who also enjoys a good feud, by the way.)

Kernes: You will not want to mess with this Mensch!

Samoilova writes about events that took place mostly in 2014, namely Gerashchenko’s feud against the Mayor of Kharkov, Gennady Kernes.

Chain of custody:   The source of this juicy tabloid gossip is Gerashchenko’s ex-wife Viktoria Gretskaya-Mirgorodskaya, the challenge is to be able to pronounce her name in one breath, without stuttering!  For the purposes of this post, I shall call her Vicky.  So, Vicky gave this interview to a Ukrainian newspaper.  The reporter is a man named Sergei Bosak.  All that Samoilova does in her PolitNavigator piece is just summarize the UkraNews piece.  And since the latter is in Russian, not Ukrainian, I can read it myself, thank you very much, and might as well switch over to it.

What follows is my translation/summary of the UkraNews piece, making sure not to omit the goriest of details.  Vicky, by the way, is quite a looker:  Blonde, blousy, full pouty lips.  One cannot help but wonder, how such a classy dame ended up wedded to the physically-disgusting Fat Bastard.  Maybe it was True Love, but in either case, the Love is well over by now.


On June 18 the ex-wife of Supreme Rada Deputy Anton Gerashchenko, Viktoria Gretskaya-Mirgorodskaya testified in court to the effect that the current prosecution of Kharkov Mayor Gennady Kernes was just “barter” in his (Gerashchenko’s) goal of getting the job of Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs and a seat in Parliament. Gretskaya-Mirgorodskaya testified  that it was very important for her ex-husband to get into Avakov’s inner circle, therefore he thought up the scheme of fabricating a case against Gennady Kernes and testifying against him, in exchange for a slot in the National Front list for Parliamentary elections.


In an interview to “Ukrainian News” Gerashchenko’s ex-wife told of the circumstances of his (Gerashchenko) receiving a Deputy’s mandate; who laid the path for him into politics; and of his machinations with land deals in the region of Kharkov that had been entrusted to him.  She also related the story of the Ferris Wheel which Gerashchenko sold for scrap metal when he was the head of Regional Administration; and why he is prepared to fight for power at any price.

vs Bestiality

[Bosak]:  Do you still maintain any relations with Anton Gerashchenko?

[Vicky]:  No.  We don’t have any relations whatsoever.

Do you have any children with him which you are raising?

There is one child, but I do not want to discuss that theme.

Do you feel anything about the fact that your ex-husband has become a well-known politician?

I absolutely don’t care about that.  You consider him to be a famous politician?  In my opinion he is more like just a commentator over at the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The testimony which you gave [in court] about your ex-husband, concerns the case of the Kharkov Mayor Kernes?


Can you tell us about the circumstances, how Gerashchenko decided to testify against Kernes, in order to get in good with Internal Affairs Minister Avakov, and then into the Supreme Rada?

He thought up the exact situation and told (other) people what to say, in order to incite a criminal case against Gennady Kernes.  He falsified the criminal case and “bartered” it for a place in the Party List for the Supreme Rada.

And who came to Anton Gerashchenko and proposed such a scenario?  With whom did he enter into this conspiracy, if such it was?

No, he thought up the whole thing himself.  I believe that this was his personal initiative.  Why do I think that?  Because this idea was brewing with him as early as 2014 when he went to Kiev to see Arsen Avakov and was not able to penetrate into his (Avakov’s) team, and therefore he had to come up with some plan.  It was necessary to zing some influential person.  And since Anton Gerashchenko at the beginning of his career worked with Kernes and knew that relations between (Kernes) and Avakov were not very good, for this reason (Kernes) became the most appropriate candidate for this scheme.

Do you know how Gerashchenko first became acquainted with Avakov, how did they first meet?

For starters, he [Gerashchenko] was a Deputy of the municipal Soviet.  Then, when the Orange Revolution started, he went out onto the Maidans in both Kiev and Kharkov.  At that time he was participating very actively in the Krasnograd revolutionary events of 2004-2005.  As far as I know, this is the situation in which they met, and he [Gerashchenko] wanted to give himself maximum PR and make himself known.  After that he had the opportunity to head the Krasnograd regional administration.

Did they just meet, or did somebody introduce them?

Honestly I don’t remember.  In those days it was very easy for people to meet each other, since revolutionary events were taking place.  They met in 2005.

[to be continued]

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