If War Were A Game Of Football…

Dear Readers:

With football on everybody’s mind, and football being a metaphor for war, this might be a good place to post about a different kind of war game.  A … war game … type of war game!

So, I have this piece from VZGLIAD about recent NATO war games in which they simulate a war against Russia.  NATO pretends that Russia attacks Europe in blitzkrieg manner, in a kind of Drang nach Westen.  NATO must respond swiftly and effectively to repel the Russian threat.  So, inquiring minds want to know, how did they do?

The writer is Alina Nazarova.  The headline translates as:

NATO’s War Games Showed Defeat at the Hands of Russia During the Initial Stage

Here is my translation:

The results of the latest war games in Europe turned out to be not comforting for the American military command, having demonstrated a defeat of the Northern Atlantic Alliance at the hands of Russia in the very first stages of the “war”.  The cause of defeat was bureaucracy and poor conditions of roads.

A correspondent of the Washington Post newspaper personally travelled along the roads of Poland and Lithuania in order to judge how quickly the Alliance troops can be moved to the Eastern Front of the EU to repel a hypothetical attack of the Russian army.  In his words, the Pentagon is worried that, in the event they are to counter Russia, the most powerful soldiers in the world could get stuck in traffic jams.

Especially worrying was the load-carrying capability of the bridges, which are not calibrated for heavy-armored vehicles.  There are also questions surrounding the transport of military technology by railway, especially given that the norms of neighboring European nations (regarding railway usage) frequently contradict each other.

“Delays, a mixture of bureaucracy, poor planning and a decaying infrastructure — could all allow Russia to seize NATO’s territory in the Baltic region, during the amount of time it would take the functionaries of the U.S. army to fill out the 17 requisition forms needed to cross the borders of Germany and Poland,” the journalists write.

Nostradamus and The Sun both agree, that The Apocalypse will start here!

Aside from that, it is noted that the heavy technology of the American army required four months to move from their training location in Gruzia to their permanent base in Germany.  Problems of this type arise even when transporting armored tech from one EU country to another, complained Adam Lackey, the commander of one of the units of the American army.

From the point of view of actual military conflict against Russia, the most dangerous place in Eastern Europe turned out to be the border between Poland and Lithuania:  NATO strategists assume that the target for the Russian army break-out will (probably) be from Kaliningrad enclave, with the annexation of the so-called Suwalki Gap.  It is precisely there that NATO strategists fear they will be too late.

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