Jewish Banderites – something you don’t see every day – Part V

Dear Readers:

Today concluding my work-through of this piece about the cute red-headed Hassidic Jewess Diana Kolomoitseva; her speech at the Ukrainian language competition for schoolchildren, named after pro-Nazi fighter and philanthropist Petro Yatsyk; and the critical reaction thereto.

Thus proving once and for all, that this world we live in is a strange place indeed!

First a fashion note:  The Hassidic Jews are noted for their curly sideburns, but Diana has taken their “do” to a new level, with a gorgeous mop of boticelli curls spilling down well beyond her slender shoulder blades.  If I may circle back to the legend of the “Eternal Jew”, which was touched on in yesterday’s post:

Wagner’s Kundry

Diana’s baroque beauty makes me wonder if she may indeed be the latest implementation of Kundry.  See, the heroine of Wagner’s opera “Parsifal” evokes similar myths of a Jew, or, in this case, Jewess, who was punished by Jesus for being overly flip during his solemn crucifixion.  In the case of the “Eternal Jew” (aka “Wandering Jew”), the personage in question mocked Jesus during the latter’s darkest hour.  Jesus punished the man by denying him the right to die; forcing him to wander the Earth for all eternity seeking redemption.  Now, living forever might not seem like such a bad fate, but only if you have lots of money and a place to live.

Kundry’s situation was very similar, as she also disrespected the dying Jesus.  Kundry was one of the bevy of Jewish women who gathered at the foot of the cross during this most solemn and earth-changing event.  But instead of crying or ululating, as Semitic females are supposed to do, she laughed, quite inappropriately.  Jesus was ticked off and got even with her in a similar fashion to her male counterpart:  Forced her to live forever, wandering all over the place (but especially lurking around Grail Castle), and frequently laughing inappropriately, thus causing social scandals wherever she went.  Kundry’s special curse is that she is unable to weep.

Kundry was allowed to sip wine from the Grail, just before dying

We actually know the endings to both of these painful stories (SPOILER ALERT!) — According to fellow Jew and amiable crook Ostap Bender, the Wandering Jew’s life finally came to an end when he was unceremoniously gunned down by Ukrainian Nationalists.  As for Kundry, the hunky Grail Knight Sir Parsifal (=English Percival) refused to have sex with her when she demanded it.  His rejection in the boudoir made Kundry finally burst out crying, her tears ducts started to work again, this broke the curse, and the poor woman was allowed to die, but not before converting to Christianity and taking communion.  From the actual Grail!

Like Kundry, Diana Kolomoitseva was offered a sip of wine from the Banderite Grail, the role of Gurnemanz here performed by Larisa Nitsoi, a rabid Ukrainian nationalist.  Larisa believes that Russians are genetically inferior (because of their, er, Mongolian DNA), have a distinct skull-type and are essentially sub-humans (as opposed to the purely Aryan Ukrainians).   In the past, Larisa has acquired notoriety by attacking Ukrainian shopgirls who speak Russian on the job, thus proving my earlier point that fascists always go after the little guy.  Like, Larisa would never have the guts to attack anybody of any power or importance, no matter which language they spoke. Here is Larisa, on her Facebook, sharing her impressions of Diana’s speech:

Diana and Larisa together

Yesterday I met an extraordinary girl.  She stood up in hall in front of a huge audience and said:  “Our nations are alike.  We were both hounded and persecuted, we were tortured with the Holodomor and the Holocaust.  We are both trying to resurrect our own language.”  This girl is a Jew.  Thank you, Diana.  You have returned to me that ideal image of Jews which I maintained in my childhood.  You have given me hope, that not all Ukrainian Jews despise the Ukraine, our culture, our language, and not all [Jews] are trying to pull us back into the Russian world.

Larisa learned an important lesson that day:  That not all Jews are bad.  In fact, some (or at least one) of her best friends are Jews.  Not that she would allow her son to marry one…

Where Larisa suffers from the disease of fascism, Diana’s condition is more serious:   Hers is known as “the curse of Santayana”, as in “those who forget history… yada yada….”

Jews murdered by Ukrainian Banderites in Kiev during the Babiy Yar pogroms

Diana’s primal sin being, not mockery, but ingratitude.  Ingratitude towards those brave soldiers of the Soviet Red Army, and towards the Russian people in general, who suffered enormous sacrifices while rescuing her ancestors from total annihilation at the hands of those with whom she now attempts to curry favor.  I’m not saying that Diana needs to support the Russian government, or even be pro-Russian.  She is allowed to have whatever political views she wants.  I’m just saying that, as a self-proclaimed representative of the Jewish people, she should not stand up in public and compare their lot to that of Ukrainian Nationalists.  That is an egregious heresy, and one which would make even Jesus weep.

On the other hand, always trying to be fair and balanced here:  It should be said that Diana’s overt outreach to the Banderites may bring some future dividends in terms of “Friendship of Peoples”, which is one of my own mottos.  As in, maybe the Nazi thugs will pause for one crucial moment before undertaking their next pogrom against a, say, synagogue or Jewish cemetery.  As in, “Hey, guys, not all Jews are bad.  I saw this Jewish girl give a speech, and she said they hate the Russians too.  So let’s not attack them today.  Let’s go after the gypsies instead….”

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    If you want gratitude, get a dog.

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