Jewish Banderites – something you don’t see every day – Part IV

Dear Readers:

Today continuing with this piece in PolitNavigator, penned by reporter Dmitry Skvortsov.

Where we left off in our story, we learned about the Koliivshchina massacre of Jews which took place in 1768 on the Right-bank Ukraine.  Therefore, this year (2018) there are various commemorations of this horrific anniversary.

And it was this year that Lubavitch representative Diana Kolomoitseva was chosen to step up on the stage of the Ivan Franko Theater in Kiev, give a little speech, and hand out the prizes to the top 5 contestants of the Ukrainian Language competition named after Petro Yatsyk.  Yatsyk having been, as Skvortsov so delicately pointed out, a Nazi collaborator during WWII.

Toddlers and Diplomas!

Now, granted that today’s youth knows little to nothing about that war, who was who, or even which side their country fought on.  Surveys show that Americans, for example, in the majority believe that Russia and Hitler fought on the same side.  But then these are the same people who can’t point to their own country on a map.  Because maps are in such short supply among the U.S. people and suchlike, as we discussed earlier.

Diana being from Austria, her nation of course fought on the same side (and quite enthusiastically) as Hitler’s Germany; and yet Diana is Jewish (presumably), therefore her people were considered enemies of Hitler’s state, subject to being driven out of their homes, corralled like animals and ruthlessly exterminated.  Given this, one might think she would not harbor a fondness towards those who slaughtered her ancestors, nor those, like Petro Yatsyk, who assisted in the slaughter.  People can blow as much smoke as they like, but it’s really not that complicated!

And now for the REEELLLY BIG show number!

Anyhow, here is the Lubavitch website showing delightful pictures of the event, including cute red-head Diana and even cuter Ukrainian children all decked out in national costumes and showing off their academic skills; while finishing off the festivities with a whopping big show number.  All of this takes not only a high degree of organization, but also $$$$MONEY.  Hence, since Petro Yatsyk’s legacy fund seems to have dried up, as we discussed, there is a need to find funding from other sources.  In the world of show business, I am told, wealthy donors, or mecenates, are also known as “Angels”.

According to the Lubavitch site, the Jewish “pro-enlightenment” organization decided to become an Angel this year and donate prize money for the event.  So far so good.  But now comes the “controversial” component of this enterprise, with this howler of a paragraph:

Question: Are humans getting stupider? Answer: Yes.

Выступая перед представителями киевской и украинской интеллигенции, деятелями украинского национального возрождения, депутатами разного уровня, педагогами и участниками конкурса, а также высокопоставленными чиновниками различных рангов, Диана Коломойцева провела исторические параллели между судьбами двух народов – украинского и еврейского, которые на протяжении многовековой истории подвергались притеснениям и гонениям со стороны иных народов, что выражалось в различных формах, начиная от запретов языка, традиций, вероисповедания, и вплоть до физического уничтожения. «Однако, не только грустное прошлое объединяет наши два народа, – подчеркнула Диана Коломойцева, – в настоящем мы плечом к плечу сражаемся за мирное и счастливое будущее, в котором оба народа сохраняют и возрождают свою идентичность, традиции и язык. А язык народа, как известно – это одна из основ его существования и целостности».


Appearing before representatives of the Kiev and Ukrainian intelligentsia; activists of the Ukrainian national rebirth; pedagogues and participants of the competition; and also high-ranking officials of various ranks, Diana Kolomoitseva drew historical parallels between the fates of two peoples:  Ukrainians and Jews.  Who [both] in the course of centuries of history, were subjected to oppression and persecution at the hands of other nations [yalensis – guess who!!], something that expressed itself in various forms, beginning with the ban on the language [yalensis – quelle ironie!], the traditions, the religion [Catholicism?], and right up to physical liquidation [I say Holo-CAUST, you say Holo-DOMOR!]  “However, Diana underscored, “it is not just a sad past that unites our two peoples.  In the present day we are fighting shoulder to shoulder against Russia for a peaceful and happy future, in which both of our nations can preserve and regenerate their identities, their traditions, and their language.  And the language of a people, as is known [says Diana, speaking in Russian instead of Ukrainian or Hebrew?], this is one of the foundations of their existence and their wholeness.”


In the conclusion to this piece, I will remark on the rapturous reception which Diana received from the Ukrainian intelligentsia.  She was so popular, she may have even averted a pogrom or two!

The Wandering Jew

In the meantime, one can only speculate what the Lubavitch Hassids are up to here.  Jews have never been known for being stupid, therefore there must be an sneaky agenda here.  Or at least a cunning plan!  Although…. pondering deeply on Ostap Bender’s anecdote about the Eternal Jew, who wandered the Earth for many centuries only to meet his final end at the hands of Ukrainian Nationalists, I reckon it is possible that this timeless people may have also fallen into the common disease of our era afflicting all races and ethnic groups:  A disease called Idiot-ism.

Next:  Diana’s excellent reception as a new friendship is born…

[to be continued]

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2 Responses to Jewish Banderites – something you don’t see every day – Part IV

  1. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    The Black Hats grease up to whoever’s in power – they do the same in Russia, being nothing if adaptable.

    And ‘cutie’!? She looks like something that lives in a gingerbread hut and gives terrible career advice to passing Scotsmen!

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