Jewish Banderites – something you don’t see every day – Part I

Dear Readers:

I saw this piece in PolitNavigator, the reporter is Dmitry Skvortsov.

One of the oddest things about the Ukrainian Maidan “Revolution” is the political attempt (sometimes successful, alas!) to merge Ukrainian Nationalists/Banderites with ethnic Jews into an odd-couple type anti-Russian coalition.  Given that the two subjects are natural enemies, and that the Russians historically saved the latter from the former.  As my mom says sometimes, “Go figure…”

But Before I get to the juicy Chabad Lubavitch gossip and dish on their relationship with the Ukrainian neo-Nazis…

Lubavitch rabbis pose in front of the White House

So, Skvortsov writes about an annual prize-winning contest in Kiev, the prize is given to he who shows the most fluency in the Ukrainian language.  In theory it is laudable when students apply themselves to learning a language and culture.  In practice however, it is grotesque in the Ukrainian case, since the Ukrainians Nationalists have fused the whole concept of Ukrainian language/culture with a violent and anti-humanist mentality.  Not to mention using this competition as a way of forcing the Ukrainian language down other peoples throats.  Speaking as a trained Linguist:  Nothing in the human world can be more vicious than language politics!

This piece explains a bit more about the annual competition.  This seemingly innocent event is open to school children from classes 3-11, and also some older students.  Winners receive diplomas and prize money.

Petro Yatsyk: Generous philanthropist and Nazi collaborator

The competition is named after some guy named Petro Yatsyk.  Having never heard of this individual, I delved into in the intertubes and found this piece, also by somebody who never heard of him and decided to do some research.  Petro’s English-language wiki gives bare-bones info, like his birth-death dates (1921-2001), the fact that he was a Canadian businessman, apparently well off, and donated a lot of money for Ukrainian studies.  A philanthropist, in other words.  It is safe to guess that his posthumous funding secures the annual language competition that is named after him.

But wait!  The (unnamed) author of the Russian piece deduces that Petro was a Nazi collaborator.  How did he come to this egregious opinion?  Well, he quotes from the Ukrainian wiki, which is slightly more forthcoming in its use of dog whistles; and also peppers with a dose of common sense.

A few sentences in Petro’s Ukrainian wiki, plus a jaded knowledge of the workings of the Canadian diaspora pretty much tell the whole story of Petro’s war-time exploits and his true allegiance (hint:  Sieg Heil!)

“During the war he collaborated with the UPA partisans.  1944 – having emigrated to the West, lived for a time in Germany.  Graduating from the Ukrainian State Institute in Regensburg (1947), with a degree in Economics.  1949 – emigrated to Canada.” 

Translating from Ukie Code into common patois:  Petro fought in the Stepan Bandera army alongside the German occupiers.  Seeing his side losing, Petro fled to Germany, where the Nazis enrolled him in a Ukrainian University.  One may assume that the university was a good one — Nazis ARE Germans, after all.  Petro studied hard, received his degree in Economics, then emigrated to Canada.  One may deduce that he slipped into one of those American-Canadian rat-lines that were set up to “rescue” ordinary rank-and-file pro-Nazis from the wrath of the Red Army — ’cause otherwise, see, he would have had to return to the Ukraine to face the victors and be held accountable for his war-time exploits.  Which may or may not have included (we don’t know what Petro did personally, but we do know what UPA did, in general) murdering innocent Jewish civilians, along with Soviet soldiers.

[to be continued]

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