Crimean Bridge Gives Psychological Boost – Part IV

[Viktor’s soliloquy, continuing…]

3:27 minutes – Living in the Ukraine, and my friends and parents still live there — they would always say, before every electoral campaign: We will install electricity, we will fix the elevators, we will build roads — before every election, yes, they made all these promises, they promise, promise, promise, promise, promise (x5) but in the end — they do absolutely nothing, they create nothing new!  Like in Nikolaev, where I have lived for I don’t know how many years, they didn’t build any new commercial buildings, no new construction projects, nothing grandiose at all. And here, dudes, whatever you might think…

4:00 minutes – With a Ukrainian passport, I spend every summer in the Crimea, no problems.  When I was little and lived in the USSR I would vacation in Crimea; after the USSR Crimea became Ukrainian, you see, they raised the Ukrainian flag everywhere [gestures with arms], so I would vacation there with my parents. When I was a teenager I would go there by myself; and to this day I go there every year, I spend every summer there in Crimea. Dudes, there are absolutely no problems whatsoever. Now this new [Russian] government which came to Crimea, dudes, what is there not to like about it? They did exactly what they said they would do. In Simferopol they built a giant new Main Street. They said they would build it, and they did. The new airport, they said they would build it, and they did. The Bridge, they said they would build it…

Viktor’s route along the Black Sea coast: Taman to Gelendzhik to Sochi

4:55 minutes – How many times did people say it would collapse, it would fall into the sea, that the … the… [searches for the right word, girl in back seat helps out with a word that sounds something like выйло, not sure that’s even a real word, but I think he means the pylons] pylons will float away. Others said that there was some kind of underwater reef, that they couldn’t build on, and that the whole structure would shake and collapse. Dudes, I just personally drove across this bridge. You can watch the video. [Points at the car ahead.] Alyonka Bardovskaya shot it while we were driving across the bridge, and I will be posting this video very soon, maybe even tomorrow, the third series of my Viktor and Vityanych.  And there I will show you in a very well edited production…

5:39 minutes – Dudes.  The bridge exists.  Its quality is outstanding.  [gestures]  Well, what else can I say about this bridge that I haven’t already said…  [Girl in the back:  “That’s all, I think.”]  So, that’s all.  Friends, come to Crimea and see for yourselves.  It’s a wonderful place to take a vacation.  All the more so, since they opened the bridge. [Smiles at the camera.]  And that’s it.  Right now we’re driving towards Gelendzhik and then the next day to Sochi, and the day after that to Abkhazia.  This will be a very interesting trip.  That’s all.

[yalensis]:  Here is the link to the “Viktor and Vityanych” series, which includes Viktor’s adventures on the Bridge and Black Sea coast.

Next: We wrap up this theme with Babitsky’s piece on the psychology of it all…

[to be continued]

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