Crimean Bridge Gives Psychological Boost – Part II

Dear Readers:

Continuing with my story about the Crimean Bridge and its psychological effect on people.  Not just people living in the Crimean peninsula (who now enjoy an excellent road to the Russian mainland), or people in Russia (who are rightfully proud of this engineering feat that they and their government were able to accomplish), but also Ukrainians — and I would venture to guess, the majority of Ukrainian citizens — who are not a member of {the set of hard-core Ukrainian nationalists with their peculiarly insular Banderite-fascist ideology}.

The geography of the situation

Before translating the monologue of blogger and distracted driver Viktor Petrovsky (who hails from the shipbuilding town of Nikolaev, Ukraine, on the Black Sea), I must put some of his utterances into context.  Viktor apparently lives in Russia now (one of the million of so Ukrainians to depart in search of a better life), but spent most of his life growing up in the Ukraine, where his friends and parents still live.  Current Ukrainian government has asserted for many months that the bridge was not a real thing, it was some fake montage created in a Moscow sound studio.  Advice to tyrants:  If you intend to assert a bold lie, then pick something that is not easily fact-checkable.

President Putin tests the pylons of the new bridge

See, Reality has a way of asserting itself even through the fog of a washed brain.  Plus, there is the Internet, humanity’s main bulwark against totalitarianism.

Our friend, Viktor, whom we shall meet soon, is a cocky young man and singularly un-brainwashed individual who runs his own youtube channel.  Viktor tells us right off the bat:  “The bridge is real.  It is not a fake!”  Over the months and years, as the bridge was being put together, piece by piece, the Ukrainian (and slavish Westie) press started to change their tune somewhat:  Once it became clear that the bridge was a real thing, the party line shifted:  The bridge is shoddily made, the pylons are not put in deep enough, there is some kind of ridge below the water, the bridge will collapse, etc.  Then, as it became clearer that the bridge was well done and not likely to collapse, Big Brother’s aria changed to:  The bridge is an ecological disaster.  It’s killing the dolphins!  (As if the Ukrainian government ever gave a fig about the sweet-faced dolphins of the Black Sea:  but that’s a whole n’other story, and perhaps a whole n’other blogpost, about how they abused and misused their own naval dolphin corps…) 

Or:  This is a boondoggle project meant to benefit Putin’s oligarch cronies in the construction business.  A lot of the old propaganda memes from the Sochi Olympics were trotted out again, like reusable code from a Microsoft application suite.  And then, the moment the bridge opened and it was clear to all that this was a solid engineering feat, at which even the dolphins rejoiced, Westie propaganda machine switched to full-throttle hostility:  The bridge is a geopolitical threat to the U.S. and its NATO allies.  It should be blown up in an act of war.  (Pace Tom Rogan.)  Not one official Westie publication had anything nice to say about the bridge.  Not one.  Well, the BBC editorial staff decided on the relatively mild adjective”controversial”, and now, in the English press, every reference to the bridge has to be stamped with “controversial”, in the same way that Homer stamped Achilles with the epithet “swift-footed”.

Viktor defied the Great and Powerful…

In all of this, some of the not so swift-footed Ukrainian press didn’t get the memo (or the meme?) and was still crying “Fake” when the rest of the naysaying Westie press had moved on to “Corrupt Boondoggle” and “Blow ‘er up!”

Like all totalitarian states, who are simply tiresome in their sameness, the Ukrainian regime’s Plan B for [those who do not heed the words of the little man behind the curtain] is to punish punish punish the disbelievers.  I already mentioned that Ukrainian Borderline (Personality) Minister Oleg Slobodjan has threatened to fine Viktor for his unauthorized road trip.  And if there is just a fine, then Vic is getting off lightly.  Commenters to his channel have noted that much worse things have happened to others who dared to defy [the Great and Powerful Stepan Bandera]!  So, Vic better watch his back whenever he returns to Nikolaev to visit his parents.

Viktor’s vid is just over 6 minutes long.  In my translation, I’ll plop in a few breakpoints, that way those of you who don’t read Russian can follow along, whilst running his vid in a second window.  Once in a while, if I can’t make out a word, I’ll put a question mark (?)

Next:  Viktor videotapes his soliloquy.

[to be continued]

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