Kadyrov to France: “It’s your own damn fault!”

Dear Readers:

So, this past Saturday night (May 12), a knife-wielding assailant screaming “Allahu Akbar!” went on a rampage in the center of Paris, stabbing people at random.  He murdered one person and injured four others.  French police are investigating this incident as a terrorist act; and ISIS has claimed credit, saying the crazy guy was one of their “soldiers”.  Crazy guy in question being 21-year-old ethnic Chechen Khamzat Azimov, who was shot dead by the French police.

Scene of the knife attack

Afterwards, the French government made their usual pious and self-righteous utterances, of the nature of “We will not be cowed,” “We will not yield an inch to the enemies of Freedom” (French Prez Macron), yada yada yada.  As if such empty words are supposed to bolster the public and rally them around their idiotic and short-sighted leadership.

This piece from the Russian press gives the reaction of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov.  Kadyrov lecturing the French government and media and, quite rightfully, telling them:  “Don’t blame Chechnya for this.  It’s your own damn fault!”  Kadyrov is sick of people blaming Chechnya and stereotyping Chechens as terrorists.  Especially Westies like the French, who aided and abetted the real Wahhabist terrorists for years and decades.  Although it must be said, that the English and Americans bear more blame than the French; yet the French were not far behind.

Monsieur Micron: “We will not be cowed by the enemies of free-dumb!”

When Azimov was finally gunned down, he didn’t have any papers on him.  But the French police were able to match his fingerprints and learn who he was.  Born in 1997, he had left Chechnya probably while still a child, and obtained French citizenship in 2010.

Here is the major soundbite quote from Kadyrov’s angry reaction:  “He was only born in Chechnya.  But the way he was raised, the formation of his personality, his views and his convictions, all took place in French society.  The Western countries created cozy conditions for those who are hostile to Russia as a whole, and to Chechnya in part.  [Western] special services assist their activities in the zones of armed conflict in the Middle East, they use [these terrorists] to beef up the ranks of the [Satanic] Iblis State. It stands to reason that some of their subordinates go rogue and commit such crimes.”

Ramzan then goes on a vague sort of rant about French society being too permissive, and the government not allowing parents to do their job with child-rearing.  As opposed to Chechnya, where parents are strict and raise their children properly without government interference.  But Ramzan’s cultural criticisms are, sort of, contradicted by the next part of the story, where it turns out that Azimov’s parents are radical jihadists themselves.  This is probably why they moved to France, where they received a warm welcome as “refugees” from Russian oppression; and this is probably exactly how they raised their son to be.  Just sayin’….

Ramzan Kadyrov: If this boy had grown up in Chechnya, he would have turned out okay.

Anyhow, after a crime such as this, it is normal for the police of both nations to question the families of the perp; and this is being done.  In Russia, the FSB is questioning Azimov’s family to make sure none of them are involved, or are secret jihadists.  To this point, Chechen government official Jambulat Umarov pointed out the hypocritical double standards of the French:  For sure they will be detaining for questioning Azimov’s parents in Paris; and yet will criticize the FSB for questioning his close relatives in Chechnya.  Probably will call it repressive Soviet-style police-state blah blah.

And sure enough, according to the French radio, Azimov’s parents have been detained in Paris.  As news comes out, we learn that the French police have been suspicious of this family since 2016.  The whole family apparently held to radical Islamist views.  The apple did not fall far from the tree, to the grief and dismay of the randomly-murdered passerby’s family.

The rest of this piece, which was written by reporter Viktoria Fedotova, goes on to give a chronology of Islamist terrorist attacks against France, and the various theories and old debates as to what breeds terrorists (e.g., ghetto-ization, etc.).  But rightfully rejects such theories as it is pretty clear to all now what is the root cause of terrorism:  The Salafist ideology itself, which promotes extreme violence, and even random violence, as an end in itself.

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5 Responses to Kadyrov to France: “It’s your own damn fault!”

  1. Mark Chapman says:

    You probably meant ‘the apple didn’t fall FAR from the tree’, which would be a right-on-the-money analysis, and I think you have presented this incident in textbook-perfect form – event, cause, arguments, conclusion. Very well done. I would argue just a little that the French were in the vanguard of terrorist-coddling back when Sarko the American was running the show, and it was his government airdropping weapons to the ‘moderate rebels’ in Libya with no consultation with France’s allies, while that same Sarko tried to insert himself as mediator in every diplomatic dispute that might have (ha, ha, I guess I lost my mind for a second) resulted in the ‘rebels’ being held to account. Washington and London mostly just stood back in awe and watched Sarko show them how it was done. And who could forget the Charlie Hebdo farce? There was a surplus of sanctimonious justification for spreading hatred on that occasion.

    In fact, when you think about it, that’s exactly what the knife-wielder was – a rebel. He didn’t care for the way things are run in France, and he expressed his discontent in a socially-unacceptable way. To call him a terrorist or a jihadi is just burying his complaint – maybe France needs more reforms.


    • yalensis says:

      “The apple did not fall far from the tree…” yup, that’s what I wrote, you’re just blind….
      Just kidding, I went in and fixed that after reading your comment – ha ha!


      • yalensis says:

        P.S. – glad you liked it, Mark. And yeah, Charlie Hebdo should glorify the goon and disparage the victims, isn’t that what the cool kids do?


  2. Jen says:

    Odd that this knife attack occurred almost right after the French said they would continue supporting the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (JCPOA) agreed with other permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany, the EU and Iran, and which the US pulled out of. People inclined to conspiracy theories might suspect that Azimov’s family was brought to France to be cultivated for future regime change activities (including activities aimed at changing government policy or public opinion) either at home or in other countries (like Syria or Russia) in a way similar to the way Libyan families opposed to Colonel Gaddhafi’s government were brought to Manchester and cultivated as MI6 assets – until one member of the family turned suicide bomber rogue.


    • Jen says:

      I meant to say “… until a member of one of these families, one Salman Ramadan Abedi, turned suicide bomber rogue.”


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