Mark Feigin – Worst Lawyer In the World?

Dear Readers:

I have heard of an American competition called “Ugliest Dog In the World”.  This is a great concept, and by the same token, there should be prizes for Worst or Ugliest [insert anything].  In the case of Russian attorney Mark Feygin, he is clearly ugly, especially given that schnozz of his [and no, that is not an anti-Semitic poke, he really does have a big ugly schnozz], but his main feature is his complete incompetence as a lawyer!  Which brings me to something my late father used to say:  “If you need a good lawyer, then hire a Jew!”  Well, my dad was mostly right about things, but not this one.  Not this laywer!

If you want to lose your case and go to jail, Better Call Feygin!

Exhibit A:  Feygin just lost a lawsuit to a blogger!  The blogger in question is the inimitable Anatoly Shariy, who writes mostly about the follies of the Kiev regime.  The two men, Feygin and Shariy, came into conflict over their opposing political views:  Feygin is a political Liberal and kreakle who supports the Western-backed Ukrainian Nazi regime (go figure…), whereas Shariy, due to his hard-hitting journalism and trenchant exposes, has become something of a hero to the anti-Maidan.

In Feygin’s legal career he has supported “all the usual suspects” in terms of opponents of the Russian government (aka “regime” in their view) who typically support Westie ideology and NATO geopolitical goals.  Hence, Feygin has defended dissidents like “Pussy Riot”; Opps such as Leonid Razvozzhaev; and Ukrainian POW Nadia Savchenko; all of whom were faced with criminal charges by the Russian prosecution.  Feygin lost all cases.  With such a track record, anybody who hires such a lawyer must have already lost all hope of winning their case, and is just determined to go down in flames.

Shariy: Also not a pretty boy, but this is the face of an actual professional

Anyhow, I have this piece from VZGLIAD, by reporter Sergei Guryanov, detailing Feygin’s complete humiliation:  Not only did Feygin lose Shariy’s libel case against him, but the Lawyers Guild of Moscow then disbarred him from practice in general.  Presumably because shysters like him give honest lawyers a bad name.

Apparently Feygin’s wiki page is kept up to date, so you can read about these latest hijinks in the purest English language:

Lawsuit from Anataloy Shariy[edit]

On July 13, 2017 during a radio broadcast on the show “My Truth”, channel “Moscow Talking”, Feygin stated “He (Anatoly Shariy) is under investigation for pedophilia, I think there are people looking into it. So this fellow, hopefully, sooner or later will be held accountable.” On July 18, 2017 lawyers representing Anatoly Shariy filed a defamation suit against Feygin to the Khamovniki District Court in Moscow and Investigative Committee of Russia.  Shariy asked to retract the accusation, requested a criminal investigation and demanded a public apology.  Feygin refused to apologise saying “Never. Let this suit be dealt with, are there any problems? I don’t see a problem. (…) In regards to this matter, there are court decisions in Ukraine, so I think there’s absolutely no point to react to it”.

On October 25, 2017 the Khamovniki District Court of Moscow ruled in favour of Anatoly Shariy by ordering Mark Feygin to retract his statements on the same radio show and make a payment of 66,000 rubles in court fees.  Mark Feygin filed an appeal.

On April 20, 2018 Moscow City Court upheld the court’s decision with one correction: in Mark Feygin public retraction, he does not have to say “Shariy is not a pedophile”, however he must state “Shariy is not under any investigation for pedophilia and such claims were made in error without ever existing proof.”

Now back to the VZGLIAD piece…

Got all that?  So, Feygin will not be forced to state:  “Shariy is not a pedophile.”  But, by the same token, Shariy will not be forced to state:  “Feygin no longer beats his wife.”

The VZGLIAD piece, by the way, starts off with an egregious typo:  In the very first bolded lede, we learn that a woman named Gurevich is the attorney of … Stalin!  Here is the literal translation of the sentence:  “The Lawyers Guild of Moscow has disbarred Mark Feygin in connection with his unethical behavior in the social media, as was communicated [female gender] by Stalin’s attorney, Gurevich.”

Okay.  Clearly we have some time travel issues here.

No, actually, I am kidding.  Gurevich’s first name is “Stalina”.  With the female nominative ending -a not the masculine genitive ending -a which would denote the possessive “Stalin’s”.  Inflected-Grammar languages can be confusing, no?  A generation of British schoolboys, raised on Latin, would agree.  So, that sentence actually should read:  “…as was communicated by Stalina Gurevich.”  And, by the way, to name one’s baby girl “Stalina” indicates a certain political attitude on the part of her parents, just sayin’…

Shariy’s attorney, Stalina Gurevich

In any case, this red-headed Gurevich woman goes on to remark that Feygin has been found guilty of using cuss words in the social media, when addressing his colleagues and their clients.  Gurevich goes on to state, that Feygin has a chance to redeem himself and regain his license, either by legal appeal; or — after a year — retaking the bar exam.  Then, in the next paragraph, it turns out that Gurevich is the attorney of Anatoly Shariy, and that she was the person in question, in whose general direction Feygin spouted inappropriate language.

Pussy Riot: anarchists and minor hooligans

Feygin himself admits that he used his Twitter account on July 18 2017 to say some things that were not very nice.  This resulted in the scrimmage which Feygin lost in court on April 20, just a few days ago.

Guryanov’s piece ends with a list of Feygin’s most famous defeats in the courtroom:

  • The hooligans of Pussy Riot (who, with better legal representation, would most likely have gotten off with a warning and slap on the wrist) were sentenced to actual hard labor, thanks to their own stupidity and the incompetence of their lawyer.
  • Russian Neo-Nazi Ilya Goryachev was defended by the Jew, Feygin, and sentenced to life in prison.  Realistically, in this particular case, Ilya could have had Clarence Darrow as his attorney, and still lost, that’s just how very guilty he was.  This criminal was so egregious that even the Western press did not rush to his defense.

Savchenko: Toyed with insanity defense

  • Nadia Savchenko, the Ukrainian pilot and POW who had, at her disposal, any number of clever strategems, not to mention a very thin circumstantial evidence against her on the main charges — conducted a stream-of-consciousness anarchistic “defense” that hinted on an insanity plea without actually going for the gusto; and received, for her efforts, 22 years in prison.  (She was later pardoned by President Putin as part of a swap, for which Feygin gets no credit whatsoever.)

Russia practices, in the main, French Law

In general, Guryanov opines, the deal is that Feygin always loses his cases.  And, in my view, it is not just because Russia practices the Napoleonic legal system which tends to favor the prosecution.  (As opposed to English Common Law, which is somewhat more even-handed, although also more subjective.)

Which is, admittedly, a challenge for Russian Defense Attorneys, and likely to make their chosen profession one of the “least desirable” career options in such a nation.

No, but it’s also because Feygin is incompetent and would rather throw his clients under the bus, than spend any effort coming up with a creative gambit.  Oh, he always has a convenient excuse at hand:  “You can never win against the Russian prosecution, they hold all the cards.”  Therefore, why even bother?  Just allow your clients to ramble on in court and hang themselves before a panel of judges who may have even walked into the room with an open mind.

As one of the commenters (nik “Vovko Vladimir”) to the piece wittily notes:  “Pontius Pilate was about to release the itinerant Preacher… when suddenly his lawyer Feygin appeared…”

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6 Responses to Mark Feigin – Worst Lawyer In the World?

  1. saskydisc says:

    Regarding your last paragraph, Shariy is a Protestant…


    • yalensis says:

      Shariy is religious?


      • saskydisc says:

        Very much so. A bit of a Bible thumper.


        • yalensis says:

          Well, people have to believe whatever gets them through the day. Sometimes I wish I WAS religious, because then I wouldn’t be so intimidated by the idea of physical death. But for me, atheism was never an ideological choice, it’s just the way my brain is constructed, it’s just that I intuitively find religion to be ridiculous. Like “Santa Claus for grown-ups”, as somebody once put it.


          • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

            From an atheist point of view, physical death is no more than obliteration and dreamless sleep – which as Socrates remarked during his trial, would be a joy even to the Great King of Persia himself.

            This point of view is tragically wrong, of course.

            As for Shariy being a Prot? Well, nobody’s perfect.


            • yalensis says:

              Yeah, I don’t care what Shariy’s religion is, he is still a great blogger.
              As for death, I can’t stand the idea of not existing any more, but what can you do, it’s just the way biology works, like it or not.


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