Poroshenko Seeks To Punish Ordinary Crimean Workers

Dear Readers:

Today I have 2 (somewhat) related stories, both involving the Ukraine.

First this one, in which Ukrainian President Petr Poroshenko has proposed a law, whereby those residents of the Crimea who took part in recent Russian elections, will be deprived of their Ukrainian citizenship and passport.  To punish them, apparently, as there is really no other reason to do this.  [Dropping the lede here, i.e., many people believe that this step is Poroshenko’s realistic admissions that he has “lost” the Crimea for good.]

And again, this may not sound like such a big deal, since Crimeans already voted to secede from the Ukraine and join Russia as an autonomous Republic.  Which gives them Russian passports, anyhow.  The problem is that, for many ordinary Crimean workers, it is quite convenient, and sometimes even necessary, to have two passports.  Thinking about this realistically, wouldn’t it behoove any person in the world to have as many passports as possible?  Think about the ease of travel and so many more options for finding work…

In the Crimea, sometimes it’s a dog’s life!

Sebastopol writer Platon Besedin has written about this situation in his blog:

“You already know, that Poroshenko is proposing to deprive Crimeans of their Ukrainian citizenship.  He has proposed the corresponding legislation.  I predicted a year ago, that this would happen, and that Poroshenko would do this before the summer of 2018.  Now just wait and see:  Russia will also insist, that Crimeans give up their Ukrainian passports.

(…) “It is important to understand the technicalities of how this procedure will work.  There are a ton of questions.  But the main one, in my opinion, is this:  The hostages of this situation will be ordinary people.  I predict there will be many [patriotic] squawkers jumping up and squawking:  Crimeans, make a choice!  Show your loyalty to the Motherland, after all you have returned home [to Russia].  Great.  But this mostly just demagoguery.  People need to be endowed with actual rights, and not just responsibilities.

“For many people, being deprived of their Ukrainian citizenship means the loss of ties with their loved ones, with relatives and friends.  It can also mean losing one’s job!  Does everyone on the peninsula have a job?  Sebastopol, for starters, will take a big hit, the fact is that many working sailors sail out with Ukrainian working papers.  They are forced to do that.  And now they might lose their jobs.  Is Russia able to give these people new jobs right off the bat?

“Well, we shall see how this all pans out.  I get it that the easiest thing is to just cry out:  Yes!  Hoorah!  Forward!  But first of all, it is necessary to think about people.  About simple, ordinary people.  People who need to feed their children and who are not interested in demagoguery.”

Besedin goes on to defend ordinary Crimeans from the accusation that they are being cunning and disloyal, keeping that extra, Ukrainian passport hidden away, since 2014:

“Is a Bear Bank” — known for business cunning and acumen

“But why are Sberbank and Beeline, for example, forgiven their cunning ways [yalensis:  since these major institutions continue to operate in both Russia and the Ukraine]? (…)  These institutions don’t operate on the peninsula.  They do not consider the Crimea to be a part of Russia.  And so on, and so on…  When Crimea becomes fully a part of Russia, then it should be possible to demand full compliance from the Crimean people.  It’s as simple as that.  Until then, people sometimes act in cunning, but not out of love for the Ukraine, just from the necessity to survive.”

Which raises the important question:  Why WOULDN’T everyone burn with love for the Ukraine?  Especially since 2014, when it became, officially, a Nazi-loving nation.

Nazis, What Nazis?

Which brings us to this story about the annual march of the Galician SS Division which goes by the sobriquet “Triumph Of The Will”.  These Hitler-loving old-style Nazis from Lviv are calling upon all Ukrainians to march on April 28.  They will gather at the monument to Ukrainian National Hero Stepan Bandera, summoned by OUN militant and meth addict Zakhar Dudaev, as shown in the attached video:

Everybody come to the Triumph Of The Will March!

“Volunteers of the Galichina Division, just like soldiers of the UPA [Bandera’s militia] fought for the interests of the Ukrainian nation.  It was precisely those formations which sincerely wanted, and struggled for, an independent Ukrainian statehood.

“and rock to great Nazi songs!”

(…) “Similarly, in 2014 thousands of volunteers marched off to defend Ukrainian nationhood.”  [yalensis:  Resulting in people in Donbass and Crimea recoiling from such ardorous embrace, for some unknown reason…]

Dudaev goes on to promise an enjoyable hootenanny:

“We invite everybody to come on April 28, at 6:00 PM to the Stepan Bandera statue, and then take part in the Triumph Of The Will march.  At the conclusion of the march we will have a concert for you featuring the rock group “Komu Vniz” !

The Curse of Bandera, Or What’s Not To Like?

I realize that I have wandered a bit off-top, but I must end my piece with just a hint that there is something fundamentally wrong with Ukrainian nationalists.  And, given that Ukrainian nationalists, albeit far from the majority of the Ukrainian population, have fully taken over the Ukrainian government and statehood, then one ought to react with sympathy to those Ukrainians and former Ukrainian citizens who could not stomach this outrage; and who chose to secede from this monstrosity of a Frankenfurter monster put together by the CIA and the Westie powers.

What’s not to like in a murderous Retard?

I am talking about Banderism, of course.  Not just as an ideology (which it is), but also an emotional brand of hero-worship.  It is a fact that any mention of Stepan Bandera’s name is enough to make a Ukrainian nationalist drop his mask (of being, say, a lover of democracy) and reveal himself to be the vicious, genocidal fascist that he actually is, not so far beneath the skin.

There are lots of jokes out there about compulsive behaviors; for example, it is said that you can spot a vampire if he feels compelled to stop and tie his shoelaces before feeding on his next victim.  Or, everyone knows that if you put a dog in a car — any breed of dog — it will invariably stick its head out the window.  These creatures simply can’t help themselves.  And it is the same thing with Ukrainian nationalists:  They simply cannot control their impulse to worship and defend Stepan Bandera, no matter how many times it is pointed out to them that their hero (1) was a murderous Retard (2) who was responsible for the deaths of literally hundreds of thousands of innocent Polish families and Jews.  And no, not Jewish bankers or tycoons, but ordinary Jewish peasants and shopkeepers; and even those types of people who don’t like Jews, must feel something for the even more numerous innocent Polish victims, what with Poles being one of the approved nations of the world.  How could anybody not feel anything when they see that image of a Polish baby nailed to a tree, on Bandera’s orders?  And no, those pictures are not fakes, that stuff really happened.

You could also point out to people that Banderism, as an ideology, is very far from the so-called “democratic ideals” of Westie nations.  Banderites don’t believe in elections, or democracy.  They believe (literally:  look it up) that a strong leader should rule over an ethnically pure nation, basically without any checks and balances.  Which makes it doubly hilarious when Ukrainian Banderites prance around countries like America, Canada and Australia, wearing masks and pretending to support DEMOCRACY.  But, like I said, it is very easy to get these creeps to reveal themselves:  Simply mention Bandera in a negative light, and you will see them instantaneously drop their masks and morph into the Reptilian species that they actually are, underneath.

Exhibit A:  Check out this piece from the svidomite press, concerning the ever-popular Skripal affair.  But please forget about the Skripal spy/poisoning case for just one second and don’t drop the actual lede therein; namely, that Ukrainian ideological Banderites were invited to Washington DC to “strategize” on international security issues.  One of the keynote speakers was Major-General Volodymyr Havrylov of the Ukrainian armed forces.  Havrylov strutted about the podium and lectured leaders of a super-power how the U.S. and Ukraine can work together to defeat “Putin’s Russia”.  He was introduced by Stefan Romaniw, Secretary-General of the Ukrainian World Congress.  Romaniw should have kept his mask on and prated about “democracy” to the American military establishment.  Instead, on an impulse, he simply couldn’t resist bringing up the Skripals, poison, and the assassination of his hero, Stepan Bandera:

Romaniw: Compulsive Fascist Reptile

Commenting on the latest news out of Great Britain concerning the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, Mr. Romaniw likened the brazen attack to the assassination of Stepan Bandera in 1959: “same method, same approach, same reason.” 

Overlooking, for a moment, that Mr. Romaniw spoke of Bandera’s assassination as if that was a bad thing; and granted, this is a perfectly safe thing to do in Washington D.C., a Bandera-friendly town, if ever there was one — but still…. does this not sort of break the narrative that the Ukrainians and their American friends are all about spreading peace, love and democracy throughout the planet?  Which brings us back to why large belts of the “Ukrainian” population chose to bow out of this horror-show, to secede from Banderastan.

Which fact still does not give Poroshenko the right to deprive these people of their passports, thus looping back to the main theme of our story…

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6 Responses to Poroshenko Seeks To Punish Ordinary Crimean Workers

  1. Ryan Ward says:

    To be honest, I don’t see any plausible way to deny that Poroshenko/the Ukrainian government has the right to deprive Crimeans of their passports for voting in the Russian election. The issue is that most Crimeans’ sole claim on a Ukrainian passport is that they’re from Crimea, and Crimea is a part of Ukraine. But on the other side, their sole claim on a Russian passport, or to vote in Russian elections, is that Crimea is part of Russia. The vast majority of the people there don’t have the kind of personal special circumstances that would entitle them to dual citizenship in normal situations. If their sole claim to either citizenship is residence in Crimea, then logically they’re entitled to one or the other passport, but not both, and I think it’s reasonable, from a purely legal/formal point of view, to see voting in a Russian election as implying rejection of Ukraine’s claim to Crimea, and therefore renunciation of Ukrainian citizenship. So I think Poroshenko is on at least defensible ground from a legal point of view. Of course, from the broader point of view of recognizing the difficulty of ordinary people living in ambiguous circumstances, he’s being a douche, but that’s fairly par for the course.


    • yalensis says:

      That’s all true, of course, especially the part about Poroshenko being a douche. But a nagging question arises: How does Porky know who voted in the Russian election, did he get hold of a voting list?
      And, along the same lines, what if a Crimean person is politically loyal to Russia, but forgot to vote, or wasn’t able to? Do they get to keep their Ukrainian passport?


  2. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    The contrast between that one picture of Stepan Andreyevich that they always use, and what he actually looked like is a reliable source of laughs.


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