Syrian Boy Tells Of His Acting Gig in White Helmets Propaganda Reel

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Syria is an ancient land full of history dating back many millenia, yea even unto the Bronze Age of Man.  In the 10th-century B.C. the Assyrians built a ruthless but effective Empire, from which the current nation derives its name.  The various peoples inhabiting this land built successive civilizations based on the latest technology, and the latest ideas, both religious and secular.  Science, mathematics, literature and all of the arts flourished, bringing many gifts and benefits to mankind.

Syria is one of the “Biblical” nations; it could even be called the Cradle of Christianity.  It was here, on the Road to Damascus, that Saint Paul “got” Jesus.  Syria became one of the few Arab nations where Muslims (of all stripes), Christians, and even Jews can live together in a single state.

In more recent times, Syria became a colony of the West; in particular, of France.  It was only in 1945, the end of World II and the start of the dismantling of the colonial system, that Syria acquired its independence, via United Nations charter.  Since then, Syria has struggled to maintain its sovereignty and its identity as a mostly-secular and ecumenical state.  Pressure from Saudi Wahhabists and their American sponsors led to a brutal civil war, whose goal was to replace the secular Assad government with pro-Saudi and pro-American jihadists.  That civil war is winding down now, with the Assad government emerging as the military victor on the battlefield.  Western forces and their pundits are in a state of ideological array, as all their lies and excuses are exposed to the world, one by one.

Award of Ancient Assyrian Actors Guild

Given all this history, was it known that Syria is also a land of the theater, a land where actors ply their trade, either voluntarily or not?  As Shakespeare said, “All the world is a stage”, but who knew that there were so many Oscar-worthy performances and so much street theater?  Much of it choreographed by that Al Qaeda theatrical affiliate known as the White Helmets.  One of whose specialties is wrangling child actors to act out scary scenes of bombings and chemical weapons attacks.  The White Helmets have produced Oscar-worthy films — and lest you think I am joking about this, you need to recall that American media giant Netflix endorsed and propagated a choice piece of Al Qaeda propaganda on behalf of these jihadist phonies.

White Helmets used to produce Oscar-worthy films, but their recent work has been rushed and shoddy.

This was around the same time when Westie celebrity giants such as JK Rowling were promoting the ISIS/Al Qaeda view of the Syrian war; in which the plucky pro-Democracy rebels are being bombed and chemical-attacked by the brutal Assad regime; in cahoots with subhuman Russian baddies directly out of the comic books.  A world in which cute and innocent children are wantonly slaughtered by bombs and chemical weapons just because … well, because the Syrian “regime” is unspeakably evil!

Unfortunately for Rowling, not even Harry Potter’s best magick wand could turn the headchopping ISIS villains into humanitarians.  The Western public had its own “Damascus” moment and is on to these fakes.  Not all of the public.  Not the most zombified ones, nor the most ideological ones who have an actual dog in the fight (*cough cough* Israel * cough cough*).  But the reasonable ones who possess more than a couple of neurons to rub together and who don’t have a hound in said dogfight.

White Helmets fake atrocities in order to manipulate Western public opinion

Which brings us to our current story and the fake “chemical attack” staged to slow down or halt Syrian government liberation of the town of Ghouta from the militants.

This story, by Alexei Lasnov, features a young Syrian boy named Hasan Diab.  Diab appeared on Russian television and told of his experience as a child actor in a White Helmets production:  “We were hunkering in the basement.  Mama told me that there was nothing to eat, we would have to wait till tomorrow to eat.  Then we heard somebody screaming outside on the street, they were yelling, Go to the hospital!  We got up and ran to the hospital, and as soon as I walked in, some people grabbed me and started to spray me with water.  After that they laid us on a bed with some other people.”

Hasan’s father confirmed the boy’s story.  According to him, there had been NO chemical attack in Douma.  “When I heard that my child was in the hospital, I asked my boss to leave work, and I ran there.  There were no chemical weapons.  I was smoking outside on the street, I didn’t sense anything amiss.  I popped into the hospital and saw my family there.  The militants were handing out goodies to those who participated in this film:  Dates, cookies and rice; and then they were all released to go home.  My child was in perfect health.”

Abracadabra, Victima Chemicalis essetis Impetūs Hostili!

Link over to the VZGLIAD piece, even if you can’t read Russian; you will see photos of the boy all made up to look like the victim of a chemical attack; and then the bottom photo of the healthy bushy-haired lad with his father.  This Instagram also shows the transition, with journalist Evgeny Poddubny’s comment:

In return for playing a victim in #WhiteHelmets propaganda video 11 year old #HassanDiab got some badly needed food a few dates, rice, and a cookie
He is alive and well and sends his greetings to everyone#whitehelmets #douma #syria #chemicalattack

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