Another Syrian Victory Against Crusaders

Dear Readers:

This post is basically a collage of soundbites from the Russian press celebrating Syrian victory over last night’s rocket attack.

The morning after three Crusader nations (the United States, Great Britain and France) launched over 100 rockets onto Syrian soil, Russian media showed this video of lanky Syrian President Assad strolling into his office (yes, he even works on a Saturday!) to resume his normal functions, as if nothing happened.  The Syrians call this the “Morning of Perseverance“.

The Russian government, always careful in its official wording, has made it pretty clear that it doesn’t buy American B.S. any more:  According to Russian politician Alexei Pushkov, Russians are aware that the fake “chlorine gas attack” staged by Britannia and her jihadist compradores in the Syrian city of Douma, only served as a pretext for the rocket attacks.  And as a last-ditch (and failed) attempt to save Evil-Doing Al Qaeda pups in their last stand before skedaddling out and back to where they came from.  Pushkov also boasted that the antique Soviet-made anti-air defenses used by the Syrian armed forces proved to be “smarter” than Donald Trump’s brand-new shiny so-called “smart rockets”.  According to the Russian general staff, the Syrians, using their own obsolete technology, were able to shoot down 71 of the 113 rockets launched at them!

Crusader rockets included American Tomahawks and the very latest of pindos technology: the AGM-158 JASSM winged rockets.

Meanwhile, our old friend Evgeny Krutikov penned this opinion piece on the Liberation of Douma from the jihadist militants.  Apparently, the Douma story is the real story here, and the reason why the main Crusader nations went apeshit in recent weeks.  As they watched their entire 5-year strategy to replace the civilized and urbane Assad with savage liver-eating Headchoppers, crumbling into dust.  Alas!  Assad proved a harder nut to crack than Colonel Gaddafi.

So basically, according to Krutikov, it is a done deal in Damascus, Eastern Ghouta and Douma.  The Headchoppers are out, the Syrian army is in.  This particular Headchopper gang, known as Jaish al-Islam, were allowed to leave once they realized the gig was up.  Despite a last-minute “Desperate Dual Poison Caper” carried out by the British secret services and meant to save the Headchoppers and lead to a wider regional war, the deal went forward as designed.  Even Krutikov is hopeful-optimistic now, that the Syrian Civil War is finally winding to an end.  With the result:  Syria 1 : Crusaders 0.

Except for a lot of unnecessary destruction and loss of life, it goes without saying.  To Crusaders, Arab lives are meaningless, anyhow.  But humans — all humans — have proved over the millennia, that once the shooting war is over, the rebuilding can proceed rather quickly.

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2 Responses to Another Syrian Victory Against Crusaders

  1. Patient Observer says:

    It was indeed a Crusade aimed at the same old targets – Islam and Orthodox Christians. After all these centuries of trying, they still fail.


  2. Eastern Syria needs to be liberated. More than third of Syrian territory is not in government control. But they need to first expel USA.


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