Free Julia Skripal!

Dear Readers:

A Russian citizen named Julia Skripal is currently being held hostage by terrorists at an unknown location, probably in or around London.  Or possibly at an American military base.  She needs to be liberated, so that she can express her true opinions without fear of being treated the same way as her late pets — i.e., unceremoniously grabbed by the scruff of the neck and tossed down the incinerator.

Yesterday I saw this opinion piece in VZGLIAD, penned by Anton Krylov, who has been following the Skripal saga very closely.  Krylov makes a case that Julia is the hostage of a British terrorist group which goes under the name MI-6.

Julia is being held hostage by ruthless terrorists.

Then today we had this followup, in which we learn that Julia is being isolated from society even more than we thought.  Apparently she is being held at a secret military hospital and is not being allowed to communicate with her family or friends back home in Russia.  We have no way of knowing if Julia is cool with any of this, or if she simply wants to go home.  Western media reports that the British government is negotiating with the American government, maybe the Americans will take Julia away; in which case, we will probably never hear from her again.  Probably, she knows too much.  Or maybe too little!

Everyone has a part to play in the caper…

Recall that Julia is the 30-something grown-up daughter of Sergei Skripal, a Russian citizen and former double-agent who once spied on behalf of Great Britain.  For money, not ideology.  Arrested, imprisoned, swapped for a pro-Russian spy and ultimately pardoned, he set to live out the rest of his life in London.  Where he was joined by his daughter for a family visit, only to end up (both of them) incapacitated and held incommunicado by afore-mentioned British state terrorists.  After a supposed chemical attack which was timed conveniently to fit in with Syrian President Assad’s also-supposed chemical attack against his own terrorists people.  All part of a single chain of events (united by the leitmotif of chemical attack) meant to lead NATO countries into lock-step war against Syria and Russia.

Well, the various players in this hare-brained Oceans 11 scheme, all did their part, but not necessarily in the correct sequence.

What follows is a translation/summary Of Krylov’s piece:

In violation of all international norms, the British government is refusing to allow Julia to see Russian diplomats, nor allowing her close relatives to enter the country to see her.  Factually they have kidnapped her.

Salisbury: the crime of the crime

Julia is a citizen of the Russian Federation.  She was discharged from the hospital this past Monday.

[yalensis:  After which the internet erupted in questions as to whether Julia was still to undergo physical therapy.  After which, the Brits, nimble liars on their feet, came up with the “further development” that she is to continue her treatment in a military hospital.]

Julia’s doctors informed the press, that Julia doesn’t want to speak to them.  Recall that Julia regained consciousness on March 27.  After which the Brits violated the Vienna convention by not allowing Russian consular officials to talk to her.

Meanwhile, the Russian government responded to rumors that Julia is to be taken to an undisclosed location in either the U.S. or one of its English-speaking vassal nations:  Canada, Australia or New Zealand.  Once Julia is isolated from the world in such a manner, then the world may never know what really happened on March 4, when Julia and her father were allegedly poisoned.

Krylov:  “The situation at the moment is roughly this.  There are two citizens of the Russian Federation who were allegedly poisoned in Great Britain.  Who poisoned them, we do not know, the police are unable to provide any kind of evidence or proof.  And this goes along with the active destruction of all the physical evidence:  beginning with those unfortunate guinea pigs and a cat, then also the physical bench on which the [two] were sitting, and even the entire restaurant that they visited on that day.”


“If, at some future point, there were to appear some videtape of the Skripals, in which they fulsomely thank Britain for saving them, and accuse Russia of poisoning them, then, in essence, this will not differ at all from those videotapes distributed by terrorists.  In which the hostages not infrequently curse their own governments, while somebody stands behind them pointing a Kalashnikov at the back of their heads…

“And, in this manner has London resorted to completely terrorist methods against Russia. (….)  The actions of the British government do not differ one whit from the tactics of, say ISIS.”

[yalensis:  Of course, it is always possible, I reckon, that Julia was in on this caper from the beginning.  Maybe I watch too many spy movies, but I reckon such a twist is theoretically possible.  But how can we ever know, unless she is free to tell us herself, in her own words, and without the NATO Kalashnikov behind her head??]

Krylov goes on to opine, that Russia would be within its rights to do the same thing to a couple of British citizens.  As payback.  But it won’t do that, because Russia is a better country than Great Britain, and will continue to observe international laws, even when the others don’t.

Why is Russia better?  Because, for starters, it is a sovereign nation.  But the West will continue to hate Russia.  For its freedom and sovereignty.  As Prince Myshkin was once overheard to say:  “You should pass us by, and forgive us our happiness.”

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23 Responses to Free Julia Skripal!

  1. Fern says:

    Good article, yalensis. It is quite extraordinary that two people can be effectively ‘disappeared’ in plain sight and no-one, other than the alternative media seems in the least bothered. We don’t know whether either Yulia or her father were willing participants in the Salisbury farce. I find it interesting that she hasn’t been paraded in front of the MSM to denounce Putin and the Russian state. It suggests to me that either the puppet-masters don’t consider her sufficiently on-message or they can’t create a scenario that would allow her to do the requisite denouncements and not face questions which might cause the whole edifice to topple.

    Either way, the Russian Embassy/Consulate needs to wake-up and take more forceful action such as applying for a writ of habeus corpus to find her. She is, I think, in real danger.


    • Jen says:

      I agree with Fern’s statement that the Russian embassy or the Russian Foreign Ministry should apply for a writ of habeas corpus to force whoever is holding Julia Skripal to bring her to court and explain why she should remain in detention. Although given that the High Court had issued a judgement in mid-March allowing blood samples to be taken from her and her father for the OPCW to examine – without consulting the Skripals’ closest relatives or informing the Russian consular authorities, instead relying on the word of the Official Solicitor and lawyers chosen arbitrarily to represent the stricken pair – I can imagine the principle of habeas corpus might also be denied to the Russian embassy.

      Alex Mercouris on that aspect of the High Court judgement as reproduced over at


      • et Al says:

        I assume that she’s been got to and the Brits have ‘proved’ to her that Pootie-Pootie personally signed the order to off her and her dad. Even meeting any Russian official would be a chance for VVP to finish the job. Ergo it makes sense and that she has probably asked for political asylum. Remember her that she will never see Russia or any relatives over there again. No-one takes such a decision such lightly unless under extraordinary circumstances. And that is assuming she is unwitting. I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt.

        Either way, think not of how this just plays in the West, but globally. This puts the rest of the world on warning, yet again, that The Establishment will leave no rule unbroken, no dirty trick untried, just to have its moment in the media. Trust burned.


        • yalensis says:

          Dear et Al:
          If Julia is forced to make a public video declaring her allegiance to the Crown, then I already thought of a way she could subtly communicate in code that she is being held under duress:
          Somewhere in her speech, she should slip in the words: “Just keep on working, Brothers!”
          Russians will know what she means – heh heh!


      • yalensis says:

        Thanks for comment, Jen, and for the link to the Mercouris piece!


    • yalensis says:

      I’m glad you liked the article, Fern.
      One possibility that occurred to me is that Julia and her father are already dead!
      Which might be tin-foil reasoning, since Julia supposedly spoke on the phone at least once with her cousin in Moscow after she “regained consciousness”. But it could have been an imposter, impersonating her voice.

      I reckon I watch too many spy movies — or is it soap operas?


  2. Note to all Russian citizens or ethnic Russians: avoid traveling to Britain. In fact, don’t do it at all.
    If you live in Britain, then back your bags and move out.


  3. A very serious situation developing in Syria. This time it looks like Trump, “a president chosen by Putin”, is really going to attack Syria, unlike Obama who backed down in 2013.
    If the attack happens, this can be the defining moment for Putin’s career. There are no good choices for him since Russia is conventionally outmatched against the West, and would have to use nukes to balance the playing field.

    I have been saying for some time now, that the non-retaliation policy of Putin was a mistake. It just encouraged Russia’s enemies and made them believe that Russia is too weak and scared to respond. When Turkey shot down that Russian plane Russia should have retaliated. When the US killed those Russian soldiers a month ago Russia should have retaliated.

    The Western military and political leaders now seem to think that they can launch a wide attack against Syria which will most likely kill Russian military personnel, and Russia will not retaliate. If Putin had chosen a different path things might have never come to this.


    • Patient Observer says:

      I would say Russia won this round quite handily. The West avoided attacking Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah forces as well as the Syrian government itself. Early reports are all missiles were shot down in one attack against a Syrian military airfield and minor damage at other military sites. Their major hits were against a university facility and some warehouses. Cheap shots more for drama than effect.

      All in all, a flop. What is worse form the West’s prospective, the Syrians apparently relied n 1970’s Soviet weapons; undoubtedly updated but still basically 40+ years out of date.

      A good day for Syria I would say.

      It was abundantly clear that the mere presence of Russian forces was enough to deter a serious strike. And, the inspectors will still visit the site of the alleged poison gas attack. That will be the next story. I would guess the findings will be ambiguous to provide a little cover for the West.


      • saskydisc says:

        By getting the Syrians to shoot down the missiles, Russia humiliated the US far more than had Russia shot down the missiles.


        • yalensis says:

          Agreed. American Super-Rocket the Pindos 5000 (or whatever it’s actually called) was shot down by 50-year-old technology.
          Sometimes the Basics are just better.


          • Ryan Ward says:

            To be fair, even the most modern missiles depend in large part on weight of numbers to punch through anti-aircraft defenses. I agree that the ratio of missiles that got through is embarrassingly low, but I think that was in large part a simple matter of the limited nature of the strikes. You can’t fire 100 missiles at a country (especially from a fairly long distance, as in this case) and expect to have a successful strike. Even if the goal was a limited strike, 300 or 400 missiles would have been more appropriate, ideally with some aircraft thrown in (even if they’re only used as feints). This strike had all the marks of something thrown together 100% for the sole reason of proving that America is “doing something”, allowing the government to check the Syria box and turn its attention back to other matters. I suspect Mattis, in particular, who seems to have been the main force behind the limited option, was looking for the absolute least amount of effort that the US could get away with on this one.


            • yalensis says:

              If you’re right, then we probably shouldn’t make fun of them, or they might get mad and release a shit-load of more rockets that could actually hurt real people.


  4. nicolaavery says:

    I don’t know if either of Skripals being held hostage as no sightings or other evidence provided other than police statements. A senior family court decided without contact from any relatives in Russia or inviting court testimony from the hospital (but they made a written submission). The court was to authorise taking blood samples i.e a minor medical procedure for the OPCW investigation. They have released their summary report but said the full report is classified for state parties only. I understood Porton Down’s public statement to be Novichok or a related agent abd source not scientifically identified (because it couldn’t be). There is now the statements from Sergei Lavrov that mention BZ and may contradict the PD & OPCW versions. If a Russian medical professional could have had access to blood samples from OPCW investigation then they could take a sample from one of Skripal relative and those attempt a DNA comparison but I’ve no idea whether that would be possible. Or whether the data provided from a blood sample which could be shared electronically to do this. Then we would at least have an opinion from Russian govt as well as opinion from UK that a blood sample has been taken from a Skripal for the OPCW investigation – whuch then increases the likeliness that at least one of them was in the hospital for some period of time. Although the local vet practice statement re Sergei’s pets seems to be strongest evidence of that so far. Hope this makes sense. Also if we are now talking about labs not agreeing on tests and samples for whatever reason, that is another reason to raise an eyebrow at least at the WADA doping investigation.


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