Crusaders Fear The Ghost of Gaddafi In His Son, Saif – Part I

Dear Readers:

Today I start a new series based on this piece from VZGLIAD, penned by Alexander Khristoforov.  While the world was sleeping, the Wheel of Fortune made a startling turn in the blighted land of Libya.  Once the most prosperous nation on the African continent, Libya was turned into ashes and dust at the hands of a murderous coalition, consisting of American Exceptionalists, European Neo-Colonialists, motley neo-con Crusaders, and Islamist Headchoppers.  In the course of this war, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who had turned his country into a type of socialist paradise, was brutally tortured and murdered by a gang of savages.

Gaddafi in 1976, with baby Saif

Of Gaddafi’s 7 sons, three died with him that fateful year 2011: Khamis, Saif al-Arab, and — the most noblest son of all, Mutassim Gaddafi.  Whose personal biography evolved from carefree playboy to dedicated army officer.  Whose dignified and Spartan mien in the face of his barbarian captors, and whose courageous death video have been compared to the noble demise of Che Guevara.

To add to the confusion, one of the surviving sons is also named Saif, but this one is named Saif al-Islam, and this is the man we are talking about in the current post.  Born in 1972, Saif’s biography in recent years is like something from an Alexandre Dumas novel; or perhaps even equal to the plot of Beau Geste, but from the Arab point of view.

After the violent revolution against his father, Saif attempted to flee Libya, but was captured by the Headchoppers and spent many years with them as their prisoner, always under threat of execution.  Miraculously, Saif survived, was eventually freed, and — here is where the Wheel of Fortune has turned in his favor — is now running for President of Libya, and is expected to win the election!

Sarkozy: Helped to destroy Libya

Khristoforov’s lede is that Saif has vowed to avenge his father’s death; Crusader forces are very fearful of this outcome, they see the hand of Moscow in Saif’s resurrection, and are already calling him the Kremlin’s puppet.  For Westie purposes, they would have hoped that Saif followed the same fate as his father and brother Mutassim.   His survival is an inconvenient truth for these corrupt vultures.

Saif’s Presidential election campaign has been in the works since December, and was formally announced by his representatives in Tunis.  The campaign started to take shape against the international background of an equally astounding Turn of the Wheel – namely, the arrest of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.  Sarkozy was one of the main architects of the Libyan debacle, but, just to add to the confusion, it transpired that he had also received illegal campaign contributions from … wait for it …. Muammar Gaddafi!

[to be continued]

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2 Responses to Crusaders Fear The Ghost of Gaddafi In His Son, Saif – Part I

  1. Mark Chapman says:

    I totally missed Sarkozy’s arrest – good catch. This is shaping up to be an interesting story as well, although Saif, if victorious, will require a bit of seasoning to be the leader his father was.


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