Scenes From American Consulate in Saint Petersburg

Dear Readers:

With Easter Sunday coming tomorrow, as we humbly await the resurrection of Christ, it is time to ponder deeply about …. COLOSSAL PAYBACK and Revenge!

“And that’s when I told them they had 2 days to pack all their stuff!”

As a component of the tit-for-tat spat in Russia-U.S. relations, the Russian government recently asked the American government to clear out their Consulate in St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), Russia.  The Americans were given 48 hours to get the f**** out!

This piece from PolitNavigator tells the story, with some photographs of all the comings and goings, content provided by Andrei Selezov.  Selezov is a Ukrainian blogger who was forced to leave Kiev after the 2014 junta, and now resides in St. Pete.

The Americans have occupied this historical rococo style building (constructed 1898) at 15 Furshtatskaya Street since 1972.  Which they converted into a Spy’s Haven, bristling with antennas and cameras.  It is a huge complex, as big as any Embassy, and with the Ambassador’s residence separately, and all located in the swankiest part of town.

And then — BOOM!  A few days ago the Russian Foreign Ministry invited Russians to vote in an online survey:  Which Embassy should they close as payback for American unfriendly actions towards Russia?  Voters were given 3 choices:  St. Pete, Vladivostok, or Yekaterinburg.  Even though they should have picked Yekaterinburg, the voters selected St. Pete.  Democracy in action!

Hence, Americans were given a deadline of March 31 (which is actually today) to clear out all their stuff and leave.

The photos tell the rest of the story:

No American security personnel in sight.  The building just guarded by a couple of Russian cops.

People come and go, carrying their stuff in packages and suitcases.

Automobiles enter and leave through the arc.

Blogger wonders why the flag of the United States is lowered on the mast.  (Those of us who live in the U.S. know that the flag is often lowered, sometimes for inexplicable reasons, as if this deeply troubled nation dwells in a constant state of mourning.)

Some Russian reporters cluster about, along with passers-by.  The mood among the Russians is festive.

My personal favorite…

Everybody perks up when an African-American pizza-delivery guy arrives carting 21 pizzas.  The guy checks the address on his list — yup, this is the right place.  Without any hindrance whatsoever he tows the pizzas into the building.  Then is seen to leave again with an empty cart.

Russian commenters to the story speculate on what might have been in those pizza boxes!  My guess is:  Pizzas.  But what kind of pizzas?  Meat?  Veggie?  Sausage?  Pepperoni?  Hawaiian?  Or, possibly my personal favorite:  Bacon and Anchovies!?

Which reminds me:  It is time to order the traditional Easter Pizza for tomorrow’s celebrations.

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7 Responses to Scenes From American Consulate in Saint Petersburg

  1. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    There is probably no more pressing ethical question in the world today than this:

    Pineapple on pizza – yea or nay?

    Where do you stand, Yalensis?

    Think carefully, because this is the most important question you will ever face.


    • yalensis says:

      O, I fear not this fateful question, and I have the honest answer:
      I forthrightfully state, that “Pineapple On Pizza” (POP) is an abomination.
      If you don’t believe me, then look it up in the Bible, in the Lost Book of Leviticus:

      “For whosoever shalt eat pineapple on pizza shall commit an abomination, his name is defiled and verify he shall be cast out from the people. For thus sayeth the Lord.”


  2. Jen says:

    Pizza party at the White House (from the Wikipedia article on pizzas):

    I suppose the farewell party at the US consulate in St Petersburg might have followed similar protocol: newspapers on the table for the serving of the pizzas and everyone standing up while chairs at the table remain empty.


    • yalensis says:

      Yeah, I have been to work functions like this, and it’s stupid. If they only moved the chairs back a little farther from the table, then people would feel more comfortable sitting down and relaxing. Just move the chairs back against the walls, dudes!
      As it is, people are nervous about sitting down because they are too close to the table and would be in the way when others are foraging for a slice.

      I absolutely abhor having to eat while standing up, it’s so barbarian!


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