Suspicious Death Person Of Interest Malaysian Boeing – Part I

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Yesterday the Russian press reported on the suspicious death (Suicide?  Murder?) of a Ukrainian pilot named Vladislav Voloshin.  Voloshin died, I believe, on March 18, 2018, from a gunshot wound.  He was a “person of interest” in the case of the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (MH-17) which occurred on July 17, 2014.

I won’t go into the background of this horrific tragedy which took the lives of some 300 innocent people and brought Europe almost to the brink of war against Russia.  Everybody in the Russian blogosphere knows about this event, and everybody has their own “theory” about what happened and whodunnit.  I stipulate that these are not necessarily “conspiracy theories”, a term which needs to be retired due to over-use and mis-use.  The term “conspiracy theory” has degenerated to the point where it simply means “an opinion or narrative that I don’t agree with”.  I suggest people start using the term “theory of events” instead.  Alas, we live in a world where people can no longer trust the usual international bodies or investigative committees whose job it is to determine the facts.  In cases like this, where much effort has been put into concealing the actual facts, every Internet Person becomes a detective, and every fake “detective” has a bone to pick.

I want to stipulate here that I am an honest person.  I am not a journalist, but nor am I a propagandist.  I am open about my political views and preferences.  If, in some miraculous way (like in one of those Hollywood movies, where an ordinary person finds out what is really going on), I were to obtain the actual “facts” and they did not suit my preferences, or how I wanted the story to play out, I would still be honest enough to tell the truth.  So help me God!

Returning to this whole “conspiracy theory” malarckey.  Folks, almost every real crime involves a conspiracy.  People conspire to commit crimes – duh!  Although, in the case of MH-17, it wasn’t necessarily a crime, it could have been an accident.  Those happen too.  And which is another theory.  In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have theories of events, we would have facts and the Truth.  But in this particular case, the Truth is elusive.  Oh, somebody out there knows what really happened, but most people just like to speculate and create their own narratives.   I want to stipulate here that I am not an MH-17 expert and that I do not necessarily have my own opinion or theory.  I will say that there are several plausible narratives, and a host of characters who may be deemed “persons of interest” in the case.

The Suicide?

One of these persons was Vladislav Voloshin.  I will explain below some of the backstory which turned this ordinary pilot into a Person of Interest, aka Suspect.  According to one theory of events, Voloshin was actually THE GUY who shot down the Boeing, while flying alongside it in his fighter jet.  Again, this is just one theory of events.

Vladislav Voloshin

The VZGLIAD piece, which I linked above, penned by Mikhail Moshkin and Nikita Kovalenko, bends over backwards to not sensationalize Voloshin’s death.  They of course mention his connection with the MH-17 case but go on to report, with straight face, that Voloshin’s death could very well have been an “ordinary” suicide, triggered by ordinary life issues.

Voloshin, who died at the young age of 29,  leaves a wife and 2 small children behind.  One can feel for them and offer condolences, whatever one thinks about Voloshin himself and the terrible things he allegedly did to Donbass civilians in the ATO.  After reports of his death, the Ukrainian press, panicking at the possible implications, rushed to find facts bearing up the “suicide” theory.  Because they know exactly what the “pro-Russian” side are going to say:  That Voloshin was bumped off to silence a potential witness.

So, allegedly the ex-pilot, who now worked in the civilian aviation sphere, as Acting Director of the Nikolaev Airport, was depressed about his financial situation and was not willing to play ball with corrupt officials.

“Former co-workers paint the picture of a man who was sensitive and impressionable, possessing a very high sense of justice.  After his demobilization, Voloshin talked about the numerous problems facing Ukrainian pilots:  Low salaries, lack of equipment, and the haughty attitude of management.”

The Nikolaev airport terminal

As always in the Ukraine, Corruption is a major issue:  Assistant Director of the Airport Alina Korotich reported to the press that Administrators in the Nikolaevsk Oblast were putting the squeeze on Voloshin, they wanted him to sign off that repairs had been completed to the airport terminal when, in fact, such repairs had not been completed.  Voloshin refused the sign the papers.  “He would not do something illegal,” Korotich avers.

Also adding some evidence to the “suicide” theory, journalist Andrei Lokhmatov published one of Voloshin’s last pieces of correspondence.  Voloshin writes about Governor Alexei Savchenko, who is putting the squeeze on him to quit his job at the airport.  “I am not afraid of him.  I don’t want to leave my children without a father, but I cannot rid myself of these suicidal thoughts,” Voloshin allegedly wrote.

Ghosts Of The Past?

As a pilot of the Ukrainian 299th of the Nikolaevsk Brigade of Tactical Aviation, Voloshin was hailed, in past years, in the Ukrainian press as a “Hero of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO)”.  Which operation consisted of doing bombing runs over Separatist areas of the Donbass.  This was back in 2014 when the newly-minted Ukrainian junta was busy strafing Donbass cities and towns from the air.  A couple of planes were shot down by Rebels (with shoulder-type rockets), and that put an end to the air attacks; since then the Ukrainian army has been busy destroying Donbass towns and infrastructure via artillery shellings.

Voloshin was active in that brief window and flying his SU-25 during the time when MH-17 was shot down.  Although the Ukrainian army always claimed that he was not flying on that particular day, namely July 17, 2014.

President Putin’s version of “Air Force 1”

Voloshin was implicated as a Person Of Interest by a fellow pilot and/or mechanic at the Aerodrome who subsequently fled to Russia and has not been heard of since — presumably he is in some type of witness protection program, along with others who have escaped from the Ukrainian Meat-Grinder.  This person, known only as “Alexander” gave testimony to the Russian Investigative Committee (sort of the Russian version of the FBI) and also gave interviews (with face disguised) to the Russian press, back in December of 2014.

According to “Alexander”, Voloshin was indeed flying on July 17, 2014, he flew out with a rocket strapped to his plane, returned without the rocket, and muttered in horror, to the curious witness:  “It was the wrong plane!”

Thus feeding one “theory of events”, according to which, Ukrainian pilots were assigned to fly by, and shoot down, the plane of Russian President Vladimir Putin, but nailed the Boeing by mistake.  (I know, I know — Internet People claim the SU plane is not even capable of attaining that kind of altitude.)  As the Malaysian Airlines livery bears a striking resemblance to the Russian flag.  Well, not really.  The Malaysian livery is red over blue; and the Russian livery is the other way around.  But maybe at a distance if you squinted, and it was established that the Ukrainians believed Putin would be flying over their territory around that time… and they would have cut off their right arm to kill him — so who knows?

[to be continued]

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