Semiramide Reigns At the Met – Part V

Dear Readers:

Beware the claws of Ishtar!

Still continuing to break down the Semiramide backstory.  Which is not only a murder mystery, but also a political thriller, involving two major castes struggling for power in ancient Babylon of, roughly, 850 B.C.  According to wiki, the Assyrian Empire existed from around 2500 B.C. until its collapse around 600 B.C.  Geographically, it was centered on the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in what is modern-day Iraq, parts of Syria, Turkey and even fringes of Persia.  “At its peak, the Assyrian empire stretched from Cyprus and the East Mediterranean to Iran, and from what is now Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Caucasus, to the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt and eastern Libya.”  Voltaire showcased this geographical and ethnic diversity by having his Scythian hero, Arsaces, hail from the Caucasus region.  Well, as we have subsequently learned, Arsaces is actually the Assyrian Prince Ninias in disguise, but even he doesn’t remember that, as he was just a toddler when he was whisked away and adopted by Phradates.  Uncle Phradates raised him as a Scythian cavalry officer, so presumably he is fluent in both Scythian and Semitic.  And people say his Persian was passable, as well.

Wiki again:  The Semitic-speaking Assyria “was at the height of technological, scientific and cultural achievements for its time.”  These technological achievements are showcased in Rossini’s opera when he shows Queen Semiramide sitting at her desk and using her cellphone to text Assur — JUST KIDDING!  She writes a letter to him on papyrus, with ink-pot and a crow’s quill for a pen.

However, I am not completely kidding when I stress the technological achievements of the Assyrians:  They were certainly capable of building trap doors and underground tunnels, and this will come into play later, when I make some bold claims about the so-called “Ghost of Ninus”.

Russian bass-baritone Ildar Abdrazakov portrays Assur.

But returning to our Game of Thrones and the two warring castes.  One of the castes being the Warrior Nobility, whose flag-bearer is Assur, of the House of Belus.  When Assur and Queen Shammuramat poisoned her husband, King Ninus, 15 years ago, ASS-ur just ASS-umed that Shammy would subsquently marry HIM and hand over the throne.  Ancient Assyrians were still at the stage where they would accept a Moor to rule over them, but not a white woman.  Unfortunately for Assur, Shammy kept delaying her abdication — not unlike the Queen of England!   Using tactics of Creative Procrastination, she clung to power and ruled alone for 15 years, forcing a disappointed Assur to plot a different way to the throne:  Namely, by marrying his own kinswoman Princess Azema, who is young enough to be his daughter — but don’t panic, she is not ACTUALLY his daughter — there is only ONE incest in this play, namely Shammy and her son — and thus forcing Shammy to abdicate.

This being a Marxist analysis, based on sound principles of dialectical-materialism, I am going to stipulate that Assur and his allies in the noble houses and army represent the land-owning ruling class.  Or the slave-owning ruling class.  Whatever it was that they had back in those days:  Slaves, lands, ziggurats, gold, frankincense, whatever.

Beware Magi, ESPECIALLY when they be bearing gifts!

The other wing of the ruling class is represented by the Priestly or Magi caste.  Christians know of the Magi, because these are the same guys who brought Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh to the Baby Jesus.  These Assyrian Magi abhor Assur and the House of Belus.  They will do whatever it takes to thwart his evil scheme and put the House of Ninus back on the throne.  Please recall that the word Magi is the root of our current word “magician”, and not without cause.  These ancient Magi knew tricks that Houdini would envy.  They were especially good at performing illusions and special effects at big public spectacles…  All the better to wow the hoi polloi and achieve their political-religious aims.

In Voltaire’s story, the Magi are the good guys.  Under the benign leadership of High Priest Speedo, they know everything that is going on, they understand the backstory, they know about the murder and whodunnit, they give good advice to the Queen, and they conspire to resolve the political crisis.  Voltaire’s attitude is understandable, in terms of his own political philosophy:  This French kreakle believed that human progress was ensured by the rule of so-called “Enlightened Despots”, provided those despots surround themselves with, and take the advice of, philosophers such as himself!  Hence, he identified with the Magi.  But my own advice to Enlightened Despots is this:  “Beware the Magi!”  They may be smart, but they always have their own agenda, they will throw you under the bus in a second, just like they threw Shammy, if they think that’s what they have to do.  Recall that even those benevolent “Wise Men” who brought birthday gifts to Baby Jesus, had a trick up their tunics:  The Gold and Frankincense were not-bad presents for a young baby, but they also brought Myrrh, as a kind of joke gift.  Like, hinting to Jesus:  “You’re gonna die and be put in a tomb, little dude…”

Next:  We get down to business with the purloined letter from Phradates, the pronouncement of the Libyan oracle, and the first appearance of the so-called Ghost!

[to be continued]

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10 Responses to Semiramide Reigns At the Met – Part V

  1. Lyttenburgh says:

    “However, I am not completely kidding when I stress the technological achievements of the Assyrians”


    “Country needs a new hero! Gilgamesh – Justice, Fatherland. Cuniforms” (candidate from the Southern Mesopotamian District)

    “By voting for Gilgamesh you choose:

    – State programm “Accessible slave” for the young couples
    – Legalization of mortal-demigod marriages
    – Lion and bull figting on prime time TV
    – Lower taxes on concubines
    – Adequate retirement pay for all 30 y.os”

    “The other wing of the ruling class is represented by the Priestly or Magi caste.”

    Who were also slave-owning class – but of a different bent.


  2. Lyttenburgh says:

    “Recall that even those benevolent “Wise Men” who brought birthday gifts to Baby Jesus, had a trick up their tunics: The Gold and Frankincense were not-bad presents for a young baby, but they also brought Myrrh, as a kind of joke gift. Like, hinting to Jesus: “You’re gonna die and be put in a tomb, little dude…”

    Well, no… All three gifts were “must gives” to the reigning royalty. As you remember, they first visited Herod the Great and then came searching for Jesus. Notable, that they presented their “credentials” (the gifts), which would identify them as diplomatic stuff of the foreign power and the recipient of the gifts as the ruling potentate of another country, to the latter – but not to the former.

    The epitome of the wizard from Antiquity was Hermes Trismegistos (Thrice Great), physician, priest, and king – exactly the guy who’d use myrrh (a healing and embalming gum), frankincense (a resin offered to deities), and gold (metal of kingship). The three Magi (as presented in popular mythology) also give us multi-cultural vibe:

    – Gaspar (the old magus, who gives gold) usually represents Europe (or India). His name derives from the Persian for the “treasure keeper”.
    – Melchior (the mature magus, who gives myrrh) hails from Asia (or Arabia) and whose name means “Chosen of the [god] Melkart (Phoenician “lord of the city”, whom the Greeks equaled with Heracles).
    – Balthasar (the young magus, who gives frankincense) is often painted as a black man, symbolizing Africa (or Ethiopia) whose name means “Baal protect the King”.

    “Geographically, it was centered on the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in what is modern-day Iraq, parts of Syria, Turkey and even fringes of Persia. ”

    Charming people, those Assyrians:

    ^Good at math when it comes to the head counting.

    ^Animal lovers all of them

    ^Aztecs approve


    • yalensis says:

      The Assyrians were a cruel, but fair, people.
      Besides, those лахишствующие rebels had it coming:
      They disobeyed the orders of King Sennacherib!

      You dare to disobey me?”


  3. Matt says:

    Hi Yalensis, long time no see!

    I have a favour that I’d like to ask of you, and I’d be grateful if you did it.

    They tracked down “Carlos”, the fake Air Traffic Controller who claimed on RT, soon after MH17 was shot down, that he knew it was an SU-25. Turns out he’s a convicted fraudster and admits that RT paid him $48,000 to lie.

    Mark is too embarrassed to allow this comment on his blog. He removed it twice and never bothered mentioning the above topic, which means he’s avoiding the topic to avoid admitting he was wrong. Could you please mention this article and expose everyone to the above truth? Otherwise, Mark’s blog has become a circlejerk where the same 5-6 people agree with each other over everything.


    • yalensis says:

      Nice try, Matt.
      (A) Radio Free Europe is the absolute cesspool of pro-NATO propaganda, and I wouldn’t believe anything they claimed.
      (B) They don’t prove anything they claim about “Carlos”.
      (C) You know perfectly well why Mark doesn’t allow your comments on his blog.
      (D) You are not going to turn me against Mark.
      (E) Mark doesn’t remove your comments because you embarrass him, it’s more like you embarrass yourself. He removes your comments because he made an executive decision not to allow you on his blog. Since you are a proven liar and dissembler, not to mention hacker and professional troll, with multiple I.P. addresses

      In conclusion, please just shove off and return to your “Down With Assad” duties for NATO on Reddit.

      Oh, and have a nice day!



      • Matt says:

        A) That is fallacious reasoning and you know that. It’s a cop-out. Unable to prove the article wrong, you close your eyes and block your ears and shout “NATO PROPAGANDA” like a child. But does that change anything? No.

        B) Such vague criticism. Of course they prove what they say, by showing RT’s own photos of Carlos, and matching them with photos of the man they claim is Carlos, in addition to combing through his social media accounts and finding personal information which they matched with the man, in addition to court documents tracking Carlos, etc. Be more specific, my dishonest friend.

        C) Yeah, I know why. He thinks I’m a “troll” because I like debunking his propaganda, like now. You do remember that he dedicated an entire blog post on me, which I debunked line by line? The same old arguments.

        D) Now why would you think that? You are a full believer in the cult, as you well know. I would never waste my energy.

        E) Haha, these are new claims! “Hacker” you say? And who have I “hacked” exactly? I knew that my comments would disappear from Mark’s blog; that much was obvious. What I really wanted to check was if Mark himself, after having read my comment, would bother bringing up the article himself. He didn’t. Why? Because it proved him and his followers wrong. That is pure dishonest behaviour.

        On Reddit, my subreddit about Russian propaganda has >1800 subscribers with thousands of page views a month. It’s gotten much more popular recently, after those 13 Russians were indicted by Mueller. The Russian independent media, like RBC, did a good job exposing the troll factory, which is hilarious, because according to you and your ilk, it was all a Western hoax.

        I hope you have a nice day too.


        • yalensis says:

          You are really not here to discuss Grand Opera and Bel Canto singing, are you?
          Never mind, just remember the rules, they are still in place….


          • Jen says:

            Too lazy to set up his own blog to post his blather about the con-man pretending to be Carlos and lying about Mark Chapman to boot as well.


            • yalensis says:

              True, that one is a slippery eel, indeed.
              I just thought of the snappy reply I should have given him: “How’s the weather down there in Venezuela?”
              which is funny, ’cause, see, he is not really a Venezuelan, any more than this Spanish-Romanian grifter is the real Carlos…


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