Putin Be Cray-Cray: We wuz snookered!

Dear Readers:

Returning to the land of High Politics, today I have this piece from RIA.  It is basically a sound-bite taken from one interview with Vladimir Putin.  The context is a series of interviews done by Russian journalist Vladimir Soloviev.  Soloviev produced a documentary film called “World Order – 2018”, which features the interviews with the current and future (assuming he wins his re-election, which he probably will) Russian President.  The film is shown in the youtube link below.  Watch it now, youtube has a way of taking things down on the orders of the “Deep State”.  Okay, I haven’t watched it myself, not even a few minutes of it, I should, but I don’t have time, I only just read this one sound-bite, so my take on it is probably unfair, but I have to confess, my opinion of Putin just went down about 100 points.

UNLESS!  Putin is being sarcastic.  That’s always a possibility, I reckon.  People say he has a subtle sense of humor.

Anyhow, in the sound-bite in question, Putin claims that (1) he was deceived by the Americans in the matter of Ukraine; and (2) that this is the very first time the Americans ever deceived him.  Up until then the Americans had been as honest as Sister Simplice and as irreproachable as Caesar’s wife [look it up, I am not going to provide a link]:

“Our American partners turned to us [for help], they asked us to do everything we could to ensure that [Ukrainian President] Yanukovych would not employ the army [against the protesters], so that the opposition could [abandon the occupation of] the squares and administrative buildings and return to the negotiations table to resolve and normalize this situation.” 

Russia agreed to help.  In return for their help, they received a slap in the face and a kick in the nuts:  The Maidan coup.

“Why, O Wind, didst thou deceive me?”

“They could have called us at least, they could have done something, said something.  There is, you know, such a phenomenon as ‘excess of execution’ [in other words, things getting out of hand] — they could have said, We didn’t want or expect this, but things just developed that way, but we will do everything we can to return events to their normal route.  But no…  Quite the contrary.  Not a word out of them, and full support for those who committed this coup.”

So far so good.  Putin was deceived by the Masters of Deceit.  But then he takes his Plaint one step further:  “This was the very first time, if you please, that [our American partners] deceived us so rudely.  That they said, We will do such-and-such, and then did the exact opposite.  Such a thing had never happened before.”

To which, one of the commenters to the Ria piece, a certain “Evgeny Ambush” notes:  “Oh yeah, what about their promise not to expand to the East after the wall of the Berlin Wall?”

Touché, Ambush!

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6 Responses to Putin Be Cray-Cray: We wuz snookered!

  1. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    If we take him at face value, then it really is time for him to quit, so that an avowed America-hater can assume the presidency.


  2. James says:

    I haven’t watched it – but this soundbite from the interview is not good.
    History shows the Americans are not to be trusted – ask the Indians the Libyans, Iraqis, etc etc too many countries.
    For someone who was in the KGB he sounds not too smart.
    If I was Russian and listened to this I would not feel reassured.


  3. Mark Chapman says:

    I think he is describing shades of deceit, and is inferring here that America now displays such contempt for Russia that it does not even pretend any more that it is seeking compromise. It flat out says it is doing one thing and does another. It plainly does not expect ever to be questioned or censured for its behavior and its machinations. I don’t get any sense of Putin implying this is the first time Russia has ever been lied to by America, and he most definitely does not imply – anywhere – that previous relations with America were smooth and trouble-free. He appears to be saying here that the Ukraine operation was a massive and deliberate lie right from the planning stage, rather than something that slipped out of control with unintended consequences. The request for Russian help to stabilize the situation was just something extended to keep the Russians busy and distracted, while America got on with its plan, and plan it was from the very beginning. Any suggestion of multilateralism or some sort of accord is just for the press, so they can dutifully report Uncle Sam dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s. But it’s just another part of the doing-what-I-want-for-my-own-benefit.

    That’s my take on it.


    • yalensis says:

      That’s a good point, Mark. But I recall that most of us, at the time, like commenters on your blog, were not actually deceived in the slightest by American intentions.
      Most of us actually pretty much knew what was going on, without a shred of doubt.
      I know I was 100% sure in my own mind, and I am pretty sure that a review of my comments at the time would bear me out, and your own comments as well, we all knew with 100% certainty, that the Americans were making a play for major regime change in Ukraine, and were bent on killing Yanokovych (the same way they killed Gaddafi) and putting their own guy in.

      Hence, if even an idiot like me could figure this out at the time, then why not a genius like Putin? Why would he be fooled? Was it not clear to a 6-year-old what was going on?


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