American Anti-Corruptioners Target Poroshenko – Part IV

Dear Readers:

Today finishing off of this corruption expose story from PolitNavigator.  Along with reporter Alexander Rostovtsev, we have been following the money trail that leads, inexorably, to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Who acquired drilling rights to a Poltava oil and gas field which is relatively small yet geologically promising.  Not only acquiring rights to drill, but for pennies on the dollar, and without having to go to auction — pretty sweet deal!

The Untouchables go after a gangster

It goes without saying that the Prez hides his august self behind a shell company called “Arkona”.  This is a classic grift which could have been borrowed directly from the pages of Ilf and Petrov.  Key players in this particular combination are a husband-and-wife pair Alexei and Natalia Malovatsky.  Alexei is a member of Poroshenko’s legal team and also sits on a body which is called, with a touch of Orwell, the “Supreme Council of Justice”; and which, according to wiki, “is a state body in Ukraine which nominates judges to be appointed by the President of Ukraine.”  Wife Natalia is a simple notary public.  It was she who paid out the premiums to the original “owners” of Arkona after they sold their shares to a Belize offshore operation called Ashburi Universal LTD.  Whose function is to “own” companies so that they don’t have to pay taxes to the Homeland.

Here Rostovtsev adduces a “correction” to the story, which I translate in full:

In the press they are calling Malovatsky “Poroshenko’s man”.  At the time of the snap Presidential elections in 2014 he was the assistant manager of Poroshenko’s legal team, handling his Presidential candidacy; and also managed his political party “Poroshenko Bloc” at the time of the snap elections to the Supreme Rada [Parliament].  After the successful presidential election, Poroshenko brought Malovatsky closer to himself, and inducted into his gang.

In America-speak, Malovatsky is Consigliere Tom Hagen to Poroshenko’s Don Corleone.  Malovatsky himself denies any involvement of himself or his wife in the Arkona Affair.  Natalia and the founding “owners” refuse to talk to the press.  Mychko and Neshchotny received their modest fees for playing their part, and now they just want to be left alone.

Head of State

Meanwhile, the Poroshenko regime denies all wrong-doing.  Poroshenko’s spokespersons unctuously lecture the press to “stop spreading false and unconfirmed information about the Head of State”.

Ukrainian journalists themselves might for good reason feel intimidated to go up against powerful mobsters such as Poro and his Gang, who control so many resources, wield so much power, and could have them all whacked in the blink of an eye, or casual gesture of the regal trotter.  However, in this case, it was American journalists (from Radio Svoboda) who blew the lid off this scandal.  The American employees are as Untouchable as Eliot Ness.  They are the superior race.  They can write whatever they please and not get whacked.  Rostovtsev is not enthralled with their self-righteous zeal, however.  He cynically deduces that these anti-corruption crusaders were leaked the information they needed, and  ordered to go after the very man who is curated by that same American government for which these Untouchables work!  Rostovtsev believes that the American government is sending Poroshenko a very clear signal:  “Stop stealing so much.  You are an embarrassment to us.  We know all your little schemes, just like we know you, inside and out.  We have you under a microscope.  At a moment’s notice we can freeze all your accounts and shut down your offshores.”

And what will be Poroshenko’s response to these not-so-veiled threats?  Well, only Nostradamus knows the future.  But Rostovtsev believes that Poroshenko is simply not physically capable of not stealing, any more than an alcoholic can stop drinking, just like that.  He believes that Poro’s robbing ways are like an addiction, and that he cannot stop, even if he willed himself to, and even if it was necessary to his own survival.  Like a Descartian version of the pickpocket Shura Balaganov, he just steals because he is, машинально, so to speak.

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