Zagitova and Medvedeva: Competitors, but Still Besties

Dear Readers:

A brief follow-up to yesterday’s post.  There were worries that WADA’s “random” doping test against Russian prodigy Alina Zagitova, might shake the girl’s confidence.  Plus, she lost valuable ice time as a result of this poorly-timed intrusion into her veins and bladder.

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post, that when skaters are on the valuable warm-up ice, they practice in full costume and make-up.  For two reasons:  (1) to get used to it; and (2) because they know the judges secretly observe their practices and take notes about their programs.  Due to this tradition, WADA’s foray was a double intrusion, since Alina would have had to take off her skates, tights and whole dress, in order to comply with the “random” doping test.

Evgeniya and Alina sharing practice ice

Well, turns out there was nothing to worry about.  In case the Russophobic WADA officials were hoping to rattle “Putin’s skater”, Alina had a good answer for them.  Last night Zagitova established a record in the Ladies Short Program, accruing 82.92 points.  Medvedeva came in second, with Canada’s Kaetlyn Osmond finishing third with a personal best score for the season.

When interviewed by TASS, Alina revealed that she and Medvedeva are good friends off the ice:  “Competition only makes us better.  Zhenya and I are, first and foremost, friends, but you know how it is, sports is impossible without competition.  I did all that I could to make my coaches, my viewers, and myself, satisfied with my performance.”

Don’t cheer just yet, though.  Short program is short program, and no medals just yet.  All eyes will be on the long program tomorrow!  Everybody to wish good luck to all the beautiful skaters competing, from all the countries of the world.

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4 Responses to Zagitova and Medvedeva: Competitors, but Still Besties

  1. Ryan Ward says:

    I think those of us who like Zagitova or Medvedeva or both can start cheering at least a little bit. It’s true that the free skate is still to come, but the Russians’ lead over everyone else is pretty decisive. Osmond (in third place) is almost a full three points behind Medvedeva, and Miyahara (4th) is almost a full three points behind Osmond. That’s a pretty tough gap to make up. I could at least potentially see one of them dropping to third if they make a pretty big mistake in the free skate, but I can’t see either of them failing to win a medal.


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