WADA Harasses Zagitova Two Days Before Her Short Program

Dear Readers:

Another figure skating story, also featuring Russia’s Great White (or, in this case, Tatar) Hope Alina Zagitova.  Recall that Zagitova, just a few days ago, helped her Russian team tremendously.  Thanks to her flawless skating in the team event, Alina received the highest technical score ever recorded 158.08.

Alina as the Black Swan

Given this great start, many Russian hopes are placed on this talented 15-year old.  Tomorrow (February 21) she is to skate her short program, based on The Black Swan.  This is the crunch time, when a skater needs to focus her mind and make the most out of every practice session.  Every minute on the ice is precious, especially at the Olympics.  The way it works is that individual skaters only get certain slots of time when they are allowed to practice their programs to the music.  Coaches and athletes alike consider these minutes to be golden.

Hence, this seemed like the perfect time for the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to harass Alina and steal a chunk of her most valuable practice time.  Many ordinary Russians suspect, and with much foundation, that all the furor about “doping” is just another arrow in the quiver of Cold War nations bent on humiliating Russia and bringing this great nation to its knees.

According to this story by Olga Nikitina, Alina was taken off the ice, five minutes into her practice session, for a random test of blood and urine.  Alexander Gorshkov, President of the Russian Figure Skating Federation, spoke to the press about this incident:

Mark Adams: “It happens sometimes…”

“Athletes of course are required to submit to random doping tests, but one would hope this should not occur during an important training process at the Olympics.”

Mark Adams, citizen of Great Britain (possibly the most anti-Russian government in the world, even worse than the U.S.) and Director of Communications for the International Olympic Committee (IOC), defended the action:  “WADA does everything it can to make sure that the testing doesn’t take place during training time, but sometimes it just happens that way.”

Right.  Sometimes it just happens.  So, it happened yesterday.  Alina had just stepped onto the ice and was five minutes into her warm-up when a WADA official arrived and demanded a test.  First blood was taken, and then urine.  According to reports, Zagitova became very nervous and agitated.  Not because of the tests themselves, but because she saw her training time evaporating before her very eyes.  The testing was dragged out for a quarter of an hour.  In the end, she lost her training slot.

Now, rules of reality and statistics concede that this might all just be a “random” event with poor timing.  Or, it could be part of a Western plan to psych out those Russian athletes who are favored to win a medal.  One thing we know for sure is that WADA is not a neutral nor impartial body.  This is shown by all the recent events and revelations, which I don’t even have time to go into, but readers can find all these facts in other sources.

Meanwhile, young Alina will have to calm her nerves, and reach deep inside herself.  She needs to find that cocky, confident Black Swan who gives a s*** when corrupt officials try to psych her out!

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4 Responses to WADA Harasses Zagitova Two Days Before Her Short Program

  1. nicolaavery says:

    😦 hope she does amazingly well


  2. Jen says:

    Perhaps WADA discovered that Zagitova was named after Alina Kabaeva, mistress of you-know-who (and who somehow directed Z’s parents to watch the TV program on rhythmic gymnastics featuring Kabaeva, after the baby had gone nearly 12 months without a name, to prompt them), so they decided to target and harass Zagitova just to spite Lord Vlademort.


    • yalensis says:

      A highly probable theory!

      One wonders, by the way, what the parents called their child for the first year of her life. Maybe just “Baby” like the girl in Dirty Dancing?
      Or maybe Dad was waiting to see if she showed signs of becoming a hockey player, in which case they would have named her “Ovechkin” ?


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