He Who Smelt It, Dealt It: Cute Animal Story From Russia

Dear Readers:

It has been a while since I did a “cute animal” story on my blog.  If you even count goats as being cute, which they are really not.  They are quite appalling animals, although their cheese is extremely tasty.

But this animal is actually cute.  Foxes are cute.  And videos like this remind us why the Internet was invented in the first place:  So that people could share cute animal videos.  And not just about cats, either.

So, the action takes place in Vladivostok,  almost the farthest Eastern spot in Russia.  An ice fisherman is catching a fish called корюшка (pronounced, roughly, “KOR-ushka”).  Not being an ichthyologist by profession, I had to look up the English word for this fish.  In English it is called smelt.  This family of small fish, from the genera Osmeridae, are found in both Atlantic and Pacific oceans.  According to wiki, it is particularly popular in Japan.  If you look at the map, Vladivostok is not far from Japan, so I am guessing the type of smelt there is not all that dissimilar from those consumed by the Japanese.

I also deduce that this good-natured Russian fisherman most likely planned to fry and eat the smelt he had caught.  And looks like he caught several of them but, as he jokingly complains in the video, “I can’t catch enough fish to feed this hungry fox!”  In the end he promises the fox that he will share his future catches.  “Are you a hunter?” he challenges the fox.  “Or a fisherman?”

Fox:  “I am a scavenger, thank you very much.”

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