Activists Test Status Of Same-Sex Marriage In Russia – Part II

Dear Readers:

Continuing this piece from VZGLIAD concerning the case of two young men who tied the knot in Copenhagen, then sought to have their same-sex marriage re-registered in Russia.  Which ended in un-success and scandal — ooops! — that should have been a spoiler alert!

Yesterday we laid the foundation to this story by discussing the legal status of homosexuals in Russia.  Their status resembles, more or less, the status of gays in the United States in, say the 1980’s — well, not sure about the exact timeframe, but, say, a time before there were laws accepting of same-sex civil unions; in other words, Russian gays do okay if they stay in the closet or at least don’t act out flamboyantly.  It’s not like Saudi Arabia:  They won’t be dragged down the street and stoned to death.  Two men can rent a flat and live together, they can even have cats together (but not adopt human children), and whatever sex acts they perform in private (such as sodomy or fellatio or kissing on the mouth) are not illegal per se, so they don’t need to worry about a cop busting into their bedroom.  The only thing that differs from the West is there is no such thing as a civil union or the type of legal protections that married couples enjoy.  Like, in relation to property rights, inheritance, visitation rights, and that sort of thing.

A panel of Westie propagandists at the Sochi Olympics

In the recent 2 or 3 decades, the U.S. and Europe went beyond such simple rights and even beyond civil unions, and instituted actual Gay Marriage.  Westies then morphed into militant cultural missionaries, insisting that Russia must follow suit and adopt similar legislation tout suite; and if they don’t, they’re a rotten medieval egg.   They apparently forgot that old saying:  “He who sets out as a missionary may end up in the cooking pot!”

The fact that the U.S. does not push its liberal sexual agenda onto its geo-political allies such as Saudi Arabia reveals the utter hypocrisy behind this campaign.  Russians are not stupid, they realize that the sanctimonious barbs are directed only at them, as the geo-political foe.  The anti-Russian furor surrounding the (2014) Sochi Olympics proved once again, that the Westies will use literally any issue, however culturally sensitive, to destroy Russia’s image on the world stage.

The guy in the middle is probably Matt!

The predictable result:   As an “astro-turf” campaign imposed from above, as distinguished from a native, organic “grass-roots” type movement, the Gay Rights movement in Russia has failed miserably.  Instead of the Russian people “waking up” and accepting homosexuality as normal — a backlash ensued.   Opinion polls show that Russians in their vast majority continue to disdain homosexuality, as before; but in recent years that disdain has morphed into actual hatred.  Male homosexuals used to be regarded merely as degenerate individuals who might possibly be a danger to children.  Now they are regarded as degenerates who are dangerous to children and also happen to work for the foreign enemy.

The failure of the Gay Rights movement in Russia is a defeat for actual Russian gay people who hoped to achieve more acceptance within their own society.  It is a twisted success for Western elites who don’t actually give a fig about Russian gays, but were simply using them to score propaganda points against an old enemy.

Seeking A Loophole

So, the peppered incident began this past Thursday (January 25), when Russia media began to report sensationalistic news from one of the so-called Multi-Functional Centers in Moscow — these are places where various civil services are handled, including marriage licenses — that a marriage was registered between two male Russian citizens.  The two males in question being Evgeny Voitsekhovsky and Pavel Stotsko.  (Pavel is the one with the goatee.)

Russia media reported that their passports had been stamped with an indication that their marriage was registered in Copenhagen, Denmark, on January 4.

According to Stotsko, he and Evgeny thought up the idea of going to Denmark to get married, and then seeing if they could use a loophole to legalize their marriage when they got back to Russia.  At the Multi-Functional Center they presented the documents proving their marital status, along with notarized translations.  Within ten minutes the functionary stamped their passports, confirming their marital state.  It was a crazy plan, but it worked like a charm!


BREAKING NEWS:  That Moscow functionary who stamped their passports has subsequently been fired from his job…

[to be continued]

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5 Responses to Activists Test Status Of Same-Sex Marriage In Russia – Part II

  1. Ryan Ward says:

    “Russians are not stupid, they realize that the sanctimonious barbs are directed only at them, as the geo-political foe.”

    I think it’s also worth mentioning that, in addition to geopolitical enemies, there’s one other category of country that gets the scolding treatment, and that’s countries that, although friendly with America, are weak enough and dependent enough on American approval that America can rap their knuckles without worrying about negative reactions. A lot of African countries got this treatment during the Obama administration. The countries that are immune to it (most notably the Gulf Arab countries) are countries that are both American allies and strong enough that American politicians don’t consider it worthwhile to provoke their hostility. Much as I’ll often defend America against what I consider to be unfair or simplistic attacks, there’s no denying that (collectively) it’s a textbook bully.


  2. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    Yalensis, would you happen to have any useful English language resources on the Kirovles trial handy? Seem to recall you wrote quite a bit about it at the time.


    • yalensis says:

      Hi, Pavlo, I don’t think there were many English-language sources on that story, other than the English-language news media reports, which only told Navalny’s side of the story. Reason being, it was a white-collar criminal embezzlement case with very complicated evidence and convoluted legal arguments on both sides. Westie media didn’t understand it, so just took Navalny’s side and assumed he was being framed for political reasons.

      At the time, I didn’t have my own blog, I think I wrote 2 blogposts on Mark’s old blog, which are probably still out there, one of the email chain evidence that was used against Navalny/Ofitserov; and then much later a post on the rejection of Navalny’s appeal, with a summary of the court decision. My posts were based on translations from the Russian sources. I don’t recall seeing ANYTHING worthwhile in English.

      To return to your question, I am not sure there was any in-depths stuff on this case in English, other than the usual propaganda blurbs. Oh wait, I just remembered that Alex Mercouris wrote about the case too, on his old blog, but I don’t remember the link, or if it’s still out there. Alex reviewed the decision on Navalny’s appeal, and concluded, from a purely legal point of view, that the prosecution had not made any legal errors, and that the appeal court judge’s decision was correct. If you recall, the appeal court judge ruled that the lower-court Judge Blinov ruled correctly on the facts of the KirovLes case, but was too harsh in his punishment when he sent Navalny down for three years. Therefore Navalny’s sentence was commuted to house arrest, based on the fact that he was a father with underage kids to raise.


      • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

        Much obliged, I had forgotten about Mercouris – a shame about his personal issues, but the hillbillies in this country probably wouldn’t listen anyway


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