Breaking News! Poroshenko Demands Female Journalist To Take Off Her Blouse!

Dear Readers,

I will be following this breaking story very carefully, in case there are legal ramifications.  We all know that sexual harassment is the scourge of modern society.  It corrupts the office place and sows distrust between men and women.

Hence, for the President of a respectable nation such as the Ukraine, at a public press conference in Davos Switzerland in front of the entire civilized world to demand that a female journalist remove her blouse….  Well, that is simply beyond the pale, wouldn’t everybody agree?


Yesterday, 24 January, at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland, there was the traditional provocation on the part of the Russian press, which always seems to be informed about the location of the Ukrainian delegation.

Ancient Ukrainians invented the embroidered blouse, so nobody else is allowed to wear it. Ever.

At the press conference, a female journalist (not wearing any credentials), dressed in a Ukrainian (folklore) embroidered blouse, stood up to the microphone and asked [President] Poroshenko in Russian:  “Why did you pass the law for war?”  [yalensis:  She was alluding to the law passed on January 18, which lays the basis for Ukrainian army incursion into Donbass.]

In reply Poroshenko advised the correspondent to “take off her blouse”, and added that he would answer the question if she were to rephrase it in Ukrainian.  The girl replied to this, that the President of Ukraine “knows Russian quite well”.

“I know English too, as well as other languages.  But I answer questions only in Ukrainian,” the Head of State lectured her.

Any further conversation was interrupted by the security staff.  Per the rules of the Forum, the journalist could lose her accreditation.


So, for ticking off Poroshenko, the girl could lose her accreditation as a journalist.  She could even lose the shirt off her back!

That pro-Ukrainian article was reprinted here in VZGLIAD for the delectation of Russian readers.  One of whom commented on the Ukrainian hubris in “privatizing” the concept of the embroidered blouse as their national symbol.  Which blouse, according to the commenter, was actually invented by the Belorussians!

Ukrainian Cyborgs LOST the big Battle of the Airport

Another commenter surmised that Poroshenko might have gotten confused between the journalist and a member of the Femen counter-culture group.  Who are well known for shedding their shirts in public at a moment’s notice!

Be that as it may, Ukrainian nationalists are notoriously thin-skinned whenever they feel that somebody else is trying to take something which they stole from somebody else.  Take the word “cyborg”, for example, a word which Ukrainiain nationalists believe they own the rights to, so nobody else is allowed to use it!  Arnold Schwarzenegger, be warned — you are an Austrian, but only Ukrainians can be cyborgs! In the svidomite view, the embroidered blouse is exclusively theirs.  They are probably correct in assuming that the girl put on the blouse in order to increase her chances of being called upon at the press conference; but hey, that’s what reporters do!

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2 Responses to Breaking News! Poroshenko Demands Female Journalist To Take Off Her Blouse!

  1. Eric says:

    Yalensis, I can’t see anyone in the Russian media claiming to be the journalist in question…which is unusual. I have my doubts on this story.Probably we will only know on the Sunday weekly news review shows on the 3 main Russian channels …if this did indeed occur. Even then only NTV would do an audacious move like asking him whilst wearing the vishivanka

    Poroshenko routinely answers questions in English, normally followed by some form of groveling

    The one and only half-decent thing about the otherwise cretinous, Yushchenko was that I never, ever heard him speak in English…only in Ukrainian…which at least partially balances out the russophobic policies. As he was an American puppet and with an American wife , I’d assume that he could speak English decently.


    • yalensis says:

      Hi, Eric, that’s a good point, that the “female journalist” has not been identified. Or has not stepped forward!
      Who knows – maybe it really was a Femen activist just yearning to throw off her shirt??


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