Ukraine: Be Careful What You Wish For!

Dear Readers:

I saw this short but interesting piece in PolitNavigator.  The writer is Mikhail Ryabov from Lugansk.  I am happy to summarize this piece and regard it almost as a follow-up to the series I finished recently on Ukrainian Dual Histographies.   It’s all pretty much the same issue, namely:  Who’s your Daddy?

Today’s breed of Ukainian nationalists deny that the Soviet version of the Ukrainian entity (the Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic) had anything like legitimacy — it was Soviet ugh ugh shudder with revulsion! — and therefore could not possibly be considered their legitimate forebear.  Despite the fact that the Soviet Ukrainian entity was a founding republic of the Soviet Union; and later, even a founding nation of the United Nations!  But no, the Nationalists would rather throw all that history and that heritage away, in a fit of ideological pique.

Instead, they insist they are the fruit of the loins of that brief-lived entity called the Ukrainian People’s Republic (UPR), which lasted around one tumultous year (1917-1918).  In my above-linked series, riffing off the historical work of Dmitry Lyskov, I went through the history of this entity, and how the Ukrainian Parliament (Rada) was eventually replaced by Soviets and a Soviet government.  And thus it came to pass that the Ukrainian people were forced to endure many decades of slavery under the Russian Pharaohs.  Until that glorious day when they re-acquired their freedom and decided to honor their legitimate papa, the UPR.

Viatrovich: Genocide-denier and Radio Freedom spokesperson

Ryabov’s piece quotes the thoughts of a certain Rodion Miroshnik, who is the official representative of the breakaway Lugansk Peoples Republic, to the Minsk peace talks.

The other main fellow mentioned in this article is Vladimir Viatrovich, who runs the Ukrainiain Institute of National Remembrance.  Viatrovich is an ideological Banderite and genocide-denier who was put in charge of Ukrainian national archives.  No doubt with the intention of “cleansing” them of certain unpleasant documents.  Regarding Ukrainian crimes against humanity in WWII.  Be that as it may, Viatrovich has gone on record, that the Ukraine must emit an official declaration to the effect that it is the successor-state to the UPR, and not to the Soviet Ukraine; and that all the years spent as Soviet Ukraine must be officially declared to be an “occupation”.

This map shows lands “gifted” to the Ukraine by the Tsars and Commies

Miroshnik is having a lot of fun with this bone-headed idea.  Yes, indeed, he jokes, the people of the Donbass should fully support it.  “The idea of the successor state should be supported in full,” he jokes.  “Ideologically, territorially, and legally!”  Miroshnik points out that the UPR consisted of 6 Oblasts.  Therefore, the successor state should shrink itself back to those 6 oblasts.  The other 19 — should be left alone to go their own way.  “In other words,” according to Miroshnik, every piece of land that the Ukraine was “gifted” from the Bolsheviks and the Communists during the Occupation, needs to be returned to the Occupiers.

The map accompanying the Ryabov piece shows the reality of the situation, with the color-bar legend I’ll start at the top and go down:

  • The area marked in light blue is the factual territory controlled by the UPR.
  • Yellow is the area of the former Russian Empire excepting the Ukraine.
  • Grey is territory belonging to the former Austrian-Hungarian Empire.
  • Pink is territory that belonged to Poland.
  • The pale stripe below that was the Odessa Peoples Republic
  • Light green was Donetsk-Krivorog Soviet Republic

Hence, if Viatrovich is allowed to carry out his plan, then it logically follows that all the pieces except the light blue area should be handed back to their original owners!

Miroshnik jokes that this plan will automagically resolve the territorial disputes of the Donbass and Crimea.  (they are Russian, of course), as well as several others.  Which is why he enthuastically supports the plan.

Like my mom says, “Be careful what you wish for!”

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