Kadyrov Criticizes The Exceptional Nation

Dear Readers:

I saw this piece in VZGLIAD a couple of days ago.  Don’t worry, it’s a shortie, I can do it all in one sitting.

Martin Luther King speaks out against the Vietnam War.

But first, before we start, I want to give a shout-out to my American readers and wish them a Happy Martin Luther King Day!  I know it’s just become another commercial holiday, like everything does in America, but still…  The older I get the more I appreciate just what a great man MLK was, and I’m not just saying that out of faux piety.  King was a freedom fighter, not just for African-Americans.  He called out the ruling class, not just on bigotry, but on their imperialist war against Vietnam.  Most ordinary Americans know only the sanitized version of King, and probably don’t realize the extent to which he had become radicalized, just before his assassination.  In my view, he really was a good egg, and if I had planned this blog better, I might have had something better themed for this holday.  As it is, all I have right now is this Kadyrov piece!  Oh well, here goes…

Putin bet on Kadyrov as the man who could bring peace to Chechnya.

The story features Ramzan Kadyrov, the Head of Chechnya.  Which, as everybody knows, is one of the constituent Republics of the Russian Federation.  If I recall correctly, Kadyrov used to be called the “President” of the Chechen Republic, but then there was a sort of company re-org; regional leaders such as himself were sort of demoted to the title of “Head” or “Chief”, because the title of “President” is now reserved only for the head of the entire Company Nation.  It’s like when your old boss used to be called a “Manager”, but then there was some kind of corporate reshuffling, and now he’s just the “Project Team Leader”, in other words, typical Office Politics!

Anyhow for the backstory to this, please keep in mind 4 major points:

  1. Kadyrov is absolutely demonized in Westie media.  He is the Kim Jong-un of the Caucasus.  Yet, if he were the anti-Russian jihadist guerrilla that his dad started off as; or one of the Saudi-sponsored warlords who used to blow stuff up all over Russia, then he would be lionized as a freedom fighter.  But since he is on the pro-Russian side of the fence and a loyal Russian patriot, that makes him a monster.  Westie media paints him as a corrupt and violent thug, a Muslim loon who forces Chechen girls to marry by the age of 12.  (Which is an exaggeration, by the way.)  Kadyrov is on various Western sanctions lists and is probably banned from travel to Europe or America, since he is such a bad person.
  2. In the recent upswing of the Cold War between America and Russia, the rhetoric is heating up.  The Russian side has stopped passively taking the barbs and begun to fling them back.  It’s like back in the Khrushchev era, when Americans would yell:  “You send people to Siberia!”  And Russia would yell back:  “And you lynch Negroes!”
  3. This latest schoolyard rumble was clearly started by the Americans.
  4. And yet, this latest incarnation of the “American intellectual elite” (an oxymoron, if ever there was one)  are completely unprepared for classical verbal warfare, and probably should not have started this fight.  Among them, there is nobody of the debating calibre of a, say, William Jennings Bryan or a Clarence Darrow!

Which is why they can be easily demolished (verbally speaking), not just by Russian political spokespesons such as Maria Zakharova; or professional well-informed journalists such as Margarita Simonyan; but even by relative pipsqueaks like Ramzan Kadyrov!

President Camacho defends Idiocracy against its detractors.

In short, having graduates of the American Idiocracy trading barbs with the current generation of wordly Russian elite, would be like putting your five-year-old up to debate Neil deGrasse Tyson about the moon landing!

Kadyrov Takes Apart The Exceptional Nation

With that said, let us see what Kadyrov had to say about the country that calls itself “Exceptional”.   This was in the course of taking stock of the year 2017.

Vulnerability to Terrorism:  In the year 2017, according to Kadyrov, there were three major terrorist actions in the U.S.  As opposed to zero in Chechnya.

Murders and Criminals:  In Chechnya there were 11 criminal cases for murder, of which 10 were solved.  In Chechnya, some 900 criminals are sitting in prison, having been convicted of various crimes.  No citizen of Chechnya/Russia was killed or harmed by members of law enforcement.

In the U.S., during that same year, law enforcement officials killed 987 of their own citizens.  Of which 294 turned out to be unarmed.  Of those people killed by the cops, 49.6% were “whites”, 28.2% African-American, and 14.8% Latinos.

Kadyrov also notes that the “land of free” leads the world in incarcerations of its own citizens, around 2.5 million of ’em.  “This is one fourth of all people subject to punishments around the entire globe; and taking into account that only 5% of the planet’s population resides in the U.S.!”  Moreover, Kadyrov adds, “if you add to the people behind bars those who are out on parole, the number rises to 7.3 million people.”  Kadyrov also notes that the U.S. spends $80 billion dollars annually on its prison system!

What Kadyrov didn’t mention is the grossly disproportionate number of African Americans behind bars; and, since statistics show that most of those guys are not even violent criminals,  just in there for drugs, I reckon that point brings us back full circle to Martin Luther King, and his attempts to bring justice for all to the Land Of the Free!

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2 Responses to Kadyrov Criticizes The Exceptional Nation

  1. Patient Observer says:

    Good post! MLK should be more fully appreciated for his courage which, unfortunately, resulted in his assassination. I suspect that the reintegration of Chechnya in Russia was one of the most significant defeats in the Western anti-Russia campaign. Russia’s success in achieving harmony with a devoutly Muslim society does not go unnoticed in the Muslim world.


    • yalensis says:

      Thanks, Patient Observer! The amazing thing about MLK was not just that he helped to avert a nasty race war, but that he understood the connection between racial segregation and imperialism/colonialism. Which is most likely why he was assassinated. Even years before his assassination, he had the FBI tailing him and spying on him without conscience. He was a marked man, and he knew it!

      MLK had the rare quality of being an actual leader of his people. He was accepted by almost everybody as the natural leader. I mean, if somebody asked today, “Who is the leader of the African-American people?” one would just have to laugh puzzledly.

      By all rights, MLK should have been the first “black” prez of the U.S., instead of that running-dog Obama, lapdog of the Clinton dynasty. Ugh!


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