Boycott Bing Bang!

Dear Sir:

The Russian people are devastated by your cavalier expressions of contempt for them.  If you want to hate Trump, that is your right as a red-blooded American.  But please leave foreign affairs to more seasoned diplomats.  And please stop insulting Russia.  I call upon red-blooded Russians and pro-Russians and just about everyone else to stop watching your cheesy shows.  In conclusion, Dear Sir, drop dead!

Sincerely yours,

That, Dear Readers, is my imaginary letter, in the heat of the moment, to Chuck Lorre, Producer of several popular American sitcoms, including The Big Bang Theory.  A show which is actually very popular in Russia and has many Russian fans, who “get” its goofy ensemble humor.

So, what did Chuck do that was so bad?  Well, he recently insulted the Russian people and all of Russian history, for starters.

Chuck Lorre: “Was it something I said?”

It came to my attention just yesterday what Chuck did, when I read a comment on Mark Chapman’s “Kremlin Stooge” blog, the comment was penned by my own dear colleague, Lyttenburgh.  Whom, in the heat of the moment (I just decided 10 minutes ago to write this post) I omitted to ask permission to republish his comment.  But I’m pretty sure he’s cool with it, especially since it’s a really good comment and sums up the Angst of your typical Russian TV viewer in search of mindless and harmless entertainment which will not insult his inner psyche.  Although… as was clarified in later comments, Russian viewers do not generally pay to see Mr. Lorre’s shows, they watch pirated versions on youtube.  Therefore, their feelings and concerns are irrelevant.

Here is Lyt’s comment:

Say hi to the typical vignette by Chuck Lorre , the creator of the “Grace Under Fire”, “2 and a half Men” and “The Big Bang Theory”. Such vignettes (he calls them “vanity cards”) are left as a “bonus material” at the end of each episode he makes, but are also available on his show’s site. Like this one, airing at the end of the 2nd episode (11 season) of “The Big Bang Theory”, a comedy show with rather big following in Russia:


“When I was a little boy the Russians were coming. At least once a week, I was instructed to hide in the school basement because the Russians were coming. I actually spent six years learning to speak Russian because when they got here, I wanted to know how to say, “Don’t shoot!” (не стрелять!) And now, more than half a century later, after their dumbass system of government imploded, the friggin’ Russians are still coming. How is that possible? How are we still being tormented by a nation that has yet to build a decent refrigerator or toaster, let alone a cell phone or a car? By a culture that thinks borscht is a good idea? By the people who somehow managed to contribute less to rock music than the French? I mean, sure, kudos on vodka, but how is it that these people are still making us miserable? And more importantly, why? Is world domination still a thing? And if it is, let’s say they succeed. What then? The future supreme rulers of planet Earth are gonna rock the casbah with balalaikas? Forgive me, but in the words of their favorite son, Orange Julius, that is “sad.””

Dear Mr. Lorre (let’s pretend he will actually read me here)! I’ve read the account of your Cold War era childhood with great amusement. The generation of my parents growing up at the same time in the USSR did not experience anything like that. They were not taught to duck and cover below their desks in order to (somehow!) survive the nuclear blast. They were not tormented with constant alarm drills. They were not taught how to say “не стреляйте!” (don’t shoot) in the case the American invaders would finally invade our country.

My parents and their generation had happy unblemished childhood.

Meanwhile, while you and your generation were doing the drills the military of your country, the USA, was depriving children in various parts of the globe of their own happy childhood. They were often depriving them of their livelihood and even their lives. Compared to what your military did to their countries your own “childhood trauma” was nothing.

But, judging from your latest vanity card, should we accept without question everything you say, then we have to come to the following conclusions:

– If the country does not have a “dumbass system of government” (i.e. they are so-called “liberal democracies”) – the can have the right to come and interfere into other people’s lives – but not the other way round.

– Only a country that “build a decent refrigerator or toaster, let alone a cell phone or a car” can “torment” other countries.

– Russian culture (sic) thinks that borscht is a good idea. Not Ukrainian. Not Byelarussian – only Russian. And that’s a no-no.

– Russian rock bands (“Kino”, “Akvarium”, “Maschina Vremeni”, “Krematoriy”, “Chizh &Co” and many, many others) SOMEHOW “contribute less to rock music than the French”. Ergo, only the nations, who contributed a lot to the rock music have the right to subjugate the world and diss Murika [nod, nod].

– Putin does everything he does in the name of the world domination (see – making life uncomfortable in the mind of some Murikan kreakls = World Domination) in order to “rock the casbah with balalaikas” (c).

I don’t think that Chuck Lorre was paid to write anything of this. Given that Wikipedia’a article mentions, that he “publicly admitted his decades of struggle with the autoimmune disease ulcerative colitis, and other mild health struggles with depression, worry, and anger/rage” I thinks that all of these sentiments are genuine. But that doesn’t make them less of a propaganda of the unhigned hate by someone, who has the means to reach (and influence) thousands of people across the globe.

Indeed – “sad”, is the only thing I have to say about this once favorite show of mine.

That was Lyt’s rant, and now back to me, yalensis.

Full disclosure:  I have never watched any of those other Chuck Lorre shows, but was a regular watcher of Bing BangWAS, I said.  Which I now intend to stop watching.  Which is sad, because now I will never find out if Sheldon and Amy actually go through with the wedding and, if so, how long before their inevitable divorce?

And, for starters, I had never known about these “Vanity Cards” before, and it seems pretty stupid to me that a bigtime Hollywood producer would put this sort of thing online (not just the Russian stuff, but his other political rants) and risk alienating a chunk of his American viewers.  Well, you know what the Bible has to say about vanity.

Fair and Balanced

In my due diligence as a respectable blogger, I just popped onto google to see if there was perhaps some explanation, or mitigating circumstance.  Still holding out hope that it was all just a ghastly misunderstanding, and I could go back to watching Bang with a clean conscience.  Like I said, I had never even known about these “Vanity Cards” of Lorre’s, or that he has left quite a paper trail of his personal opinions.

I googled something like “Chuck Lorre on Russia” and got a bunch of stuff.  Including this actually very interesting link, this was Chuck in a earlier and happier time (March 2017), and include the lyrics to a beautiful and popular Russian song, “Moscow Nights”.  My first thought was:  “Ah!  Chuck likes Russian music, so he can’t be all bad!”  But then remembering:  This was still post-Trump, after all, so he probably meant something sarcastic by it.  Like, Trump was singing tunes in Moscow, or something.  One highly interesting point, though:  Alonso del Arte, the writer of that link, quoted a previous Chuck rant from a month earlier, in which (if I am reading this correctly) Chuck basically does a live vivisection on Rachel Maddow:

Rachel, with her Ricky Nelson pompadour

If the free press is the enemy of the people, and I’m part of the people, it would follow that Rachel Maddow is out to get me. Now I don’t mean to diminish her intellect, which is considerable, but as enemies go, with that Ricky Nelson pompadour and big, goofy grin, she doesn’t exactly strike terror in my heart. On the other hand, Little Stevie Van Breitbart, who I assume is a friend of the people and looks like he just woke up from a three-day bender, scares the$#!+ out of me.

And I reckon anybody who trashes Maddow (especially a fellow Liberal Jewish Hollywood-type person??) can’t be all bad.

But let’s face it:  All of this is really about Trump.  Trump is what went terribly wrong for the American Liberal elite.  And they need to blame somebody, so they blame Russia!

This other link shows (maybe — remember that I wrote this entire post in great haste) Chuck’s evolution into madness (post-Trump election) with his “open letter” to Julian Assange.  Putting on my Freud-Psychiatrist hat, I see a Hollywood Liberal who was terribly shattered by the election, lost all his illusions, like little Hedwig in Ibsen’s Vildanden, maybe he even used to have some lingering respect for Russia, which was all flushed down the toilet, due to Putin’s despicable actions in stealing the American election!

An Open Letter to Julian Assange

Dear Jules,

Julian: Neo-Morlock do

Belated congrats on your whole Mr. Robot thing. You promised to use the Internet to expose and bring down all the corrupt bastards ruining our world, and boy did you almost follow through. Julie baby! Boychick! The job’s only half-way done! You need to show us you’re not just another gun for hire and hose down the other mosh pit. You know what I’m talking about. The tax returns, the out-takes, maybe even some freaky-deaky-golden-leaky beauty pageant video action. Time to step up, J-man. If you wanna be a cyber Fidel, or a digital Che, or a virtual Ho, you’ve gotta stop stuffing your face with arroz con pollo and get to work. It’s time to go all Talking Heads on this situation. Burning down the house, bubelah! You’re one wikiwacky-leak away from being a hero. Or maybe a martyr. Ecuadorean potato soup, Ecuadorean puhtahto soup, they’re usually the same thing.

Hugs to Vlad,

P.S. Love your hair, very nouveau Morlock

That “Vlad” thingie is the true indicator of Chuck’s increasing dementia in regard to Russia.  See, it was “Vlad Putin” who brought about the Triumph of Evil in the U.S.

And here Chuck badly insults a man he used to respect, namely Julian Assange.  Although I have to admit that “Morlock” comment is right on target!

And in conclusion, Dear Readers, what to make of all this madness?  Who is to blame, and what should be done?  Should we boycott Chuck’s shows?  I say Yes!  Unless he makes a sincere apology to all the humans, animals, and clowns involved in this ghastly farce!

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13 Responses to Boycott Bing Bang!

  1. Lyttenburgh says:

    The Law of Large Numbers is a Thing and it rocks.

    Here how it works. Let’s take as an example. They provide a steady torrent of translations from the foreign media concerning all things Russian. They are visited daily by a lot of people. Some of these visitors are even subscribed to all updates happening on InoSMI, getting a “ping” every time a new article is published.

    Most often, the articles by the Free and Independent Western Media ™ are soooooo reeking of Russophobia, that late and unlamented Andre Gluksman is ready to bless them with his Seal Of Approval from beyond the grave. Here comes the Large Numbers Law. Most of the Foreign articles about Russia are Russophobic. InoSMI translates these articles. Ergo – most of the articles on InoSMI are Russophobic.

    So, how do the visitors of InoSMI react to yet another Russia bashing article? Well, first of all – they read it. Or try to read it, anyway – that’s a hard task to stomach so much crap in the written form anyway. The vast majority (yours truly – when he returns to his InoSMI reading ways – included) do nothing afterwards. Tough shit – yet another Russophobic article! Others, OTOH, feel the urge to vent off their anger. Most of them do it just here – in the comment section below the article in question, or on InoSMI forums.

    But there is another venue to “vent the steam off”. You see, all of those InoSMI produced translations have a link to the original. On-line press often has comment sections below their articles as well. So nothing prevents a Russian InoSMI regular from going exactly here, into the den of the beast, and doing the therapeutically “venting” exactly there. The fun thing here – you don’t need a “Troll Army” for that. The Law of Large Numbers takes care of that. The bigger the sample the more the proportional percentage of those who’d do just that with no outside nudging, prodding and encouragement at all. All you need is just to share this or that “wonderful” news piece.

    Now, the staple of the Russophobic defense against Russian criticism of this or that instance of ham-fisted anti-Russian propaganda is to claim, that the authors have nothing against Russians as people. Nothing personal, really – we are just criticizing your “Regime” and it’s oppressiveness and aggressive foreign policy! And this could even work – to a degree. But Chuck Lorre have crossed this line – he dissed not the Russian state, but the Russian people and our culture and history. There is no way to deny it or try to rationalize it. There is no easy excuse short of honest, tearful apology. Which, let’s be honest here, is not coming.

    “TBBT” fandom in Russia is rather big. It comprises the exact types who are portrayed in the show – mostly Higher Education Institutions students and professionals, i.e. members of “intelligentsia”. It’s easy to claim to be “apolitical” and watch the show. It’s even easier to claim that the show is a good example of intellectual solidarity which crosses international borders and unites people all across the world. But how can you, as a Russian, continue to watch this show with the same eyes after you learn about Chuck Lorre’s, this show’s creator, attitude not just to your government (let’s be frank here – Russian intelligentsia likes to play “Fronde” from time to time) but to you as a Russian? How can you be silent if some (supposedly intelligent and knowledgeable) asshole from across the ocean just degraded you and your people to a stock limit of klyukvified stereotypes? How can you supposedly defend the Western propaganda machine aka the Hollywood with the protestations of “They really don’t have anything against us personally!” after that?

    It’s about radicalization. It’s about you (general “you”) no longer sitting on a fence with your “I’m apolitical” attitude and finally taking side. And the Law of Large Numbers is surely not on the side of self-hating so-called “Russians”.

    So I say – let the word spread! The more people know about it – the better!

    P.S. IMHO, people who patronizingly say “boychik” to a grown man deserve their fat/skinny תחת to be kicked. Not calling to anything – just saying.


    • yalensis says:

      I think one of Chuck’s problems — the “boychik” thing is a good example — is that he probably spouts these “vanity” comments when he is full-on drunk!
      How else to explain the sheer brazen idiocy of it?
      Is he not worried about the volume of enemies he is creating for himself?


      • Lyttenburgh says:

        “I think one of Chuck’s problems — the “boychik” thing is a good example — is that he probably spouts these “vanity” comments when he is full-on drunk!”

        But-but-but!.. Wikipedia article told me he’s “recovering alcoholic”! Plus – twice divorced, and now engaged to a ” behavioral health specialis”.


        This is so low hanging fruit, that I’m averse of making jokes here. Do it yourself.


        • yalensis says:

          One would think the TV network would do something about this guy, instead of allowing him to continue alienating viewer after viewer.
          I mean, just under half the American public voted for Trump, after all.
          They should fire his ass!
          After all, it’s not like this guy is so indispensable, they have teams of writers and other producers who can do anything that he does. So, he’s the creative genius behind “Two and a Half Men”, big deal, it’s not exactly Dostoevsky.
          In short, they can find other writers who can write this pap and who possess more discipline, and without the “vanity” rants.

          Brothers and Sisters!
          Even though it is not Sunday yet, I feel I must quote from the Bible:

          “Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher,
          vanity of vanities! All is vanity.”

          (Ecclesiastes 1:2)

          And wiki informs me that the biblical “vanity” is a translation from Hebrew hebel which means “mist” or “vapor”. Not unlike the alcoholic vapors proceeding from Chuck Lorre’s various orifices.


  2. Lyttenburgh says:

    First reactions to this mindfart by Chuck Lorre only now began appearing in Russia . ‘Cuz Kurazh-Bambey Studio translated this episode only yesterday. Important note – “KBS” did NOT translate the offending vanity card. They don’t do that usually. The only exception was at the end of Episode 15 (Season 3) – THIS they translated fully in Russian.

    The other equally weak reaction is, unfortunately, here.


    • yalensis says:

      reddit??? Oy!

      P.S. the Belarus vanity card — I actually understand what Chuck is talking about. When I did [minimal] research for my post, I discovered that there is indeed a Belorussian version of this sitcom. It’s called “The Theorists”. Apparently the Belorussian pirates do a complete remake of each Bing Bang episode, translating the American script into Russian and using Russian/Belorussian actors. LOL!

      Hence, Chuck was upset that his precious scripts are pirated and translated without any copyright fees.
      Well, you know what they say: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


  3. Anthony Foreman says:

    I think Chuck Lorre might have been aiming for comic effect.


    • yalensis says:

      Possibly. Maybe Churck didn’t realize how much Russians would take offense.
      Or maybe he didn’t care, since they are not a paying market.

      I simply can’t imagine an American media mogul saying such nasty things about a nationality other than Russians. Can you imagine the furor if he had written something like that about, say, Jews or Africans?


  4. Vit Y says:

    As a russian fan I don’t really wanna continue watching TBBT after these words, either! They don’t seem to be even written in a form of a joke, although i tried to take them as one. Even though what he says tells more of his brainwashed mentality and narrow-mindedness i think he should take a moment to apologize. Is there a way to make him puclicly do that through any of his social account? I think this should be the goal!


  5. Raven says:

    Where should I start? First of all, can’t you take a joke? Also a lot of people enjoy those vanity cards especially now we can pause & read them. I enjoy them a lot they really make me think & on several occasions it helps me work my brain throughout the day just thinking about it and wondering what other people thought about it one of my favorite ones is where he says, “this message is directly from God I just dictated it.” it was perfect everyone should read that one!
    Anyway, I just wanted to put my 2 cents in & I just HAVE to say, we can’t “boycott Bing Bang.” You say you are a fan but don’t even know the name of the show. I can’t stand The Big Bang Theory. I’ve never heard of Bing Bang. Either way I LOVE MOM! So just do t take those vanity cards so personally. It’s basically a tweet, Instagram &/or facebook post. Are you spending as much time on other posts from other people whom you disagree with? Just move on & try being happy, Bing Bang!


    • Lyttenburgh says:

      “First of all, can’t you take a joke?”

      Joke? What joke? “friggin’ Russians are still coming” (c) is a joke? Quote:

      “How are we still being tormented by a nation that has yet to build a decent refrigerator or toaster, let alone a cell phone or a car? By a culture that thinks borscht is a good idea? By the people who somehow managed to contribute less to rock music than the French? I mean, sure, kudos on vodka, but how is it that these people are still making us miserable? And more importantly, why? Is world domination still a thing? And if it is, let’s say they succeed. What then? The future supreme rulers of planet Earth are gonna rock the casbah with balalaikas?”

      This is supposed to be funny? Tell you what – “Der Sturmer” had in 1930s a bunch of jokes in that vein as well. Oh, and I heard that Al Johnson’s blackface act was hillllllllllarious – why not make it the mainstream again?

      “I enjoy them a lot they really make me think…”

      Given your “stream of the consciousness” kind of comment, I wager you’d find a lot of “food for thoughts” even in fortune cookies contents.


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