Americans Suffered A Series of Defeats In Syria – Part V

Dear Readers:

Today finishing off Krutikov’s anaytical piece about the Pentagon’s blooper reel in the Syrian conflict.

As mentioned, the Americans, as a last desperate gambit, and reaching very deeply into the old playbook from Vietnam, decided to send “advisors”  onto Syrian soil (illegally, I might add) to train Kurdish militias.  These militias were ordered to take the non-Kurdish city of Raqqa  away from the ISIS militias.  As Krutikov has pointed out in some of his earlier pieces as well, the Kurds as a people are monomaniacal — the only thing they are interested in is carving out their own homeland on traditionally Kurdish territory.  Of which, Raqqa is not one.  The Americans had to really flog and beseech them to fight for Raqqa.

Kurdish fighters arrive in Raqqa

Krutikov calls the Kurds “eccentric, laconic, and cunning” people.  Kurds are the kind of people who will die bravely for each other, but not for outsiders.  They guys are now pretty much the only card left in the American deck.  Americans have assigned them the task of capturing as much sovereign Syrian territory as possible; this will give them more bargaining chips when the time comes to negotiate with Damascus about the boundaries of the Kurdish autonomy.

The Americans are already laying out plans for the political and economic infrastructure of Kurdistan, much to the consternation of Turkey.  (Turkey’s attitude towards a future Kurdistan has always been the same:  “Over my dead body.”)  Hence, the Americans are building a top-secret airbase at Kobanî, which lies on the northern border, between Syria and Turkey.  The airbase is large, but, due to local geographical features, can only accept helicopters.  The Americans are so obsessed with the secrecy of the Kobanî base, that they even got Google to exclude this area from Google Maps.  And satellites are not allowed to photograph it, although one photo from a commercial satellite did somehow inadvertently sneak through the filter.  Which, by the way, as a sidebar, proves that Google cannot be trusted; nor can their archived maps be considered as gold coin when used to prove or disprove one conspiracy theory or another.  But that is all for a different discussion.

In addition to Kobanî, two other major infrastructure objects of the American military have been spotted in Northern Syria.  One of which is capable of receiving an F-35.  The number of American advisors there is estimated to be several hundred persons.  Who generally carry light weapons and drive around in Hummers.  Krutikov claims these American advisors have been overheard complaining about the horrendous conditions of their daily lives.  Well, it was never meant to be the Ritz.

The Great Game

In addition to their Kurdistan efforts, the Americans — as is their wont — also have some stuff going on in the South of Syria.  This one is sort of an echo of the “Sycamore” project and involves setting up some kind of bases in Jordan.  And also involves Arabs, instead of Kurds.

Earlier this year (spring of 2017), the Pentagon suddenly fell in love with an armed group nobody had heard of before.  They call themselves Maghawir al-Thawra, which apparently mean, in Arabic, “Commanders of the Revolution”.  When I was trying to figure out how to transliterate these words from Russian (Мугхавейр ат-Тавра) to English, I figured out, by poking around (I can’t read Arabic, unfortunately) the al-Thawra portion of the name (which is Arabic for “Revolution”) and i subsequetly hit upon this link in Google.  According to which, al-Thawra is an “experimental crust punk” band (whatever that means) from Chicago, Illinois.

Hm… probably not the group that Krutikov had in mind.  Maybe these guys.  Says that they “received training and advanced weaponry” from something called the “Authenticity and Development Front”.  In which case, whether these guys are a crust punk band or a “Authenticity” front group, either way, they sound more and more like a more demented episode from some insane American TV show written by, say, J.J. Abrams.

Syrian soldiers celebrate their victory at Deir ez-Zoar

Be that as it may, this particular punk band crossed over the border from Jordan into Syria, occupied a small town called Al-Taif, and were handsomely rewarded by the Americans with the Holy Grail itself:  TOW anti-tank complexes!  Not bad for an experimental doom-crust Muslim punk band from Chicago!  Except that the punkers were soon chased out of the area by the Syrian regular army forces and their Persian allies.  Who have proved in the past, for example at the Palmyra gig, that they prefer Bach and Prokofiev and such-like classics to edgier “crust” music.

In the game score so far, the Americans and their punk allies lost Al-Taif, but do seem to be settling in to a “Kurdistan” area.  This is their singular mini-success so far.  But the game is not over yet, and the Syrian government has vowed to cleanse the American soldiers out altogether.  There is no place for them or their punk bots in a unified, secular, and multi-ethnic Syria.

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