And Still Another Ukrainian Hero: Alexander Semchenko – Part III

Dear Readers:

Continuing the story of Alexander Semchenko,with a slight detour into the biography of Evgeny Muraev, the Ukrainian Oligarch/politician who has temporarily banned Semchenko from appearing on his talk-show.  And Ukraine is a country, by the way, where even the President owns his own TV channel.  If that isn’t the definition of an Oligarchy, then I don’t know what is.  We have all seen those dystopic futuristic sci-fi movies where a single Company owns the entire planet, has its own army and controls all the media; and the few remaining non-Company humans are herded into the uranium mines to work as slave labor… Well, if capitalism proceeds along its current course; and if Ukraine is any indication — this will surely be our future, so enjoy all your freedoms now, while you still have them, Humankind!

Humanity has a bleak future.

In the meantime, we can rejoice that Semchenko is still alive, after his bold display of free-thinking on live TV last week.  Over the weekend Alex did what remains of the “talk-show”circuit in Ukraine.  It wasn’t exactly a Full Ginsburg, but he did at least appear on Elena Bojko’s show on the channel VZOR-TV.  Semchenko is a feisty guy.  He described how he had butted heads with talk-show host Veresen in the past, on a show devoted to the deportation of the Crimean Tatars.  There too, Semchenko refused to just go along with the “party line” on the Tatar issue, and also pointed out Veresen’s geographical ignorance in not knowing the location of the Russian city of Molotov.  When asked by Bojko about his linguistic preferences, Semchenko explained that he is fluent in both Ukrainian and Russian, he can switch back and forth at will.  Recently he has stopped speaking in Ukrainian.  Out of a stubborn resistance to being told what to do.   Recall that the Ukrainian government has launched a de-Russification campaign and passed laws that virtually amount to a banning of the Russian language, and this in a country that is majority Russian-speaking or bilingual.   “Right now I am feeling a certain spirit of Resistance,” Semchenko explained to Bojko.  “When people pressure me, then I resist.  And that is why I feel that contradiction within myself, which prevents me from speaking Ukrainian, just out of principle.”

Alexander Semchenko: Rebel with a Cause

Clearly Semchenko has a “Resistor” anti-authoritarian personality.  He doesn’t give in to peer pressure.  This is a rare quality in humans, who usually just follow the herd blindly.  If there were more people like Semchenko in the world, then perhaps we might still be able to avert that bleak future slaving away in the Uranium Mines of Altair XII.  But for now let us now meet our Future Boss in those Altairian mines, as we return to the biography of Ukrainian media mogul, Evgeny Muraev,

We already saw that Evgeny Vladimirovich Muraev was born to be a successful capitalist.  He grew up in a hard-working, educated family, got a good education.  In 1994 he graduated from the Physics-Mathematics Lyceum #27 in Kharkov and went on for post-graduate studies at the Economics Faculty of Kharkov State University, with a specialty in “Finance and Credit”.  The two pillars of modern Finance Capitalism.  Muraev graduated with a score of “Excellent”, since then he has gone on to acquire still another degree, this time in Law, at the National Law School named after Yaroslav the Wise.  He graduated in 2014, again with a score of “Excellent”.

Since 2000 Muraev has occupied various high positions in various companies.  Including General Director of an oil-trading company.  His positions involve his expertise in finance and the stock market.

Muraev’s Political Career

In the post-Soviet world, as I mentioned, businessmen and politicians are often one and the same person.  One of Vladimir Putin’s greatest accomplishments, as Russian President, was in pushing back (somewhat) this tendency, and thus giving the new Russian government a better chance of survival in this cut-throat world where Globalist cliques gobble up whole nations for breakfast.  Recall that Putin was able to kick several high-ranking oligarchs (such as Berezovsky and Khodorkovsky) out of Russian politics, an act which earned him the eternal enmity of the Globalist elites.  It is said that Putin made a back-room deal with the remaining Russian oligarchs, namely:  “You can keep the cash and property that you stole from the people during the Wild 90’s, but in exchange, you have to follow 2 simple rules:  (1) You pay your taxes to the government; and (2) You stay out of politics.”

Muraev speaks at the Rada

In the Ukraine there was no such social contract between Government and Business.  In fact, any self-respecting Ukrainian oligarch not only engages in politics, but usually owns his own political party and his own media channel as well.  It’s just comme il faut.  Otherwise, he is a nobody.

Muraev entered politics in 2006, as a Kharkov-regional Deputy of the party Viche.  He has served on committees involved in energy policy and public housing.  In 2010 he was elected as a delegate of the Party of Regions.  Appointed by the President as Chairman of the Government of the Zmievshchina Region, Muraev did such a good job as an administrator, that Zmievshchina rose in ranking from 17th to First in the sphere of social and communal services, including children’s health, education, physical culture and sports.  Muraev also implemented a program of recyling wastes and bringing clean drinking water to the public.

Viktor Yanukovych, former head of former Party of Regions

Everything that Muraev has attempted, he has done well.  He is a walking example of Excellence in life.  In November 2012 he was elected, by a stunning plurality of votes, to the Supreme Rada, representing the Party of Regions.  In October 2014 he switched parties to the Opposition Bloc and was re-elected to Parliament.  In March 2015 Muraev joined the Opposition Shadow Government as Minister of Economic Development.  In June 2016 Muraev announced that he was leaving the Opposition Bloc fraction, and this is also typical of Ukrainian politics, where people switch parties and form coalitions at the drop of a hryvna.

In the post-Maidan era Muraev has been critical of the Poroshenko government, and even, from time to time, employed sarcasm as his political weapon against the Ukrainian Nationalists.  As a result, his TV channel was a more comfortable place for free-thinkers such as Semchenko.  But now Semchenko has been banned even from Muraev’s show.  So, what did Semchenko actually say that was so shocking to everyone?

[to be continued]

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