Syrian Woodpecker Migrates To Moscow

Dear Readers:

Today, even though it’s Sunday, I decided to waive my usual Bible reading and just go for a cute animal story.  In this case, a Syrian woodpecker.  And no, I swear to God there is no double meaning here, nor Aesopian moral, nor snide undercurrent of pro- or anti-war propaganda.  Nope.  Sometimes a woodpecker is just a woodpecker.

Here is the story that I saw in VZGLIAD:

A Syrian Woodpecker Migrated To The Bitsevsky Forest

“He is very similar to the Great Spotted Woodpecker that we are accustomed to, but at the same time he looks a bit different.  For example, his black “moustache” does not join together with his black collar, his tail feathers are paler and don’t come up as far on his belly; and he also has dapples on his sides,” it was communicated on the site of the Moscow Mayor.

A Syrian Spotted Woodpecker

A Russian Great Spotted Woodpecker, male.

The spotting of this Syrian woodpecker [near Moscow] indicates that this species may be expanding their habitat further North.

Bitsevsky Park and Forest, near Moscow

The [bird-watchers] also noted that the bird in question was young, which means it could have even been born in the Bitsevsky Forest.

Usually these types of woodpeckers build their nests in the hollows of tree trunks, at a height of one to three meters.  Around half of the diet of a Syrian woodpecker consists of plants, especially seeded fruits.

The Mayor’s site also noted that the Syrian woodpeckers have calls that are higher (in frequency), softer and not as sharp as the [Russian] Great Spotted Woodpecker, and usually they [the Syrian birds] just emit a monosyllable “kik”.  On the other hand, the drum-beating pecking of Syrian woodpeckers lasts twice as long [as their Russian counterparts].

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