Aftermath of Victory Day: Ukrainian Nationalists Are Losing The Narrative

Dear Readers:

Two days after Victory Day, an ever-increasing volume of anecdotal evidence flows in, showing how Ukrainian nationalists are losing whatever ideological grip they used to  have.   On a nation which was built by Lenin and Stalin (roughly speaking), and which the Nationalists seized in the 2014 junta.  The Nationalist/Banderite ideology and narrative of Ukrainian history and of what happened in World War II simply cannot stand up to any scrutiny.  Not even that of a small child.  The Victory Day events proved that Ukrainians and Russians alike are willing to risk beatings and arrests in order to honor their ancestors and family members who fought for their freedom and survival.  There are signs and portents that the tipping point is very close at hand:  The Nationalists will be driven out of the Ukrainian government by popular demand.

Ukrainian Nationalist vesion of WWII: Note the infected Anus symbol…

This piece, by journalist Tatiana Herashchenko from Odessa, is a first-person narrative of how Tanya and her friends braved the Odessa cops, the neo-Nazi hooligans, and the entire totalitarian structure in order to attend the “Immortal Regiment” ceremony on May 9.  The piece deserves a full translation, which I won’t have time to do until the weekend.  I hope that readers will indulge me and read it at that time, even though it will be less timely, in this day and age when news grows old in just under a day.

Boryslav Bereza: A Zhido-Banderite

Meanwhile, for today I have this shorter piece, which tells a similar story, namely that an ever decreasing number of Ukrainians give a hoot what the Nationalists say or think; or what crazy rules they attempt to impose on people.

The piece begins with Right Sektor Party honcho (and Parliament Deputy) Borislav Bereza accusing a Ukrainian football star of being a traitor.  Bereza himself is one of those Ukrainian oddities known as a Zhido-Banderite, a “Jewish Banderite”.  Seemingly an oxymoron (since Bandera’s thugs murdered tens of thousands of Jews with enormous gusto and helped the Nazis bury their bodies at Babiy Yar), but there you have it, this is a factual phenomenon…  Which can only be explained by the fact that some people are simply stupid as well as vicious.

Timoshchuk on the field

Anyhow, this particular Zhido-Bandera was complaining about the actions of a Ukrainian man named Anatoly Timoshchuk.  The latter being a star football player, what afficianados call a “deep-lying midfielder”.  Per his wiki, just to accentuate (for dramatic effect) how good this guy, and how important:  “Tymoshchuk is the former captain of the Ukraine national football team, and with 140 caps since his debut in 2000 he is their most capped player of all time. He took part in Ukraine’s first-ever FIFA World Cup in 2006 and their first European Championship in 2012. He won the Ukrainian Footballer of the Year on three occasions.”

The St. George ribbon

So, the internet was abuzz with photos of Timoshchuk, a couple of days ago strolling around St. Petersburg Russia wearing the St. George ribbon, known in Russian as the “Georgievskaya Lenta”.  This military symbol didn’t use to be as big a deal as it is now, it’s basically a military decoration dating back to the days of the Russian Empire and continuing to be used even in Soviet times.  In the Putin era, what with Communist symbology on the wane (for example:  Red Stars, hammers and sickles, etc.) the George Ribbon became popular as a bridge-symbol between the two eras.  Something acceptable to all sides.  It is now the main decoration among Russians honoring the dead of World War II, for example on Victory Day.  If you watched Russian TV news, you would see that all the anchors wore those little pins.  Anyhow, when this Ukrainian business started, the Donbass Separatists adopted the George as one of their symbols.  From which the Ukrainian Nationalists invented the term “Colorado Beetle” to describe their opponents, comparison with insects having obvious genocidal implications.

A “Colorado” potato beetle

In totalitarian Banderite Ukraine the George ribbon symbol has been banned by the government, and anybody seen wearing it is dubbed a “Colorado” and subject to arrest, beatings, and even murder.

To replace the George Ribbon, the Banderites decided on their own creative symbology, which is supposed to be a poppy flower (hinting at Ukrainian fealty to Western Europe), but actually looks like an engorged and infected anus, probably a suitable symbol for the Banderite role in the war, just sayin’…

Returning to our football friend, Mr. Timoshchuk:  The photo which swept the internet shows him looking very happy and spritely in the company of people carrying Soviet symbolica as well as red roses (not poppies!) and St. George ribbons.  You have to look close, but Timoshchuk is carrying a George ribbon in his hands.  Granted that Anatoly is in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he is completely safe and will not be attacked by football hooligans from the other side of the fence.  But he still possibly pays a price if and when he returns to the Ukraine.

Mother Russia comforts her dead at Piskarev.

Another photo, which you can see in the linked piece from Navigator, shows Timoshchuk, along with Petersburg football players and trainers from the “Zenith” team, helping to carry a bucket of flowers to the Piskarev Cemetery.  Where lie the mass graves of soldiers and civilians who perished during the Siege of Leningrad.

All of this is very upsetting to our Zhido-Banderite Deputy Bereza, back in the Ukraine:  “This honored citizen of Lutsk,” he grouses, “an ex-captain of the Ukrainian football team, was seen wearing the Colorado Beetle regalia in St. Petersburg.  I see that this ex-player will do anything for money now, in the past he ran around the field carrying the Ukrainian flag, of which he is now ashamed.  Nothing surprising here.  One guy [Yaroslav Rakitsky] refuses to sing the hymn, another galavants around Petersburg with the George Ribbon.  They are both from the same team.  Their position is one of collaborationism.  This is very unpleasant.  Very very unpleasant.”

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