Sakhnin Recants (Sort of) – Part III

Dear Readers:

Please excuse the interruption of one day in our continuing saga of Alexei Sakhnin.  I had important work to do:  I was busy posting fan fiction in the comment section over on Mark Chapman’s blog, (long story), hence the delay.  But never fear:  Today we pick up exactly where we left off, in Alexei’s whiskey-soaked interview with Darya Aslamova, in a Swedish pub.

Is Sakhnin a Cossack from the future?

Sakhnin was in the middle of recounting to Darya his rapid rise and equally rapid fall within Swedish society and media.  When he was a refugee and political victim of the “Putin regime”, then he was a good guy to the Swedes.  But when he visited the Ukraine and reported on what he saw there, he instantly became a political enemy, an “agent of the GRU”,  and a “sent Cossack”.  That “sent Cossack” thing, by the way (Russian «Засланные казачки». Самозванцы из будущего – I had to google it, “Dispatched Cossacks – Pretenders from the Future”, something like that…) is a reference to some Russian sci-fi/fantasy book that I haven’t read.  It sounds like bullshit to me, but what do I know – I admitted I haven’t read it.   The author is Herman Romanov, who is a best-selling author within this type of genre.  According to the blurb, this book seems to be something in the genre of ALT-History, a re-fighting of the Russian Civil War, using some sort of time travel to send Cossacks back from the future to fight on behalf of Kolchak, Vrangel, and the other White commanders.  Or something like that…

Anyhow, the important point here is not the novel itself, but that Sakhnin was compared to these fictional characters in the Swedish press.  When he “betrayed” his new mentors by reporting accurately out of the Ukraine.  Reporting that the new Nationalist government over there, so adored by Westies and touted as “Democratic” and espousing “European values”, were actually a bunch of fascist street thugs who had violently clawed their way into power.

Darya: “Now you’re screwed!  To the Russian government you are a betrayer of the Motherland, whereas in Sweden you’re an agent of the bloody KGB!”

Swedish NATO shill Martin Kragh

Sakhnin:  Pretty much.  And it’s even worse than that.  A certain Russian adventurist Egor Putilov approached me for an interview.  Putilov’s goal in life is to be more Swedish than the Swedes.  He has certain very specific tasks:  to publish every kind of dirt against Russia.  I tell him:  We’re the “Left Front”, we fought against the oligarchy and the liberals who made a deal with the oligarchy.  He asks me:  So why did you support Crimea [reunification/annexation]?  (And this is what I tell him):  We do not support Putin.  But we always supported the right of nations to self-determination, and we had no intention of reneging on this position, whether to please Putin, or to please Putin’s opponents.  As a result (of this interview) there appears (in the Swedish press) some bullshit concerning some GRU General Anton Surikov who supposedly curates us.  There follows after that an entire 50-page essay in the Journal of Strategic Studies penned by a certain Martin Kragh (he’s the dude who lobbies for Sweden’s entry into NATO), which is all about how the Russian propaganda machine operates in Sweden.  And in that article, he calls ME an agent of the GRU!  [yalensis:  The journal is behind a paywall, so I can’t be sure but I think the article in question might be this one].  Next, an organization called “Friends of the Maidan” (yes, there is such an animal) starts to send complaints about me to the Immigration Service, to the newspapers, to the local leftist political party.  In one single moment, my “human rights activists” froze me out.  I was no longer needed by them.  Add to all this the traditional Swedish paranoia.

[to be continued]

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8 Responses to Sakhnin Recants (Sort of) – Part III

  1. Lyttenburgh says:

    “That “sent Cossack” thing, by the way (Russian «Засланные казачки». Самозванцы из будущего – I had to google it, “Dispatched Cossacks – Pretenders from the Future”, something like that…) is a reference to some Russian sci-fi/fantasy book that I haven’t read. “

    Eh, no. This is a reference to the wideley known memetic phrase (“А казачок-то – засланный!”) from the timeless classiс of the “Elusive Avengers” (1966):


    • yalensis says:

      Thanks for clarification, Lyttenburgh! So, Herman Romanov just used an existing phrase from this film as the title of his novel?
      Unfortunately, I never saw this film, but it looks good.

      By the way, I just thought of a better translation into English, maybe something like “Cossacks on a Mission” – what do you think?


  2. PaulR says:

    Must be a different Kragh article as Sakhnin’s name doesn’t appear in the one you linked to.


  3. Pavlo Svolochenko says:


    • yalensis says:

      Is that the same guy who was trying to kill Professor Robert Langdon?

      Those Swedish albinos can be deadly, from what I hear.
      On the other hand, some Swedish blondes are really cute:


      • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

        Perhaps, but don’t be tempted – they’re also known for being obnoxious* and narrow-minded.

        *The same girls who wave those stupid ‘refugees welcome’ placards will make jokes about ‘dumb Finns’** till the cows come home.

        **Ok, so I called them ‘Finn-golian non-humans’ and said they were the products of grey alien hybridisation – how else can you talk to Karl?


        • yalensis says:

          Dear Pavlo:
          In terms of internet protocols, I believe it is permissible to use racial slurs when talking to Karl, given that he himself is a neo-Nazi who wants to deport Central Asians!
          Both the Lord and Oprah will forgive you for your sins!


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