Breaking News: Names Of Subway Terror Victims

Dear Readers:

Here is some more information on the terror bombing in the subway, St. Petersburg, Russia, which occurred on Monday April 3.

Medyantseva, the doll-maker, died protecting her daughter in the subway car.

Just briefly, regarding the police investigation:  Federal Investigator Alexander Bastrykin informed the press that the police are actively pursuing the theory that bombing suspect Akbarjon Jalilov is connected with the international terrorist organization Islamic State (aka ISIS).  Yesterday police searched an apartment in Petersburg where several of Jalilov’s alleged contacts (who were citizens of unspecified Central Asian nations) were camping out.  A police spokesperson confirmed that certain “items of interest to the investigation” were discovered in the course of the search.

Meanwhile, the number of deaths in the attack has stabilized at 14, with one of these being the bomber himself.  Since nobody cares about him, or mourns his death, this piece lists the 13 innocent victims who are deserving of our sympathy:

  • Dilnara Samandarovna Alieva, 20 years old, college student
  • Maxim Vitalievich Aryshev, 20 years old, college student
  • Oxana Gennadievna Danilenko, 25 years old, store clerk
  • Ksenia Sergeevna Maliukova, 18 years old, college student
  • Irina Kuzminichna Medyantseva, 50 years old, doll-maker
  • Yury Pavlovich Yurimov, 71 years old, retired cop
  • Denis Romanovich Petrov, 25 years old, champion wrestler
  • Mansur Tikhirovich Sagadeev, 17 years old, student at a technical college
  • Angelina Sergeevna Svistunova, 27 years old, economist
  • Larisa Grigorievna Schekina, 66 years old, textbook editor
  • Yulia Dmitrievna Krasikova, 25 years old, economist
  • Maria Alekseevna Nevmerzhitskaya, 53 years old
  • Dmitry Alexandrovich Mazanov, 27 years old

What do these 13 people have in common?  Not much, beyond the fact that they were all ordinary people, and all of them, or least most of them, probably, were useful members of society.  The whole point of terrorist acts, especially when committed by fascist organizations such as ISIS, is to pick off random people.  In the same way that a predatory killer serial might select random victims or “soft targets” of opportunity.  Most normal people regard this as even more heinous than the type of terrorism which targets specific individuals.

Ordinary Russian people mourn random victims.

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