Breaking News: Subway Terrorist Act in Petersburg, Russia

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Just a brief story about the terrorist act in St. Petersburg, Russia.  This outrageous act, which occurred yesterday, was directed at ordinary people riding the subway.  Basically, one or more terrorists planted one or more bombs, in the metro (subway) system.  Latest count of victims as of today, according to Russian Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova, is 14 dead.  Another 49 injured are still in the hospital.  Another 13 were treated, but released to go home.  Veronika added that the hospitals are in good shape and fully stocked, in regards to medications and blood.  The victims have been provided with the best medical care available.

Veronika Skvortsova, Minister of Health

Sadly, in this age that we live in, one of the metrics of a well-ordered society, is how quickly and efficiently (and humanely) the government, security forces, and medical infrastructure respond to terrorist acts (as well as natural disasters).  In this regard Russia has come a long way and made a lot of improvements since the wild 90’s.

This being Russia, a nation which the West considers to be a geo-political enemy:  Whenever Russian citizens are harmed they are forced to endure, not just the pain itself, but also the mockery and Schadenfreude of Westie media.  Fake analysts leap into deep waters, pretending to have wide knowledge of Russian history and culture, and making broad statements connecting the terror attack to historical events, while also implying that the Russian state itself is to blame because it ticked off certain people.  An egregious example is this CNN report which immediately pointed the finger at “Chechen separatists” and even quoted 19th-century writer Leo Tolstoy (!) as to the innate hatred of Chechens towards Russians.  This type of hate-mongering and finger-pointing goes beyond irresponsible, and could have even resulted in anti-Chechen riots in Russian cities.  Fortunately, most Russians don’t swallow this kind of bait any more.  Besides, Russians and Chechens have been getting along pretty well in recent years.  Plus, many of the “Chechen separatists” of the 1990’s and early 2000’s were actually jihadists, paid and armed by Saudi Arabia and the U.S.  Their goal was not so much an independent Chechnya as a sprawling Wahhabist “Emirate” on Russia’s southern border.

A good First Responder must be both heroic and compassionate at the same time.

A few hours later Westie media started dropping the “Chechen” angle  Even CNN went on to admit, and most analyses are trending in that direction:  The Petersburg terrorists, more than likely, were ISIS types returning, defeated, from their recent jihad adventure in Syria.

Since ISIS (and jihadis in general) are “internationalists” by nature — that is to say, the jihadists are not racists, they are a faith-based movement, they accept anybody, from any nation or ethnic group — therefore it matters very little whether the specific perps of a specific act, are from Chechnya (probably not, in this case), Kazakhstan (also probably not, although there was an initial red herring pointing in that direction), or (as the current thinking has it), Kirghizia/Uzbekistan.  Therefore, people who try to make this out to be an ethnic thing and try to fan ethnic discord while quoting great Russian writers — are either barking up the wrong tree or being deliberately deceptive.  And CNN, in particular does not have a good reputation as a news outlet, they are more like Deep State Fake News and propaganda barkers.

President Trump extending condolences to President Putin, offers to help.

In his analysis yesterday, VZGLIAD reporter Evgeny Krutikov called the terrorist act “dangerous hobbyism”, implying that it is most likely the work of scattered individuals acting on their own initiative, like the Golems that they are.  More than likely, ISIS terrorists returning from the battlefield and deciding on their own to do something bad, not necessarily cogs in a larger conspiracy.  Subways are a soft and easy target.  It is physically not possible to protect every single possible target in every town and city.  The Russian security forces spend enormous resources protecting the big, federal, targets.  Also  it is, realistically, not possible for every municipal authority to have a fully-encompassing anti-terror plan in place, at the same level of complexity as the federal plan.  Therefore, a few evil-doers will always be able to slip through and do their evil.  Citizens of the modern world can never expect, reasonably, to be kept 100% safe.  As American President Trump noted yesterday, in the first flush of the news, “This is a horrible thing, and it’s happening all over the world.”

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