American Army Revives Hitlerite Coalition Against Russia – Part I

Dear Readers:

I saw this piece in VZGLIAD  a couple of days ago, the co-authors are Marina Baltacheva and Mikhail Moshkin.

The Russian Foreign Ministry launched a complaint about the participation of American soldiers in various ultra-nationalist marches and demonstrations in the Eastern European countries where they are stationed.  Mostly this has to do with Poland and the Baltic states, which are now American outposts on the Russian border.  The Americans retort that they are expressing respect for the internal politics, cultures, and historical attitudes of the nations which they regard as their military allies.

American troops march into Eastern Europe.

Recall that World War II split these countries in half.  A part of the population supported and fought alongside the Soviet Red Army against the Nazi coalition.  But within each nation, various class and political forces supported and fought on the side of the Hitlerites.  In recent decades, since the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact,  nationalist parties within each nation routinely hold torch-light parades, demonstrations, and commemorative activities honoring the nationalist and fascist heroes who fought against the Soviet Union.  The main ideology here is an almost racialist hatred of Russians.  The Soviet Union in its time, and now also modern Russia are viewed with suspicion and hostility by the Westies, as they pursue their hegemonistic goals along Russia’s border.  The end-goal of the United States and NATO, expressed as “containing Russia”, is clearly aimed at the final destruction of the Russian titular state as a sovereign subject of history.  Anti-Russian propaganda along with a wholesale rewriting of history serves this ultimate goal.

The “Cursed” Soldiers

The current spat about which I write today, is between Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova and a man whose name I cannot find in the Google or wiki.  I am hereby pleading with the Russian-language press:  If you name a foreigner in Cyrillic, then please also include the Latin spelling of his or her name.  Otherwise I cannot be held responsible for misspelling the person’s name!  Usually it’s possible to figure out, through some guesswork and googling, but in this case I can’t find the guy.  In the Russian piece they refer to him as Стивен Лэм, a Colonel of the American Ground Forces stationed in Europe.  The name could transliterate from “Stephen Lam”, or perhaps “Steven Lem”, or “Lamb” or any combinations of thereof; or something else; but I can’t find the actual spelling.  Therefore, I will just refer to him as “Colonel Steve”.

Poland’s “Cursed Soldiers”

So, anyhow, Zakharova complained that, on March 1, American soldiers stationed in Poland had egregiously marched in the torch-light parade honoring the so-called “Cursed Soldiers” of World War II.  These  doomed ones  had formed an anti-Communist resistance movement in the final days of the war, and continuing into the 1950’s.  The foundation of this movement was the Polish Home Army, which had pledged allegiance to the Polish Government-in-Exile, headed by Władysław Sikorski.  Pro-Polish propaganda maintains that the Home Army were anti-Nazi freedom fighters who occasionally even cooperated with the Red Army against a common enemy; until the Nazis publicized the Katyn Massacre, which drove a final wedge between the two temporary allies.

Pro-Soviet historians tell a different version of the story, in which the Polish Home Army stabbed the Red Army in the back, while the latter was busy liberating Poland from the Hitlerites.

The two versions of the story are mutually incompatible.  But the main point being here, that the United States government and army have clearly endorsed the Polish version of events.  In which the Home Army and the Polish nationalists are the good guys; and anybody on the other side was just a Stalinist, a totalitarian, or a gold-thieving Jew.

Case in point:  the story of Leon Feldhendler.  Thanks to the book and television series, many people have heard about the Sobibór extermination camp, and about Feldhendler’s role in the uprising and escape.  Feldhendler was one of the actual honest-to-god heroes of the anti-Nazi Resistance in Poland.  His story tilts to the “pro-Soviet” side of the propaganda war, in which the Red Army and NKVD are the good guys.  At the same time, Feldhendler’s subsequent death at the hands of violent Home Army marauders bothers the “pro-Poland” side.  If you check the wiki page I linked, you will see that the “pro-Poles” rewrote Leon’s murder at the hands of local fascists as a DWJ (“Died While Jew”) and also tacking on the standard Jew-hating smear about gold hoarding:

Survivors of the Sobibór uprising pose with an NKVD officer.

Dr Kopciowski wrote that Feldhendler was likely shot in an armed robbery gone bad, because he was known locally as a budding gold trader.  A number of escapees from the Sobibór death camp were in possession of bags of gold coins saved secretly in the process of sorting the belongings of the victims of gassing on German orders.

And thus are true heros defamed!

Returning to Zakharova’s Plaint, this patriotic Russian lady also has a beef against NATO for their provocative actions around the city of Narva, which stands on the border between Estonia and Russia.

[to be continued]

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