Ukrainian Parliamentarian Blackmails American Independent Filmmaker!

Dear Readers:

Here is a juicy scandal which broke in the Russian press just yesterday, I believe.

The source:  Russian hackers.  (Of course.)  Or maybe not Russian, who knows?  They call themselves “Anonymous“, so you’re not supposed to know who they are.  Duh!

Leshchenko: Claims to have the goods on Yanukovych

Anyhow, these hackers leaked a very interesting story about a Ukrainian politician named Sergei Leshchenko.  Sergei (alt-spelling Serhiy) is a Euro-Maidan activist who helped to overthrow the Viktor Yanukovych government in 2014, and now sits in Parliament representing the Petro Poroshenko ruling party.  Leshchenko’s wiki page shows him to be a tall, skinny guy with a repulsively rodent-like face.  He rose to power on a wave of “anti-corruption” agitation against President Yanukovych’s sleazy deals; and then subsequently entered into a series of sleazy deals of his own, mostly involving real estate.

Jess Manafort: Sweet American gal, and nice gams too!

But today’s story is all about Leschenko’s cat fight against an innocent (?) young American woman named Jessica Manafort.  So, let’s just get right to it, dive into the mud and start flinging filth in various directions.

So, Jess is the 34-year-old daughter of Paul Manafort, American lobbyist and political consultant.  Everybody knows the story, how Paul was the Chairman of Donald Trump’s election campaign.  Until The Donald had to let him go, when Dems broke the scandal of Manafort’s lobbying efforts on behalf of Ukrainian Prez Viktor Yanukovych.  Convulted story, of course, which I don’t have time here to retell.

Daughter Jessica Manafort studied film-making at New York University (NYU) and has been trying, ever since graduation, to produce a successful movie.  Daddy helped to finance her oeuvres and even produced a film or two of his own.  Got the bug, in other words.  This anti-Trump piece  dishes out some of the dirt on this father-daughter pair.  Apparently Dad co-produced a film called “The Dying Gaul” which allegedly, according to outraged conservatives, promotes the homosexual lifestyle and presents a misanthropic view of life.  Meanwhile Jess, who lives the lifestyle of a Malibu Barbie (in Malibu)  debuted with her own work, also financed by Daddy, something called “Remember The Daze“, a nostalgic autobiographical work about a group of misfit high school teenagers.  Neither film found success in the tough and competitive world of Hollywood.

I Give You 24 Hours Then I Shoot The Dog

With this backstory out of the way, we get to the dirt dished by Anonymous.

Paul Manafort: “She said WHAT??”

So, one day Sweet All-American Kid Jessica opens up her email and sees something that she initially thinks to be spam:

“I need to get in touch with Paul.  I need to share some important information with him regarding Ukraine investigation.  I actually have proofs that he received money.  If I don’t get any reply from you I am gonna pass it on to the FBI and Ukrainian authorities, including media.  Tell him he has 24 hours before I leak all the shit to cops.  As soon as he comes back to me, I will pass him documents.”

Jessica’s initial reaction:  “What is mama gonna say?”

The author of the harrassing email signed himself

leshchenkoThis photograph from the piece I linked shows a close-up of Leshchenko (from an earlier date) sitting at his computer, reading his email during a session of the Ukrainian Rada.  The purpose of the photograph is to authenticate that, yes, this is indeed Leschenko’s email address.  I reckon he will deny that he sent the blackmail email.  He will most likely claim that somebody hacked his account and sent the email in his name!

The curious part is that Leshchenko had already pretty much shot his wad on the Manafort-Yanukovych wheelings and dealings.  Back in August 2016, in the heat of the American presidential campaign, the Ukrainian government did everything within their power to harm Trump and help Hillary.  Including publishing a dossier on Manafort.  Thanks to these efforts, Manafort was forced to resign from Trump’s election campaign; and yet Trump still went on to win the election.  An unexpected outcome, and one devastating to the Ukrainian Maidan elite.

So, the real question here:  Why is Leschenko still flogging these old documents and incirminations?   Why the stupid attempt at blackmail?  Hasn’t everything been published already?  Why did he think he still had something of value to sell to Paul Manafort?

These and other questions INQUIRING MINDS WANT AND NEED TO KNOW!

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