Estonian Nostradamus Predicts NATO Bar Fights In Near Future…

Dear Readers:

I saw this piece today in VZGLIAD.  The headline reads:

Estonia has preemptively placed the responsibility on Russia for any possible future donnybrooks which may occur between NATO soldiers and the locals

Sounds reasonable, no?

The issue is that groups of NATO soldiers are planning to invade the pubs and pizzerias of Estonia, while on rotation in that small but pleasant country.  And since these soldiers are often on the prowl for women, there is a very high probability of bar fights and hockey games breaking out.  And it’s not like the senior NATO command is capable of doing anything in advance to prevent these incidents, right?  They are just helpless onlookers who can only cry and wring their hands whenever something bad happens.

Come see the sights of Tallinn!

Anyone who has ever been to Estonia knows that it is a great place for a vacation.  The cities are clean and well-maintained, the sights are beautiful, and Estonian women are amazingly attractive.  (But only if you like gorgeous blondes, yawn….)

Estonian women will steal your heart.

Which apparently is one of the motivations for NATO picking this nation as a favored R&R loc for its overtaxed warriors.  We’re talkin’ ’bout those tireless troops who fight day after day, without food or water, against a relentless enemy.  Battered and bruised, their hands calloused from digging trenches around Russia, these heroes need a few days to rest their weary bones and hopefully even get in some much-needed boning…

We previously heard a couple of stories in this genre:  about NATO High Command treating the Baltic countries in the same way that the United States used to treat, and still treats, its South Pacific colonies — i.e., as a place where soldiers can cut loose for a few days and do whatever their libidos dictate, without regard to the feelings of the locals.  The Uppities of Brussels have adopted the same arrogant attitude as their American masters:  He who is not one of us, is merely fodder for our needs.

Keeping this in mind:  Apparently 800 British soldiers from the NATO force are about to be deployed in the Estonian capital.  And the head of Estonia’s Foreign Intelligence Service is worrying his pretty little head  about what could happen next.

Tell us about the Honeytraps, Mikk!

This pretty blonde head is named Mikk Marran, and he is basically NATO’s Spymaster over the Estonian people.  Mikk’s CV, which I just linked, is in English, so you can read it yourself, but please just take note of his American education – Master’s from National Defense University in Washington, D.C., his degree is in something called “National Resource Strategy” — I reckon that’s what they call being a Gauleiter these days.  Mikk’s job is to spy on the people of Estonia — or what remains of it — for the benefit of NATO and the NSA.   As for “Managing Resources” – everything that Estonia has is now at the disposal of Brussels and the United States.  Including Estonian women, apparently.

Hence, instead of taking measures to curb the behavior of rowdy British soldiers, Mikk concedes in advance that things will get out of hand; and then, like some two-penny Nostradamus, predicts that it will all happen as planned, but will be Russia’s fault.

Mikk Marran: “Don’t blame me if somebody gets hurt.”

Conceding that the Estonian people are not happy to see NATO soldiers quartered in their towns, Mikk goes on to warn in an interview with The Times that:

Russia will target hundreds of British troops when they are deployed to Estonia in the coming weeks, the Baltic state’s spy chief has warned. The aim will be to discredit a Nato mission to reinforce the alliance’s eastern flank.

Honeytraps, staged pub brawls — designed to make British troops look like thugs — and subversive efforts to penetrate social media accounts to find information for blackmail purposes are expected to be attempted by “the opposite team”, Mikk Marran the head of the Estonian Information Board (EIB), the country’s equivalent of MI6, told The Times in a rare interview.

That’s all the quote I could get from the original source (The Times), the rest of the piece is behind a paywall, which I am too stingy to pay.

Therefore, Dear Readers, please forgive me if I go on to quote the rest of it in second-hand English translated back from the Russian:

Horny American soldiers in the South Pacific

“There will be 800 young British soldiers.  They will be making trips from the base into the cities.  It is very likely that they will visit pubs.  Therefore we cannot exclude fights breaking out.  Fights which will be incited by the opposing side.”

I reckon it doesn’t occur to Mikk to just keep the British soldiers confined to base?  To avert these future unpleasant incidents?

No, of course that is not an option, and you know why?  Because the whole point of the 800 soldiers being quartered in Estonia, is for the sake of their R&R.  NATO has designated the Baltic states their version of the “South Pacific” in their war against Russia.  Paradoxically, the closer the soldiers are to the heart of Russia, the safer they are.  The Baltics are the perfect place for them to cut loose, enjoy wonderful food and drink, and get their rocks off with the locals.  And anything that could possibly go wrong in this perfect plan — will be Russia’s fault!

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6 Responses to Estonian Nostradamus Predicts NATO Bar Fights In Near Future…

  1. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    Estonian people indeed – there’s no such thing.

    The whole country is a German manor house – the owners have vacated and their cretinous servants have broken into the liquor cabinet. It will do them good to have Her Majesty’s thugs remind them of their place in the world.


  2. Fern says:

    It is, no doubt, part of the essential unfairness of life (and death) that we’ve lost someone of the calibre of Vitaly Churkin whereas NATO’s retarded f**kwits are well and flourishing.


  3. Jen says:

    Having known someone who is Estonian – there are plenty of Estonians living in Sydney and around Thirlmere and Picton, SW of Sydney – I find NATO’s decision to use Estonia as a giant brothel creepy and beyond racist / sexist. Is this all Estonia is good for, supplying attractive blonde women for their soldiers to use and abuse at will and with impunity? And why Estonia – why not other countries in eastern Europe – because their women aren’t as good-looking?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist posting up picture of Mary Tamm (British actress of Estonian background).

    The danger with NATO’s decision is that all Estonian women and girls, regardless of age, and maybe more than a few young boys and men too, will end up regarded as fair game for rape.

    The experience of Okinawa as a US military base since 1945 should be a warning that women and girls, regardless of age, in Tallinn and other places in Estonia where British and possibly other NATO soldiers will congregate may not be safe.

    “Okinawan Women Demand U.S. Forces Out After Another Rape and Murder: Suspect an ex-Marine and U.S. Military Employee”


    • yalensis says:

      Yeah, American soldiers have a long, sordid history of being rapey. And what is worse is that their behavior seems to be condoned at the highest levels, wherever they are posted, be it Europe or Asia. Just part and parcel of the imperial hubris, I reckon.

      In this particular case, it’s British soldiers, and I don’t know if they are as rapey as Americans, but if I were an Estonian citizen, I would demand that my government keep these horny guys confined to their base. Especially after that tosser Mikk Marran pretty much admitted that they are expecting to prowl the pubs, try to pick up women, and get into bar fights. I guess he forgets that these are his own countrywomen and girls whom he is offering up as appetizers to the NATO legions.

      Thanks for the pic of Mary Tamm. I had forgotten that she is Estonian – what a beauty!
      I like those old Doctor Who #4 series where Mary plays Romana The First. What a class act! I like this picture where she is just rolling her eyes at the Doctor’s foibles:


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