More Suprun: Bride of Bandera And/Or Simple Crook?

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Yesterday I wrote an outstanding blogpost about Ulana Suprun, the Deputy Minister of Health in the Ukraine.  Suprun is an American-born Diaspora Ukrainian who returned to her ancestral Fatherland a couple of years ago in order to help the Banderite Revolution make a lot of money at the expense of the Ukrainian people.  Actually, it’s not an either/or proposition.  More like A plus B, both together.  The modern gang of Ukrainian Banderites once they finally came to power, has proved to the world that a person can be an ideologically-driven fascist; and also a corrupt thief, without any particular contradiction or cognitive dissonance existing between those two roles.

Suprun orates to True Believers at “Bandershtat”

Today’s post is the result of a couple of links forwarded to me by my ever-vigilant colleague, Lyttenburgh.  For example this link is from Russian “Espreso” TV.  It’s a short piece noting that our gal Suprun declared, in her electronic tax returns, that she owned a big huge luxury apartment in Kiev along with over $4.3 million dollars in income.  One has to keep in mind that good Kiev real estate is worth its weight in gold.  But then, most Ukrainian politicians seem to be alchemists, able to convert reasonable salaries into Golden Tickets.  For example, for the tax year 2015, Ulana Suprun earned a modest salary of about $1,328 American dollars.  In addition to that, she declared about $3,452 in investment income.  And then, through the miracle of alchemy, she converted some $5,000 to over $4 million bucks.

The second link provided by Lyttenburgh is a corker.  Here it is.  This is from a site called  The headline reads:

Ulana Suprun Moved A Billion Hryvnias Out of the Country

The hryvnia is the Ukrainian unit of national currency.  I just checked the currency converter thingy on google, and a billion hryvnias is around $36 million US dollars.  Not exactly chump change.

Here is a full translation of that piece:

Almost a full year is coming to completion, of the work of Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Health, Ulana Suprun, a Doctor Without a Diploma, the daughter of an OUN-UPA [Banderite] soldier.  According to insiders, after several huge scandals with some of the leading doctors of the country, the American “Doctor Death” has offered her resignation to her famous boss from Vinnitsky, aka the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Vladimir Hroisman.

It has not yet been confirmed that her resignation has been accepted.  We don’t have an official announcement yet, and almost a week has gone by since the leak.  Not a murmur yet.

Ukrainian population decline almost as bad as Latvia’s

However, the stars are coming into alignment at a single point of convergence:  The ideological and biological heiress of Ukrainian nationalists from the other side of the ocean, has done more in one year to ruin Ukrainian medicine, than all of her predecessors were able to do in a quarter century of glorious Ukrainian independence.  She has done more than it was ever thought that a single person could do.  This individual has compromised herself in so many different layers of Ukrainian society, that it is necessary to get rid of her.  Hence, her days (or weeks) are numbered, as are those of Ukrainian medicine in general.

Successes In the Arena Of Ukrainian Genocide

Much has been accomplished.  “Doctor Death” with deterministic fervor broke the supply chain of government purchases of medications used for oncology and cardiac problems.  As everyone knows, these two things are the major cause of deaths among Ukrainians.  Therefore it cannot be considered a coincidence that this emigre-volunteer struck her hardest blow precisely against the treatments for these diseases.

In normal countries, progress is still being made in Oncology treatments.

Ukrainian society was up in arms when Suprun proposed her idea to simply stop treating cancer, instead concentrating on prevention.  By the end of last year, the oncological medications were still being sent out to clinics — but with very imminent expiration dates.

As for cardiac medications, the planned purchase (400 million hryvnias) was not made.  This fact was the primary reason why a conflict developed between Suprun and the Director of Kiev Heart Institute, Boris Todurov.  This conflict and scandal caused a huge outcry among the Ukrainian people.

Boris Mikhailovich Todurov

It is significant that this Ersatz-Minister of Health found supporters not among government officials, but among the representatives of various “humanitarian” funds and non-governmental organizations, which are financed from abroad.  This is not surprising — Suprun herself is a product of these structures and works, naturally, in their interests.

And let’s not even mention the lowering of standards for vaccinating children — down by 20% from a high of 96% [vaccination rate] in 2007, whereas the Ministry of Health target standard is 95%.  Nor the decrease in number of hospital cots, medical centers, cuts in medical personnel, plans to liquidate urgent care centers, a simplfying of the rules to permit export of donor organs from Ukraine to abroad; human testing of foreign-manufactured medications on Ukrainians; and various other cannibalistic initiatives.

Non-Transparent Purchases Of Medications

At the root of all of this lies economics.  Or money, to be precise.  Behind every “Reform” initiative in the Ukraine there lie, indubitably, non-transparent financial schemes.  Suprun is no exception here.

Just in the months October-December alone, of 2016, the Ministry of Health purchased hard currency from the Ukr-Exim-Bank in order to buy medications and other medical products worth 4 billion hryvnias.  However, these sums did not pass through the government’s own supply portal “Prozorro”.  In other words, these purchases were made without official government Purchase Orders.  The Ministry of Health simply bought something or other from some foreign companies.  Judging by the fact that, towards the end of the year, anti-cancer meds with looming expiration dates started showing up in clinics, one can deduce that these purchases were not completely on the up and up.

The Moor Has Done His Work

The final straw was the revelation that the Chief of Medicine of a 40-million European nation does not have a medical degree.

Schiller: “The Moor can leave.”

After a series of denials, Suprun’s supporters from among the “Grant-Eaters”, published a screenshot of some illegible document.  This only confused the issue.  One thing became clear though:  This lady has never been a doctor!  Ukrainians ended up in the situation of some aboriginal tribes, to whom the white plantation owners dispatched some kind of amateur volunteer, to heal their diseases.

And in a situation like this, even the Empire’s appointed Prefect is not able to quelch the mutterings of the dissatisfied populace.  When it is not just the grey masses of the colony who object, but also a section of the elite as well.

“And I made this much money on the generic meds…”

Suprun successfully performed her assigned function, having created the conditions for the continued extermination of the Ukrainian population, while, as a bonus, also managing to embezzle Ministry of Health money in the interests of foreign organizations.  Her masters have no further reason to keep her around.

Having destroyed one of the key life-saving elements of the Ukrainian health system; and having exported Ukrainian money out of the country — Doctor Death has repeated the same typical scheme as every last one of these foreign “variags” who took up posts in the Ukrainian government.

And this means, that she will soon be replaced.  She can go somewhere like, for example, Dekanoidze, who destroyed the Ukrainian police force, and then flew off to Montmartre to drink coffee.  Suprun can go wherever she wishes.  But there is no guarantee that her replacement will be any better.

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