Trump Kompromat Dossier – Part IV

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So today I finish up my series on the Trump-Russia scandal, timed very neatly to complete this morning, just a few hours before Trump steps up to the plate to take the oath of office from Chief Justice John Roberts.  My source today is this Evgeny Krutikov analysis from the Russian VZGLIAD newspaper.  As I mentioned before, Krutikov is an ex-spy himself, and he writes with knowledge of how Russian intelligence services work.

MI-6 Director Alex Younger

As usual, Krutikov has his own slant on the matter.  He comes at the story from a different angle:  Is it actually possible, he asks, that British MI-6 succeeded in recruiting highly-placed Russian government officials?  Because this is what is claimed in the so-called Trump Kompromat Dossier.

Krutikov begins with the fact that, although most sensate people dismiss the Dossier as a fake, it was in fact endowed with a quantum of mass after being presented to the public and in effect endorsed by MI-6 Director Alex Younger, acting in this capacity like a larger version of the Higgs-Boson particle.

Some patriotic Russians might take pleasure in the belief that their government successfully blackmailed and recruited the incoming President of the United States.  The flip side is this:  If they believe this story is true, then they must also believe that the British secret services managed to approach and recruit at a minimum five highly placed Russian officials.  And this, Krutikov insists, is a more important point than the sensationalist pornographic elements of the story.

Legendary reporter Carl Bernstein

Specifically, the Trump Dossier mentions that a former MI-6 operative obtained access to “five sources within the Russian government and administration of the President.”  This version of events was laid out on CNN by veteran American reporter Carl Bernstein.  According to Bernstein, whose integrity as a reporter cannot be disputed, this former MI-6 operative is the secret source of all of this.  This man is assumed to be roughly around the same age as Bernstein.  This man, let’s call him Mr. Bond, has extensive knowledge of Russia and the former Soviet Union.  We can assume that Mr. Bond (if this man indeed exists) was pensioned off and put out to pasture by Her Majesty’s government, yet managed to eke out an additional crust working as a consultant for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Krutikov refutes the notion that Mr. Bond can be the secret source of such a Dossier.  One needs to keep in mind that the British secret services are fairly brutal about forcing their agents to retire after they reach a certain age; and that they also got rid of a lot of Russia experts after the end of the Cold War.  Imagine a lonely old spy, tossed out as dead wood, managing to bag a new job in Hillary HQ, thrilled to be back in the workforce and able to continue pursuing his lifelong quest of destroying Russia.  Krutikov concludes that the notion of a pensioner such as the aging Mr. Bond, acquiring access to Russian government officials, is nonsense.  The moment he was forced to retire, he would have instantaneously lost his access to all “Most Secret” documents.  The only type of spy who could possibly “get to” Russian officials, would have to be an active MI-6 operative at a very high level

George Lazenby, the greatest Bond of them all!

Which leads us to another former MI-6 agent named Christopher Steele.  Chris is a youngster in comparison to Mr. Bond — only 52 years old.  Practically a baby.  In the Wild 90’s Steele worked in the British Embassy in Moscow.  After the recent scandal broke out, Mr. Steele fled in terror from his home in Surrey, and is now in deep cover.  Is he the guy?  No.  Krutikov implies that Steele was just the patsy who was said to leak the dossier, in order to conceal the identify of the actual leaker.  Playing this role of “front man”, just like Steele’s namesake, Remington Steele, pretended to be the shamus, in order to conceal the fact that the real mastermind was just a slip of a girl!

The Front Man, Mr. Steele

To solve this puzzle, Krutikov employs the standard approach that all spy agencies use.  Long ago, spy directors learned that it was fruitless to analyze personalities, as in “Is Bob really capable of betraying his country?”  Instead, they use a more abstract analytical approach.  “Did Bob have physical access to this information?”  In the World of Mirrors, everybody is a potential traitor.  One proceeds like Sherlock Holmes, who invented the method of “ruling out” suspects, one at a time, until the only one remaining, however far-fetched it might seem, MUST be the guy.

According to Krutikov, this puzzle is approached by analyzing the actual data, i.e., the shenanigans going on in the Ritz hotel.  And then try to figure out WHO, and under what circumstances, had access to this information.  The circle of suspects is a wide one:  Anybody who worked at the Ritz.

An Alphabet Soup Of Suspects

The Dossier lists 7 sources, designated by the letters A,B,C,D,E,F,G.

A:  “A veteran figure in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”  States that the Russians have been working Trump over for the past 5 years.  Russians, like most Asiatic peoples, know how to play the “long game”.  The odds of Trump actually ascending to the Presidency were a million to one.  But you never know, so you hedge all bets.  It goes without saying that if Mr. A did indeed reveal such a deep plan to the MI-6 agent, then he is a traitor to the Russian state, of a calibre rarely seen since the days of Prince Kurbsky.

B:  “A former highly-placed colleague in the Russian secret services.”  Also confirms the 5-year long-game thing.  Trump’s shenanigans in the hotel came as a pleasant surprise and added bonus.  Claims that Putin personally ordered Operation Trump.  Claims they had also compiled extensive Kompromat Dossier on Hillary Clinton.  Again, Russians hedging their bets.

Which one of these spies is the double agent?

C:  “A senior Russian official in the sphere of Finances.  Was said to be the “intellectual” of the Trump Project team.

D:  “A former Trump counselor, who organized Trump’s trip to Moscow.”  Russian secret services regard this source as “very helpful”.  In order for preferential treatment in several important business deals.  From the context of the Dossier, it appears that D personally witnessed, or possibly even participated in, the shenanigans in the Ritz, including the unsanitary activities of the hotel prostitutes.

E:  “A member of the hotel management.”  Could also play a double role:  During the day, he manages the hotel.  By night he works for the FSB.

F:  “A female member of the hotel staff.”  Her role in the Dossier is to corroborate D’s story.  She is thought to be a cleaning maid who doubles as a hooker.

G:  “A senior official of the Kremlin.”  G also confirms that a similar Dossier was being compiled against Hillary Clinton.  Hence, it follows from this, that no matter which candidate was elected President, either way Putin would have all their nuts in his grip.

The traitor Prince Kurbsky was forced to flee from Russia.

And to reiterate Krutikov’s main point in this piece:  He looks at this list of ABCDEFG and concludes that five of these seven (A,B,C, G and possibly also E) are Russian government or security services officials.  And somehow the MI-6 source, be it Mr. Bond or Mr. Steele, or Whoever, was able to obtain access, sit down with all of these people, debrief them and get the inside scoop?

Krutikov is sceptical that any of this story is actually true.  But if it were, what does it say about the presence of such egregious traitors within the Russian government and establishment?

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6 Responses to Trump Kompromat Dossier – Part IV

  1. Lyttenburgh says:

    Anatoly Shary’s take on this “pissagate” (Eng subs availible):

    tl;dr: “That’s how Russian inner political structure looks like for anyone who smoked watched The House of CardsM one season too many”.


      • Lyttenburgh says:


        Something wrong with my comment?


        • yalensis says:

          Not at all, Lyt, your comment was great.
          I was just trying to be funny with the очень интересно de-motivator. That one tickled me because it’s The Master from Doctor Who. Plus, comment was directed more to Shariy than you anyhow, because he does go on so long.

          Okay, here is a more polite one, which doesn’t allow for misunderstandings:


          • Lyttenburgh says:

            Sadly, but I know very little of Whoverse and stuff. Not a fan, I’m afraid 😦


            • yalensis says:

              Oh, that’s okay, you don’t have to be a fan.
              But there’s some pretty cool stuff there.
              Just briefly, The Master is a Timelord, just like the Doctor, only he’s pure evil.
              He often concocts some hare-brained scheme to destroy the universe. But not directly. Usually in a very convoluted and complicated manner.
              Oh well, everybody needs a hobby, I reckon.
              Anyhow, I apologize if I made you feel bad. Like I said, I was just trying to be funny with a meme. No hurt intended, I promise,


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