Trump Kompromat Dossier – Part III

Dear Readers, Boys and Girls, here is our Civics Lesson for today:

Each new Muggle Prime Minister receives a visit from the Minister for Magic, who informs him or her that the wizarding world exists. He explains that he will contact the Prime Minister only in circumstances in which the events of the wizard world may affect Muggles. For example, the Minister has to inform the Prime Minister if dangerous magical artefacts or animals are to be brought into Britain.  The Ministry keeps in touch with the British Prime Minister via a wizard’s portrait in the Prime Minister’s office at 10 Downing Street.

Rufus Scrimgeour breaks them in.

Well, that’s how they do things in Great Britain.  The United States of America has a similar political system, except that there is a Muggle President instead of a Muggle Prime Minister.  The Muggle President lives in the White House instead of Downing Street.  And instead of a wizard’s portrait on the wall, there is a portrait of ex-Muggle President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who communicates with the new Muggle President by uttering the following words:  “I tried to warn them about the Military-Industrial Complex.  But would they listen to me?  Oh, no!”

This is how the Wizards break a man.

Every new Muggle U.S. President, when moving into the White House, is forced to meet with Wizard Rufus Scrimgeour whether he wants to or not.  Rufus, who represents the forces of the Deep State, sits the bemused Muggle down, tells him what’s what, demonstrates some hurtful magic, breaks his spirit, and then patronisingly utters a few pointers how to survive, in a world where demons, completely devoid of conscience, freely rule the skies.

American readers may recall when President Barack Obama assumed office eight years ago.  This healthy young buck swaggered into his first meeting with Rufus, a Half-Blood version of The Fonz, chewing gum, all cocky and wisecracking.  A couple hours later, he staggered out, his hair had turned completely white, he was a broken shell of a man.  That’s what they do to you.  But apparently they were not able to do that to Trump, or at least not yet.  Maybe they tried their magic on him, but could not find a way (yet) to get through to this stubborn, arrogant, pig-headed man.  And this must be the reason why we are witnessing, in real time, Plan B in action.

Bringing The War Home

With that, we return to our first source, this piece from the Russian Oppositionist website The Insider.  I remind readers that in this vast battle, where the two confronting armies are spreading out along the plains of Armageddon, the Russian Opps threw their cap into the ring, on the side of the pro-Hillary forces.  For example, Opps Chief Spokespersons and Intellectual-Spiritual Advisors Pussy Riot created this (highly masochistic) anti-Trump campaign video:

Well, a video of that calibre should have swung the election.  But it didn’t.  In other words the Opps bet on the wrong horse.  But these are dedicated ideologists for Hillary’s Old Guard, they have not yet conceded defeat, Ще не вмерли, and all that jazz.  Take your pick:  Either they are still in denial and deluding themselves; or they know something that the rest of us don’t know!

’cause, see, the real issue here is not so much whether these people can prevent Trump’s Inauguration, as what happens after that.  One has to remember that Hillary and her gang, during their long stint in the Deep State regime, learned a lot of valuable tricks about overthrowing other people’s governments.  Why not use that same bag of tricks to overthrow their own government?   This is called “Bringing the War Home”, and that’s the real danger here.  But I digress….

It is time to continuing working through the main accusation these people throw against the new Muggle President.   All of which is based on the “dossier” of an ex-British spy named Christopher Steele.  This story is highly available in the English-language realm, just google it and you’ll get a ton of links.  Steele works for MI-6, which only goes to prove that the British spy agency is on the side of those who want to thwart or overthrow the new American Muggle President.  Their Russian collaborators, such as Opps and the Insider piece, can’t provide any additional facts, but are enlisted just to add some “corroborating” details concerning the hotel, the practices of Russian intelligence services, and that sort of thing.  So here we go…

Obama administration helped overthrow Ukrainian government in 2014.

Where we left off yesterday:  Steele alleges that Donald Trump, upon arriving in Moscow in 2013, in pursuit of some kind of business deal involving football clubs, was put up in the very same luxury suite, in the Ritz-Carlton, as the one in which Barack and Michelle had stayed, back in 2009.  Steele alludes to his secret source, known only as “G”, alleging that video cameras patrolled the suite.  Upon learning that Obama had stayed in this very same suite, Trump allegedly proceeded to hire prostitutes to pee on the bed, as an expression of his contempt for the then-President.  If allegation is true, this obviously constitutes a grotesque act of vandalism.  At the very least, Trump should have bought the Ritz a new mattress.  Maybe even a whole new bed.  I mean, what if one of those prostitutes was HIV-positive, did he even think of that?

More importantly, Trump probably didn’t want his wife to know that he had brought prostitutes into the room.  She might not have understood his reasoning (“Honey, I swear, I didn’t do anything with them, I just needed them to profane the mattress…”)  This would have made him susceptible to FSB blackmail, once the Russians strolled in and informed him they had everything on videotape.  Note that everything is in the subjunctive tense:  “They would have…. they could have…. it seems plausible that….”

Christopher Steele had to go underground and conceal his identity.

So, that’s it.  That’s basically the story.  The rest of the Insider piece consists of “corroborating” details, such the FSB’s penchant for hooking up video cameras and hiring girls to patrol the saunas and bordellos of the capitals.  Always on the hunt for influential yet lonely foreigners to blackmail.  For the final few paragraphs, Insider exposes the machinations of a man named Igor Latynin, who used to run bordellos for Military Intelligence.  Along with his wife Tatiana, Igor directed classy porno films all over Moscow.  One of his most popular blackmail sites was the sauna at the “Berlin Hotel”.  Here one can enlist the services of prostitutes, female college students, young gay youths and masseurs.   It’s La Dolce Vita of the Moscow scene.  Moscow has become the new Babylon of vice.  It’s just like Gomorrah and… Gomorrah’s twin city.

And what does any of this Latynin story have to do with Donald Trump?  Exactly zero.  Like I said, they are just trying to provide some piquant details to back up Chrsitopher Steele’s story.  So that people think, “Hmm… maybe it really happened!”  And maybe it really did, who knows?  In which case, like I said, Trump should be held accountable for buying a new mattress for the Ritz.

[to be continued]

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4 Responses to Trump Kompromat Dossier – Part III

  1. J.T. says:

    Slightly OT question but…

    Who keeps giving the P.R. girls money to make these “music” videos?


  2. Lyttenburgh says:

    “And instead of a wizard’s portrait on the wall, there is a portrait of ex-Muggle President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who communicates with the new Muggle President by uttering the following words: “I tried to warn them about the Military-Industrial Complex. But would they listen to me? Oh, no!””

    [Tinfoil-hat time of High Weirdness: On] Oh, no-no-no! Not just the MIC!

    – It all began with Majestic-12. Them sly buggers. They were at the beggining of the “American Century”. Thanks to Vannevar Bush your PC is working… run by the Grey’s technology, or so I was told 😉 He, as a designer of the Differential Analyzer, the MIT prime mover behind
    the Internet, and father of the World Wide Web, he and his “connections” assured that the Global Network would indeed be put to “a good use”.

    You doubt me?! Well consider this for 1947:
    – the assassination of Bugsy Siegel,
    – the Crash at Roswell,
    – the “werewolf murder” of the Black Dahlia,
    – the founding of the CIA,
    – the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran,
    – the invention of the microwave oven by Percy LeBaron Spencer,
    – the revelation of “Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis, Tertius” by Jorge Luis Borges

    Oh, and while we are on this night in such conspiratorial Murikan mood:

    – The “Coca- Cola” (99% sugar-water, 1% mystery) had been made by the Templars. They brew the first one in the Holy Grail. True story (c)!

    Not convinced yet? Okay! It’s worth pointing out then that James Farley, former FDR campaign manager, was present at the founding of the UN as head of Coca-Cola Export. Others might point with alarm at Coke’s (or local bottlers’) occasional flirtations with pro-American dictatorships in Central America, or the funding role Coca-Cola played for Herman Kahn’s Hudson Institute (the think-tank which guided much of American political/military strategy during the 1960s and 1970s). Richard Nixon, rejected by the Coca-Cola company, went to work for Pepsi – on whose business he was in Dallas on November 22,1963. JFK drank Coke. And why did Lee Harvey Oswald drink a Dr. Pepper before making his getaway?!

    But wait! It gets weirder! Coca-Cola was first served (May 5, 1886; Coke is a Taurus) at Jacobs’ Pharmacy, at the exact center of Atlanta known as Five Points (a pentagram with a sacrtifice in it?!). New Coke was the only official Coca-Cola from April 23, 1985 (St. George’s Day; St. George’s cross is red on white) to July 11; eighty days when Coke was “dead” – a double Lent before a glorious Easter. Coke is always (“Always, Coca-Cola”) a new beginning; kabbalistically “Coca-Cola” adds to 232: the same value as the Hebrew for “Let there be light.” That, of course, Latinized as “Fiat lux,” was the motto of the Bavarian Illuminati.

    Boom! Now you have it!

    [Tinfoil-hat time of High Weirdness: Off] Fnord!

    I don’t need Baba Vanga to predict that the controversy of the last US elections would become goldmine for the Western Media.


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