Trump Kompromat Dossier – Part I

Dear Readers:

God help me, but I am about to dive into the Trump-Kompromat story with a multi-part series.   I have posted this under my category “Sex And Spy Scandals”.  I will most likely live to regret this.  But what better way to lead up to President Trump’s inauguration as (what half of America believes) the Kremlin Candidate?

My main source is this piece, written by the ever-vigilant Russian analyst Evgeny Krutikov, himself an admitted ex-spy.  So, he knows of what he speaks.  The title of Krutikov’s piece starts with the Russian word Компромат (“Kompromat”), which means exactly what it sounds like.  It is such a good word, that it should be immediately adopted into the English language, as is.  So, the title translates as:

The Kompromat on Trump Can Be Interpreted As A Discreditation of Russian Counter-Intelligence

Krutikov starts off with the sensationalistic tease that all these lurid stories of Trump and his Russian prostitutes supposedly peeing on the hotel bed, if interpreted with a slightly different twist, could lead to an even more disturbing (for Russia) assumption:  Namely, that British MI-6 has managed to recruit several top-ranking Russian officials.   How else could they possibly gain access to 5 high-ranking sources in the Russian government and administration?  Is such a thing possible?  And if it is, then woe beside Russia even more than America!

Russian government is eager to get along with new American Prez.

But before I even get to Krutikov, I want to present the anti-Trump side of the story.  My source is this piece, in a Russian Oppositionist site called The Insider.  A quick glance through this site shows that their editorial position lies on the political plane somewhere between Alexei Navalny and Garry Kasparov.  That’s okay — all political websites have their opinions — I have mine too — everybody can have their opinions, so long as they don’t make shit up.  Anyhow, The Insider is based on a web server in San Francisco, the IP address is  They welcome around 4,000 unique visitors every day and have no advertising revenue.  Hence, this Russian-language site is interfering in American domestic politics just for the love of doing so.

America is on the verge of a new Civil War

The task of the Insider piece which I just linked, is to provide corroborative evidence to the story that Donald Trump’s prostitutes peed the bed and made him susceptible to Kremlin blackmail.  The larger context:  the beginnings of a huge civil war are raging in the United States of America.  I don’t have time to analyze this war, it would take thousands of pages just for the backstory.  But bottom line, Americans have lined up into two separate camps, and are at each others throats.  Let’s call it Team T vs. Team H.  This is normal, except that it’s not.  I mean, it’s normal for people to be bitter when their party loses the Presidency, and even to question the legitimacy of the winner.  God knows they did it to Obama.  Fair is fair.  What is not normal is when the intelligence serivces themselves, in this case mainly the CIA, are so divided, that they are practically in a state of mutiny against the newcomer.  There could actually be a real blow-up here, and things could turn out not so pretty.

Meanwhile, everybody and their grandmother is jumping into the fray.  France is involved.  Ukraine is involved.  Germany is involved.  England is involved.  Russia is involved.  And nobody is monolithic here:  Within each nation, there are proponents of Team T and proponents of Team H.  For example, within Russia herself, the Russian government, and probably most Russians, if they were polled, are pro-T, but the pro-Westie Opposition is anti-T.   The division splits each country in the world into two camps.  In other words, it’s just like that South Park episode where the two vast armies line up on the plains of Armageddon, and only a simple autistic child can save us all.

I bring this “big picture” into the story, only to explain why Russian Opps from a server in San Francisco, are eagerly adding corroboration to the “Golden Shower” story.  Which story helps Team H by giving their accusation a molecule of corroboration.  Like I said, if this story is factual, then I have no problem with it.  Let it all just come out in the wash!  [pun intended].  So, here we go with the Insider pee-the-bed story first, and then I’ll get back to Krutikov’s more sober analysis:

The FSB Film Studio:  How the Spies Shoot Compromising Videos In Hotels

Author:  Unnamed Writer from The Insider

The FSB has a section called the “Operative-Tracking Division” (OPU).  The OPU keeps a watch on all the major hotels where foreigners stay.  In what has to be the sleaziest job on the planet, their duty is to verify the identify of foreign guests, collect information about them, and to help the FSB carry out counter-intelligence operations within the hotels.

The Phantom has his own private box at the theater.

Within each hotel, the OPU has its own designated suite.  Just like the Phantom of the Opera has his own private box in the theater.  Within this suite, the OPU operative can conduct private interviews, relax, or just have fun playing computer games.  His little posse consists of crooked and morally corrupt hotel staff members such as cooks, maids, security guards, and others.  It goes without saying that the hotel management hate having these activities and these people, these stool pigeons and rat finks, on their premises; yet, sadly, there is nothing they can do about it.  They are forced to bow to the dictates of the Russian government security agencies.

The Insider author claims to have a secret confidential source, one of the “curators” who operated within an exclusive hotel.  According to this source:  “My management was demanding results.  I asked one of the maids who worked for me, to bend over as far as possible, so that the guest would see her under-panties.”  Sometimes this sort of thing actually works, the guest grabs the maid and hops into bed; then the curator ends up with a beautiful compromising videotape.  But in cases where the guest is not particularly interested in the maid’s under-garments, other techniques are necessary.  In another incident, the curator hired a prostitute.  In the middle of the operation, she was able to sneak out of the room with the guest’s shoes, which the OPU quickly examined for evidence of a tracking device.

[to be continued]

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