Why Joe Biden Is Flying To Kiev, and Will His Arms Get Tired?

Dear Readers:

Happy Friday the 13th – booooh [scary noises]!    Anyhow, I saw this story in the Navigator this morning.  Here is the headline and a straight translation without additional commentary on my part:

Biden Is Flying To Kiev To Save His Son’s Business

Vice President Joe Biden, who is leaving office along with Barack Obama, will fly to Kiev on Sunday for a “farewell” visit.  One of his main goals is to delineate the future perspectives, in Ukraine, of the company of his son, Hunter Biden.  This was declared on TV Channel 112 by Ukrainian Parliamentary Deputy Pavel Rizanenko.


In Rizanenko’s words, Biden Senior has a personal interest in seeing to it, that the criminal investigations against the company “Busisma Group” initiated by the Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Bureau, be closed down.  Biden’s son, Hunter, is a co-owner of the Burisma Group.

“He has a personal interest,” Rizanenko insisted, “in Ukraine, in regards to the workings of this company.  There are currently some legal suits brought by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, seeking to revoke the agreement about joint work between [the gas company] Ukr-Gaz-Dobycha and Burisma Group.  The case is working its way through the courts.  I surmise that Mr. Biden truly has some personal interest in this visit, as well as his previous visits [to Ukraine].”

Pavel Rizanenko: Anti-Corruption Crusader

Hunter Biden: Fracker and Son of a Fracker

Rizanenko’s colleague Vadim Rabinovich asserted, that it is highly dubious Joe Biden would be going [to Kiev] to discuss any global issues.  “Biden is a member of the team which just lost the elections.  He has one week left.  What news can such a losing politician have to tell us ?”

Recall that Biden the Younger is a scandalous figure in his own right.  The New York Times even wrote that Hunter Biden can be charged with corruption schemes on the territory of Ukraine, since he is the co-owner of a company whose largest shareholder, Nikolai Zlochevsky, used to be the Minister of Ecology, back in the day when Viktor Yanukovych was President.  Zlochevsky fled the country after the Euro-Maidan [when Yanukovych was overthrown].

In connection with investigations of money-laundering, British officials were about to freeze the London-based accounts of this firm, which at the time possessed $23 million dollars.  However, the Prosecutor-General of the Ukraine refused to turn over the documents which the British court had requested.

Ukrainian oligarch Nikolai Zlochevsky

Subsequently the firm’s money was unfrozen and transferred to offshore accounts.  In December of 2015 the investigation was re-opened, and the Prosecutor-General [of the Ukraine] handed the investigation over to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU).

On the eve of Joe Biden’s visit to Kiev, the Press Service of the Burisma Group announced the closure of all procedural and legal cases against their company:  “This decision is the result of a long process, stretching for many months, combining the efforts of two teams — the Prosecutor-General and the Burisma Group.”

[yalensis:  Okay, so I lied, I will permit myself one editorial comment here.  So, if all the cases against Burisma have already just been closed, then Joe Biden can pack up his wings and not bother to fly there this weekend, no?  On the other hand, maybe he still wants to fly there for the victory lap.  And bang open the bottle of champagne and issue the word to the peasantry:  “This is My Son, in whom I am well pleased:  And Let the Fracking Begin!”]

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4 Responses to Why Joe Biden Is Flying To Kiev, and Will His Arms Get Tired?

  1. Lyttenburgh says:

    “Rizanenko’s colleague Vadim Rabinovich asserted”

    Hold on! Vadim Rabinovich? I know only about one such person, and he is the current leader of the Oppositionary Block (former Party of the Regions).

    Clearly, he is saying this because he is a domestic separ, not yet lustrated pro-Yanukovichist and zradnik!


    • yalensis says:

      Yup, that’s our boy. According to his wiki bio , Vadim, or as his friends call him, ודים רבינוביץ’ is the leader of the Center Party. He is a media mogul who was elected into Rada in 2014, joining Opposition Bloc. Since then he has renamed his party to “For Life”. That’s nice.

      Meanwhile, here is the standard bio and Kompromat on Rizanenko.
      His bio includes a degree from an American college (Graceland University) in 1996, followed by various jobs, including Senior Bookkeeper (well, it worked out well for Victor Dioxinovich!), followed by some important jobs in Russia, like when he worked for Renaissance Capital.

      Seems like a highly handshakable type, and his connections with American and Russian banking capital denote him as either Adorable or Deplorable, take your pick.

      P.S. I double-fact-checked, and Graceland University is not, like, an Elvis Museum College in Memphis, Tennessee. It’s an actual institution in American Midwest, where people study Math and Economics, and stuff like that.


  2. davidt says:

    I am not saying that this is relevant but for some reason I thought of an old cartoon. In it the old Indian chief puts his hand on his son’s shoulders and says, as they look over the vast American plains: “One day, my son, all of this will be yours.” When you look more closely at the background you can just see a wagon train making its way across the horizon.


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